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    A few frequency/city pairs were set aside in the last years for permanent non-commercial use in the commercial segment of 92.1 – 107.9 . Locally, the 98.3 allocation for Dallas, Oregon is the prime example. After all the applicants went through a points-based ranking and negotiation process we ended up with a weird situation, the current sharetime agreement for KMWV (Salem CCTV) and KTUP (Mano a Mano Center) to use 98.3 . If either entity were to sell their kicense it would have to go to anotger non-profit. Given both groups’ struggles to acquire the channel I doubt they’ll want to sell anytime soon.


    It sounds like what you describe would be limited to a share-time arrangement. If one of the parties should fail and not be able to sell under those conditions, the other party could conceivably change to for profit status. Is that right?

    Shirley Knott

    The FCC set aside commercial channels nationwide for exclusive NCE use in places where there were no noncommercial channels left. Special noncomm allocations were made for these channels, and will not be changed to commercial use.

    All of these special NCE allocations were empty spots on the band when they were created in response to petitions to the FCC.

    Contrast this to the commercial channels that were voluntarily made NCE at the behest of their owners for tax purposes. Those channels can be flipped back and forth at the owner’s whim, as long as the FCC approves the change.

    But channels on the 92-108 band that were set aside as noncommercial by FCC edict are forevermore NCE. Or at least, unless a major political change happens in FCC policy.


    I see. “That’s very different! Never mind.” 🙂


    E 101.3 MHZ


    I can’t see that happening with 100kw on 101.5 within 20 miles. What are they even thinking applying for that?

    Andy Brown

    “with 100kw on 101.5 within 20 miles.”

    Apparently that is not the issue. This is another Bustos Gambit to shoehorn in another translator on an already occupied frequency used by another translator. This is just what they tried in Portland numerous times and failed to succeed.

    Here is the FCC’s dismissal of the whole matter:

    Here is Bustos’ latest “but, but, but, but . . . ”

    Bustos doesn’t know when to quit. They got hammered by Portland’s LPFM community several times. Apparently they don’t learn easily.

    Due to the proposed location of the translator, the area of interference does not occur in a populated area. Here’s their application and discussion about 2nd adjacent interference and waiver request.


    Technical Statement/Waiver request:

    had to omit this link because the fucking software won’t let me make a post with more than three links in it. Sigh.

    Just go to the above link and click on Technical Statement.


    Interesting line in the Bustos response…

    “Therefore, Bustos did not have fair notice of the
    latest arguments asserted by NWR, an organization believed to be controlled by Caucasians, and the Audio Division issued its April 28 letter ruling without providing Bustos, a Hispanic broadcaster with a long record of meritorious service to the public, an opportunity to be heard.”

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    It looks likes KORK-CD replaced there PSIP for KWVT/KSLM/KVDO and Azteca programming. KWVT-LD has been a tough nut to crack on RF 11.


    Does anyone know what is going on with the Salem Transmitter of KWVT/KSLM/KVDO? The signal has been very weak in West Salem. I believe I am pulling it from the Portland tower. I tried emailing them and didn’t receive a response back.

    Andy Brown

    “Interesting line in the Bustos response…”

    Call out the wahmbulance. Looks like Bustos is tired of all this losing on translator grabbing. Hear them out? There’s nothing to hear. The rules (74.1204) are clear. The drumpf FCC led by toady Pai made it even harder for low budget LPFMs and non fill in translator licensees to defend themselves over the last year by amending said section of the rules, and NWR still met the new criteria to squash Bustos bandwidth gambit. I never had anything negative to say about Bustos before they tried to misapply the translator for AM licensees window so egregiously. Now they are acting desperate because they know they only way to find financial success in radio doesn’t happen when you are so heavily invested in small AM stations that can’t sell advertising anymore. Somebody wake up the old man. His lawyers won’t do it because they make so much money following through on his misplaced gambits.


    It’s just typical 21st century American discourse. If your skin’s a darker complexion or you have an accent, and you feel like you’re not being allowed to get away with murder, play the racial discrimination/oppresed minority/specify-perceived-stereotypical-injustice-here card.

    I.e. business as usual in the 2010s.


    Once again KORK-CD PSIP channel data has changed. This time correctly showing the following four streams.

    35.1 KORK-CD – 17 KWVT-LD
    35.2 KKEI-CD – 27 KSLM-LD
    35.3 KOXO-CD – 37 KWPC-LD (Azteca Oregon)
    35.4 KORS-CD – 03 KVDO-LD

    At least the Continuity Errors are gone. They were causing each stream to breakup. Making the channels unwatchable.


    Mike Gravino, a 1976 University of Oregon graduate, has passed awsy. He was a leading advocate for LPTV.

    He ran an LPTV brokeragr firm, AirwavesUSA.. You will see lots of regional LPTV footprints there, August 2019 snapshot.

    Here is some coverage in the trade press on Mike’s passing.

    LPTV Advocate, Coalition Director Mike Gravino Dies


    Well KORK-CD is now out. The Continuity Errors were held back. But the equipment did own thing. And now is sending out a blank signal. No telling how long it will take to reboot the channel.

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