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    KATU, KOIN, and KRCW are back on their primary master antenna… and all now at 100% power output!

    Jeffrey Kopp

    I noticed they were all stronger on my rabbit-eared TV.

    Andy Brown

    The Federal Communications Commission has extended the due date for FY 2021 regulatory fees to Monday night Sept. 27.

    It’s a three-day extension and it applies to all annual regulatory fee payors. The announcement did not provide a reason.

    Fees have been in the news in our industry because the commission had planned to raise them for most radio and TV stations, but it backed away from that after getting strong pushback from the industry.


    RabbitEars is now reporting that KPTV and KPDX are now owned by Gray TV, so I think we can reliably assume that the Meredith sale to Gray is now all but official. No evidence of the change on air yet, but I’d guess that the handoff will probably happen at the end of the month. Also, All Access is reporting that Liberty Media has sold off its entire stake iHeart. That all but rules out Liberty as the potential buyer for iHeart. That deal was reported to the FCC and FTC as taking place on 5 October.


    Two minor FM translator actions approved 10/22, both Bicoastal Media properties in Corvallis.

    K243CW 96.5 (KLOO-AM relay) was 100 watts now 10 watts
    K229DI 93.7 (KEJO-AM relay) was 150 watts now 14 watts

    Both translators had not been built out and the permits were expiring so a quick change to a lower power apparently was in order to save the crossband service potential.

    The two FM signals will no longer cover all of Corvallis. They will be located on the diplexed AM tower east of town.

Viewing 5 posts - 166 through 170 (of 170 total)
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