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    Master of Disaster

    Yesterday, the Master of Disaster was flipping through broadcast channels when KGWZ remapped from its previous KGW and KGW-hosted-subchannels to 23.1, a 1080i silent loop of weather cameras with a rotating location current conditions banner on the bottom of the screen. Appears a new version of the previous KGWZ 46.1 programming is back (for now).

    Scott Young

    That reminds me that when KOIN first put the digital signal on the air we rotated through the sky cams on 6.3. Used a Snappy to do it. Remember those?

    Jeffrey Kopp

    From KGW’s Web site today: UPDATE 7/22/2021: We identified another transmitter transmitting on KGW’s frequencies. This has now been shut off. We are hopeful that this will solve any reception issues you might have experienced over the last few weeks. We are now receiving positive reports from many viewers. Thank you for your patience over the last few weeks.”

    I wonder what the other transmitter was?


    I can confirm that KJWY-LD in Salem is on the air, however the signal is very weak. The tower is on Bald Hill, they are putting out 5000 watts however the Eola Hills are interfering with the signal getting into parts of Salem. Right now they are on 36.1 to 36.6 broadcasting a couple of shopping channels, weather nation, biz tv and other odds and ends.


    FCC is stretching out the FM Auction 109 to infinity & beyond. They keep adding days in hopes some idiot will bid on piece of shit allocations.
    The only Oregon allocation that has been bid on is Boardman Oregon C3 94.1 by Xana HD Solutions, LLC for $7500. Not sure how that allocation even fits without moving adjacent stations out of the way.
    The other two have NO bids on them so far:
    Huntington C1 93.5 ($45000 minimum)
    Powers C3 106.5 ($15000 minimum)


    The original Boardman allocation back in 2002 triggered a six state ping-pong of up to 20 stations moving frequencies and some changing city of license. After all that was over, the FCC forgot all about little old Boardman until it was resurrected for Auction 109.


    Auction 109 is over.
    iHeart gets Sacramento Class B 107.9 for $6,146,000 out bidding EMF.
    EMF meanwhile outbids a LOCAL operator in NY State by $30k. EMF’s only winning bid.
    No nibbles or bites for the Powers & Huntington OR allocations.

    Steve Naganuma

    “KOIN 6, KRCW on low-power backup transmitter”

    KOIN 6, KRCW on low-power backup transmitter


    Their backup transmitter/antenna produces changes at my home in Aloha. KATU (RF24) is up 6 dB, KOIN (RF25) up 7.5 dB while KRCW is off the air entirely. Also, when in this mode, KNMT (RF32) while having the same signal power, out of channel emissions suddenly >10 dB out of spec at the channel’s edge. All this happened last time they shut down the KATU tower for RF work. I assume the increase in KATU and KOIN’s signal amplitude is because of a lower radiation center and a vertical pattern that illuminates the close-in foreground better.



    I believe the station in question? Causing problems on KGW-TV RF 26. Was K26HS-D Tillimook a low power. Owned by Better Life TV. The station is transmitting from Mount Hebo on the coast. There low power signal was causing some interference issues towards the Salem area.


    FCC’s Cleaning house.
    FCC published today the deletion of near a thousand LPTV applications/extensions/etc of LANDOVER 2 LLC & CTB Spectrum.

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    It must’ve been a surprise to KGW and the folks at Better Life/K26HS-D when the discovery was made that K26 was interfering with KGW’s RF 26/virtual 8 signal in the Salem. Gotta hand it to the KGW engineers to ID the source of the interference so quickly. Now BLTV and K26 have some work to do. KGW’s website announcement a few days ago said that they asked K26 to shut down when the interference was discovered, and they did. What probably happened is that KGW called the FCC, which then asked K26 to shut off. BLTV now has to file for a silent STA while they look for a new channel to use, which also means a new callsign. They’ll probably have to file for an ERP change and a change in the transmission pattern as well. BLTV has no presence in the Portland area but has several LPTVs downstate and in CA, including at least three in the SF Bay Area.


    Regarding the Auction 109 sites in Oregon that saw no bidders ….
    (1) Huntington does not even work as a Caldwell rimshotter. No good tower sites exist that have power to drive 100 kw ERP to reach the western part of metro Boise. The allocation was originally a C3 for McCall, Idaho, but become placeholder “KHNO” before the CP expired.

    (2) Powers might have worked as a Coos Bay rimshotter from the current KOOZ site. A really cool location would be atop Kenyon Mountain to reach out to both Coos Bay and Roseburg (with a null to the southeast to protect C3 KYVL Medford and perhaps some pattern tweaking for KLOO protection). The big showstopper at Kenyon is BLM which limits users to 500 watts – shades of KXXP.


    RE: Huntington
    Not sure if the FCC would allow the city of license and transmitter location to be changed on this one. Haven’t they tightened up the rules on that? Any existing site (with power?) that would get far in to the valley towards Boise would be shadowed into Huntington since it’s in a hole. Otherwise the only restriction is 2nd adjacent & IF to Boise stations. A Class C rim shot can just hit Boise from the right direction as demonstrated by KDBI squeaking in with a second adjacent 100 kW Class C 56.5 miles out (from the protected transmitter site).


    Rewind TV will replace Bounce on KOIN on 1 September. Let’s see if anyone else takes Bounce at that point. First move of the upcoming sub channel shuffle.

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