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    KEVE-LD RF36 returned to the air Saturday afternoon. Its still experiencing periodic carrier trips.



    KKEI-CD has moved from RF38 to RF36. This is its repack channel assignment. It’s transmitting several virtual channels, most of them end up being crazy numbers on my set; numbers like 38.1025, etc. At my house, it presents a beautiful spectrum with virtually a textbook shape (i.e. reflection free) for the in-channel portion of its spectrum.

    The station, KEVE-LD, that used to be on channel 36 is off the air, at least for the time being. It has a construction permit for RF31 but has not appeared there yet.



    The DTV Phase 2 repack date. Has come and passed for Portland. KATU and KNMT still remain on there RF 43 and 45 channels. Recent FCC filings indicate Technical and Bureaucratic snafu is holding up the post repack projects. This means KATU and KNMT post repack will now fall under the Phase 3 deadline in June. The remaining 600 Mhz band stations. Have already cleared out. Mostly from the low power realm. Which have yet to reappear on their new repacked channel.



    Here is something I got from Radio Insight: “The FCC has issued a Notice of Violation to Metroeast Community Media‚Äôs 107.1 K296FT West Haven/Portland OR for changing its antenna system from a non-directional Telecom Radio Antenna TFC2K to a directional Telecom Radio antenna TFC2K-D without authorization.”



    That’s weird, as it looks like they have been granted a CP to switch to said directional antenna. Maybe they jumped the gun? I dunno.



    KGDD 1150’s application to diplex with KBPS has been approved by the FCC. 250 watts daytime/12 watts nighttime


    Andy Brown

    Re: K296FT

    FCC records show them refiling for the same CP that expired and being granted, but the FCC records show no 349 (301 equivalent for translators) but instead a blank link to a 301. Sounds like a record keeping/filing SNAFU on the part of the FCC or Metro.

    The CP also reflects the translator being a fill in for KQAC (hence the allowable power increase) which must be rebroadcasting 91.1 on HD2 or HD3.

    Here, look:

    This will help with east west coverage a little bit, but north south coverage will not be any better as the coverage in that direction has protection (hence the DA) which can’t go any further than the 28 watt omni did.

    Re: KGDD

    Teapot. Antenna (tower) is too short for 1150 and 250 watts won’t make it very far. Clearly a desperation move to save the frequency for the FCC buyout down the road.





    There’s an FCC buyout of AM stations? Would you care to elaborate, Andy?



    I hesitate to pop into the middle of a thread with an off-topic item. However the item is time sensitive.

    KMNT (RF45 Vir24 has sharply dropped in power. Last night and today it is down 19 dB in amplitude at my house while all the other Portland DTV stations remain essentially constant (i.e. it’s them, not me).

    Don’t know why. Their STA filed last Friday to reduce their ERP to allow an antenna change for their repack shift to RF34 has is still pending.



    In the early 2000s, a Japanese DXer sent a cassette to Entercom engineering to confirm reception of KKSN 1520. I wonder if the DXer who heard KGDD was the same person.



    A new DTV station is on the air tonight on RF11 in Portland. It ID’s itself as KVDO vir3-1. At 9:15 pm it was transmitting QVC in a 480i format. The FCC’s TV Query says KVDO-LD is a Eugene station and KWVT-LD was slated to be on RF11 so things are either very odd or just temporary.

    Also tonight, KOIN RF25, vir6-X has gained 7 dB in amplitude since yesterday. Reading vary a bit from day to day so the exact change may vary a bit but the power is quite noticeable greater. That should help reception.



    Looks as if the whole KWVT group of virtual channels has returned.
    KVDO 3.1
    KWVT 17.1
    Weather 17.2
    KSLM 27.1
    Azteca 37.1
    Now transmitting on ch 11 instead of ch 49.



    Yes. In my hurry to get to bed last night, I forgot to look for all KWVY’s scattered virtual channels. Sorry about that.



    Just a heads-up that KATU has switched to the interim transmitter, so the power output is a lot lower now (about 55 kW ERP vs 1 MW ERP) to accommodate installation of the new transmitter and antenna at the main site.

    There is no current ETA for when it will be back on the main transmitter, but we expect it to take a couple of months to complete the construction.

    We’ll keep our KB article updated with any new info:

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