Tough bind for Comey

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    It’s encouraging that Comey has officially announced there is an investigation into the connection between Russia and the Trump campaign. On the other hand it’s very discouraging that it took so long to get to this point. Harry Reid alleged in the summer that Comey was sitting on evidence linking Russia and Trump but he buried that evidence, while right before the election reopened the Clinton email server case.


    My hunch is that you should not get your hopes up and that nothing will come of this.


    Andy Brown

    On the other hand, Comey announcing there is no substance to the drumpf accusation about wiretapping speaks volumes. drumpf shot himself in the foot, again, with this one. Inventing fake news (or in this case, grabbing a non supportable claim made by a minor broadcaster) is drumpf’s favorite strategy but it only fools people like bacon and dork, which is a shrinking demographic. Many drumpf voters are no longer supporting him.

    His approval ratings have really plummeted. More then half of the country disapprove of drumpf’s presidency. Disapproval has risen 6 points and approval has fallen by almost 4 points.



    Trump is a buffoon and it’s getting worse every day.



    Yes it is. Today was perhaps his worst day, and that was perhaps hard to top.

    The cloud is all over him at this point. He is in over his head when the FBI is investigating him for his Russia ties. And also his accusations about Obama wiretapping Trump Tower. Yet, this man will not back down. Very Nixonian, IMO.

    I would say this will go on for awhile, there is nothing impeachable yet, but the mid-terms are not all that far off, and he is losing the battle.


    Scott J

    Sooner or later, it will simply become too exhausting
    to pay much attention to reality DC.



    They’re counting on it.

    Never mind the endless lying and the vast clouds of smoke pouring forth from every edifice imaginable; nothing to see here.



    Trumpty Dumpty sat on a wall.



    Trump’s source for some of his Obama lies on Fox News, Andrew Nap whatever has been yanked off the air. Heh.



    The actual (or at least sort of) news on Fox News, the hard news programs, Chris Wallace, Bret Baier, etc. have been debunking Trump’s lying and idiocy for weeks. They’re growing visibly exasperated.

    It’s all of the lunatic opinion shows, many of them disguised to look like news, that continue to carry the water.

    You know things have to be fucked up when even Fox News says, no, that’s even too much of a lie/too much bullshit, for us to go along with.


    Andy Brown


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