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    Dan Packard

    I hate to keep coming on to report the passing of another notable person. I just learned that Richard Irwin, who founded the website passed away on June 6. The website archived a broad selection of aircheck recordings from the classic top-40 radio era in the United States, spanning four decades beginning from the mid 1950’s.

    With a click of the play button you could instantly hear an authentic aircheck of what KISN radio was playing and saying in 1964, or what KGW radio was playing and reporting in the early 1970’s. Or, from other radio stations all across our country.

    This was a time when top-40 radio stations employed a large number of local announcers and news reporters and in turn, had a huge number of listeners to the mass appeal music & news format. They strongly affected the rising rock and roll youth culture, but also the general population as a whole due to the universal nature of the format.

    A nice recollection of Richard Irwin is in the LA Daily News, penned by Richard Wagoner.

    The ReelRadio website went offline on May 1. However, you can take a peek at its past on the Wayback Machine internet archive (sans airchecks, unfortunately).



    ReelRadio was one of my favorite stomping places on the interweb. Real Don Steele KHJ airchecks would recharge my batteries.
    Richard Wagner was the radio reporter at the Los Angeles Times when the paper actually had daily programming logs like the old TV Guide.
    Didn’t Irwin have a weekend national syndicate Reel Radio Show?
    R.I.P. Thanks, Dan, for remembering.

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    It is a real tragedy that both the site and its founder are now gone. I am too young to remember the heyday of Top-40 radio, so I can only experience it through airchecks. I do remember the not-too-distant era when most stations had live personalities, but the presentation styles in vogue then (including that used once contemporary hit music moved to FM) were quite different than what is on these old 1960s tapes.



    I hope someone will take it over and keep it online.




    The checks, esp from Seattle radio KJR-KOL-KING
    were superb with the great jocks, along with the entire CRUSIN’ LP series from Ron Jacobs.

    Even though all the audio was in the ‘Realplayer’ format,
    Ricky used this primarily to thwart many subscribers in making copies, although anyone could copy checks with a recorder if you had the storage and time.

    They will never be another site like it and I TOO hope
    someone takes it over and keeps it alive online.

    Peace to Uncle Ricky –



    Just noticed (as of 7-20-18) that there is a
    “Please Stand By” notice now AT

    A resurrection? Stand by…

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