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    Tony Coles is a name I remember from Z100. I just thought I would pass it on.

    Steve Naganuma

    Tony Coles was OM of the Portland cluster. I remember turning in my resignation to Tony in 2003 when I made the career change from commercial radio to education. Glad to hear he has been doing well at iHeart all these years.


    Tony is definitely a class act. I sent an aircheck to him when he worked in Seattle. I didn’t get the job, but he called back! He’s a true professional. As is Steve Naganuma. A great talent and an outstanding human. It’s good to see him on this board!


    Funny I also applied to Tony in Seattle back in the day. IFIRC he also replied but not with an offer. Classy guy.

    I say this because most air check mailings during this era were ignored. The Pd’s of the era were notorious for ignoring applicants. You know who you are! (And I guess I became one of them…you learn from your elders!)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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