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    That sounds great!


    While I don’t agree with these folks taking over the Wildlife Refuge…I think it behooves us to do some homework…a little research into why this happened. Specifically…look at what The Hammonds have been subjected to for the last few decades:

    Full Story About What’s Going on In Oregon – “Militia” Take Over Malheur National Wildlife Refuge In Protest to Hammond Family Persecution…

    The Hammond Ranch is clearly the last ranch in that area…and the government wants it.

    I applaud the Hammonds for making it clear that the Bundy’s don’t speak for them. But the plight of the Hammonds still remains.

    Pretty easy for the folks in Portland and the suburbs to armchair quarter-back this….but they’ve never walked in the Hammonds shoes.


    I’m in, though I will pass on organizing it.

    It needs to be more than just Andy and I there! (And Chris at the first one)


    Count me in. Stroke or not. Would be an honor just to sit next to Missing, Paul, Andy, Brian, and Trixter. Might not say much. But would be an honor!


    But at the topic at hand. Yes. I fucked up. Sorry for all here. Like Bernie. Like to see him next Prez!


    Does anyone doubt that if instead of white guys with guns, these were black kids with skittles they’d be long dead by now?


    I, very generally speaking, applaud the caution authorities have taken in dealing with these ignorant, redneck, Tea Party, douche nozzles. If only the same caution by law enforcement were on display in any other number of circumstances…

    These rebels without a clue have been looking for/wanting a confrontation; preferably one that degenerates into gunfire. By failing to provide them with a confrontation, it’s simply underscored how ridiculous these people are and how they’re unworthy of anything other than mockery and scorn. Outside of Tin Foil Hat Land (and the entire base of the GOP +/including Donald Trump supporters) they’re widely regarded as a bunch of ignorant and hypocritical boobs.

    That stated, it’s time to move in and arrest these idiots.

    They’ve broken the law. They’re illegally occupying Federal property. They’ve engaged in both theft and vandalism. They’re arguably guilty of sedition, for God’s sake. I mean, seriously, at what point do we stop coddling people that are by definition domestic terrorists? Even when these titans of intellect pack up their jerky and throw rugs and mosey back to the scrub brush ranch in their pick-ups while listening to Rush and Alex Jones, they’ll leave behind a bill of hundreds of thousands of dollars in both damage to the property as well as the added costs of law enforcement, back wages to Federal personnel, and innumerable other expenses that the tax payers of that county (and ultimately the state of Oregon) will be stuck with.

    To Amus’s point, it’s hard to imagine state or Federal authorities giving this degree of latitude and forbearance to any other group, not consisting of white men, who engaged in the exact same activity.

    I am sick unto death of wing nuts. Anti-science, anti-intellectual, anti-knowledge, self-righteously ignorant, scarily religious (IMO the same fucking thing), blind to empathy for anyone who doesn’t look and sound just like they do, and ready to drag The United States kicking and screaming into some fucked up Dark Age wherein reality TV stars are wise, Jesus loves the rich, and everyone in opposition to general, backward ass fuckwittery, is an Enemy of the State.

    In this instance at least, I’d be in full support of some real, actual jackbooted thugs flown in via black helicopters forcibly arrested everyone one of these morons and charged them with a raft of crimes of which they are clearly guilty.


    I’m there too.

    These guys are just drooling for some kind of conflict they can really sink their teeth into.

    Denying them that, and sending gifts was not a bad move, but now they are escalating things. Others are being harmed, and this whole thing just isn’t OK. Not really.

    If we do something, it should be well coordinated, no notice given, and well funded. No half ass. Send in enough people, and the right people, so that the outcome is surprise and capture with a minimum of overall fuss.

    Once they are in custody, then there can be some discussion as to what happens next.

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