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    I’m mildly surprised there’s no discussion of this incident ongoing: http://www.cnn.com/2016/01/03/us/oregon-wildlife-refuge-protest/index.html

    They are breaking the law. This is, by definition, domestic terrorism. I’m sure all of the GOP candidates for president will be as quick to condemn these illegal actions by a bunch of white, Christian, gun-toting, Alex Jones reading yahoos as they’ve been to offer blanket condemnation of everything Muslim extremist, right?

    However, I do love the mockery these idiots have engendered on social media.


    Ya’ll-Qada. LMAO. Perfect.

    I also enjoyed reading (and approve) of the actions being taken/considered by law enforcement officials. Which really amounts to not doing anything other than letting them sit out there, freeze, and look stupid until everyone loses interest in taking their picture or giving them a microphone to speak into.


    I thought about posting it but had been occupied with other stuff.

    Just imagine if a bunch of gun toting black men were in this building? Better yet, imaging a bunch of Muslims!

    White priviledge at it’s best for everyone to see.


    I want a group of non-white non-rednecks (preferably Native Americans) to drive down there in a bus and ask to shack up with the Bundy crew at the Wildlife Refuge office and say, “Hey, thanks guys! Yea, let’s take this land back! Got some food to share, we’re hungry!”

    Basically, everyone and anyone who is not on the government payroll should drive down there and overwhelm their ability to feed and house themselves – because the land belongs to the people, right? Plus we’ll get a chance to see if those buffoons understand how government works if they were tasked with governing a large disparate group of people, and not just their like-minded followers.

    “Occupy Malheur”, anyone?


    To give credit where due, both Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio have come out condemning these idiots, correctly noted they are breaking the law, and called for them to stand down.

    Notably, Donald J Trump has not. #OfCourseNot


    Love some of the hashtags coming out of this;

    #YallQaeda waging a #YeeHawd


    “To give credit where due, both Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio have come out condemning these idiots, correctly noted they are breaking the law, and called for them to stand down.”

    All well and good LG, but if any of this “Y’allQuaeda” group were to stand trial and be held accountable for their actions, you can bet the aformentioned candidates would be calling for their acquittal.


    Even other “militias” are calling these guys stupid. From Oathkeepers:

    Oregon Standoff: Federal Provocateurs, Sociopaths And Idiots



    Did you know that in French, the word “Malheur” means misfortune or bad luck?


    French words make me Harney.


    Geographical humor is always fun. The Harney Basin is marked by the dashed yellow line in the map below:

    Harney Basin


    I made an error and judgement. I clicked on the link that DUX provided.

    That site is one giant sinkhole of crazy. The comments section is just one ignorant and paranoid rant after another. I feel ill for just having read it.

    Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the core/base of the GOP.

    It’s nothing new, really. It’s not as if I didn’t know who these yahoos were and what they purport to stand for, etc. But it’s a stark, and alternatingly grim and hilarious, reminder there’s an alarming minority of individuals out there who are basically clinically insane and utterly disconnected from objective reality.

    And armed.


    What I find hilarious, Lurking, is how many conservatives say, “——- is crazy. I’m not like that whackjob”, but then say the same crap that these supposed “whackjobs” do.


    Ya’ll-Qada is AWESOME! Somebody gets a gold star.

    The peeps mentioned in the link actually are bat shit. They just aren’t full bat shit.

    Ken, author of Pope hat, a legal blog, has a nice, sane rundown on this. TL;DR version is, nothing to see here, move along folks.


    But actually folks, run down to the Steens Mtn. area and do some sightseeing if you get the chance – this summer, after this has all blown over. Beautiful country down there.


    Yes. Agreed. We live in a great State with a lot of texture.

    Just nod ‘n smile at the locals. They often mean well.

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