Time Magazine Affirms – Rush Limbaugh Is In Trouble

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    Losing your job in talk radio? There’s someone to blame for that.

    From the Daily Kos:

    Time Magazine writer, Brian Rosenwald, chimed in on Wednesday. Rosenwald is completing his doctoral dissertation. In this article he discusses how talk radio has changed politics/public policy, and how now, the internet is changing talk radio. For decades, Limbaugh could get away with atrocities like making up sick songs about AIDS victims and getting away with it. Rosenwald goes on to say it’s very different now:

    “Today, by contrast, every word that Limbaugh says is broadcast and archived. Watchdog groups, such as Media Matters, scrutinize every word, waiting to blast any potentially offensive statements out to the world. Whereas the opinions of non-listeners might have been irrelevant in 1988 and a boycott hard to organize, someone who considered the Elba comments to be racist could easily use social media to pressure advertisers to remove their ads from Limbaugh’s program (as many did in 2012 after Limbaugh insulted Georgetown student Sandra Fluke).”

    Most folks following the protest know that current campaigns not only pressured advertisers in 2012, they have continued to do so for three years.


    Andy Brown

    A show like Limbaugh’s is wholly reliant on his listeners’ willingness to believe—or suspend belief—no matter how ‘out there’ their guru’s arguments may be. While it is one thing to sneer at much of what Limbaugh may present, it is quite another when he attempts to sell his loyal audience on stuff they already know, through personal experience, to be false and fraudulent hokum. ~Forbes

    This link shows just how dismal his ratings are in the top 25 markets as of the end of September, 2014.

    http://crooksandliars.com/2014/09/confirmed-rush-limbaughs-ratings-are-tank scroll down slightly


    1995 called. It wants your thread back.


    1995 called. It wants your thread back.

    I don’t understand that remark. In 1995, Rush Limbaugh’s ratings were pretty strong, and it was fashionable amongst Gen-Xers to declare oneself a conservative. This was an act of rebellion against “the establishment” (President Clinton and Baby Boomer “old hippie” parents).

    I think that in 1995, there might still have been “Rush Rooms” in some communities. “Rush Rooms” were restaurants and bars where Limbaugh’s program was played over the sound system. Even some students at my college wanted for the dorm cafeteria to become a Rush Room (this never happened; the cafeteria refused to play any AM stations on its sound system).

    Question: One of the linked pieces above discusses why Clear Channel rebranded itself as iHeart Media. Did we have a thread on that subject in this message board? I can’t find it.

    Andy Brown

    It was before the transition, so it is probably in the archives.

    It doesn’t really matter what Clear Channel rebrands itself as, it is still carrying $22 Billion in debt and is not doing well.

    See http://feedback.pdxradio.com/forums/topic/clear-channel-i-heart-posts-a-quarterly-loss-of-309-2-million/

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