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    >>I take exception that I am “hypnotized.”
    not hypnotized, just possessed.


    I will agree that there is a certain amount of entitlement that comes with a loosely enforced board, as this, intentionally, has become. God Bless Dan for that.

    However, as members (or subscribers), however you want to call it, we have an obligation to not let it get out of control. Anarchy is not the answer. Ever.

    Respect, Clarity, and Reasonability are the mainstays of any public forum. I hope we can continue that here. If not, the site will go away. I hope this will not be the case, but we as the users, have the power to not allow that to happen.


    What the board pope really means is that Christians and those who don’t worship at his altar and accept his dogma must stfu.

    That’s the problem with an unmodderated board. There are types who like to dominate and act like they own the place and threaten to leave if they don’t get their way, as if the board would crumble without them.

    This is so ridiculous I’m a fool to to respond and give it credibility. It was one thread about how a florist has been ruined by unjust punishment. That opinion may not be expressed? That’s ban worthy? I think some people need to get a life and not take themselves so seriously.


    Also there is much unchecked open anti Christian bigotry here and we don’t whine and threaten to pick up our marbles if we don’t get our way.

    Andy Brown

    No, it is a pattern of your behavior. It’s not just about one thread nor is it just about any of your other whining.
    It is not about your aberrant positions religiously or politically. It is about your posting behavior. Your uncalled for, both direct and veiled, bigotry and hatred. I, for one, am not going to let you try and turn the tables of the problem. When you can post like a contributor and get off your damn soapbox and realize that you don’t speak for anyone but yourself, then people will stop calling for your banishment.

    Tell us, Vern, why is it that you were thrown off this board three times?


    To make things very perfectly clear:

    Should I decide to take my leave, that’s simply what I’ll do. Nobody is obligated to do anything, and I would hope everybody makes their own choices for their own reasons.

    I really won’t have this shit.

    I’ll be blunt: There are people who I value very highly that I really can’t justify being here in light of this growing problem. And it is growing, bits here at first, then more, and here we are at the same fucking clash that happened last time.

    And I’ve got the same response too. If you want, go look me up in the archives. I’m remarkably consistent about this line, and it’s a real solid, non-negotiable line.

    I won’t budge on it, because there isn’t a rational reason to do that. Have you got any positive argument? Nobody has in the years I’ve had to manage this point. I don’t think there is one.

    So I’m telling you what I’ll do and what I can own and why that is.

    What all of you do is entirely up to you.

    I’ve walked off jobs, left communities in the past, taken very considerable personal and physical attacks, and more…

    This is not a play, or a whine, or any other similar thing. I’m dead serious.

    And there is this: Call me whatever you want. Know what? If you are the target of these things, I’ll have your back solid. Done it many times. And it matters.

    There are some easy outs here:

    Own it. I own every last word I’ve ever wrote. And when I’ve been called out, I own that too. Paul was the last one to really do it, and I still feel shitty about it. When we own it, we get better. I believe that absolutely.

    Just stop. Actions matter. Just quit, and this will blow over and we are fine.

    Walk it back. Perhaps there is a much better way to express it without judging people for who they are.

    Whatever. I just won’t do this, and I don’t have to.


    Deane, no, you’re not one of the silent enablers. I’ve seen your earlier posts taking Christians and F&B to task for being a-holes so you get a big thumbs up in that regard.

    RE: the thug factor. Black people have long been oppressed and discriminated against, living in the worst neighborhood, going to the worst schools, getting the worse jobs (or none at all). Of course the thug factor going to be higher. Level the playing field, you’ll find white people competing for thug champions.


    Really? That’s the kind of response a troll would give. What is entertaining about this board for you?

    And I’ll ask my earlier question again, but a little differently: How have you made this board better, and how has this board made you better?

    Sure there’s a certain entertainment value. There’s not for you? How is my response trollish?

    At any rate, this is a very shitty thread and something like this would not be tolerated on a board that was moderated or by members who are sensitive and fair. To my surprise there are a few here who have a sense of fair play and who can see the obvious that it’s stupid to boot someone from a discussion board because of a topic that is in the news and worthy of discussion. One simply discusses the topic or ignores it.

    This thread was started with the expectation that everyone would be throwing rocks at me, but it backfired and rightfully so. It was started with the worst of intentions towards me, but I’m trying not to take it or myself too seriously. That makes it easier to deal with the haters and those who need some anger management counseling. I’m trying to have some fun with it and enjoy the entertainment aspect.

    But regarding your question… I make this board better by being one more poster. You’ve lost them by the droves and they are not being replaced. I make this board better by bringing different perspectives regarding politics and religion. The Catholic church is always in the news and there are often threads and posts about it, and you get to hear the perspective of a bona fide practicing Catholic. I make this board better by my example of enduring abusive asses without being one in return.

    I would have to think about how this board has made me better, or whether it has at all. I can say that because of his thread I can see that I unfairly judged all liberals by the bad example of a few, so I suppose that new insight is an improvement.


    “Jerry” Fuck off.

    Andy Brown

    Tell us Jerry, why is it that you have been thrown off this board three times before?

    Andy Brown

    “this is a very shitty thread”

    This is a great thread. Everyone is in and no one is defending your overall behavior on the board.

    “it’s stupid to boot someone from a discussion board because of a topic that is in the news and worthy of discussion”

    Again, you aren’t reading or comprehending the issue. This is about your racist, misogynistic and fascist overtones throughout your posts across the threads you participate in, which are severely limited almost exclusively to very few topics which are abortion, defending the right wing extremists in the political world, your racist feelings about non white inferiority and bashing gays. Get real.

    “I make this board better by being one more poster.”

    In your dreams. You drag this board down. You create the negativity through your bombastic (high sounding with little meaning) posting.

    “I make this board better by my example of enduring abusive asses without being one in return.”

    You make this board worse by your incessant need to discuss what you claim is the opinion of large bodies (the Catholics, the Catholic Church, the Republican Party, all heterosexuals) when in reality you have no more valid opinion than any other single poster most of whom at least take ownership of their opinion. You are too small of mind to realize you aren’t an authority on all the topics you like to think you are. It’s clear to all of the board that all you do is whine because we collectively continue to embarrass you because we check facts and expose your lies. Your arrogant cocksure attempt to spin this thread away from it’s purpose and hijack it into a part 2 of the the Gay Grandma thread has failed. You are once again exposed for your lies, deceit, and misanthropic opinions on gender, religious beliefs and sexual orientation.

    “you get to hear the perspective of a bona fide practicing Catholic.”

    Yeah, right. Jesus would never agree with the extremist views you have. What a crock of shit. You are a fraud.






    Dang. I go off and spend a beautiful Saturday out with my wife, and look what happens!


    I hear ya, Dux. I’ve been training, and hiring by the hordes for the opening in a month, spent all day yesterday running around with the fiancee’, and I can’t help but look and see what’s next in here.

    I am intentionally staying out of this. I am venturing to guess that I am the only one that has personally met Jerry, and I enjoyed our meeting. He was extremely apprehensive at first, and given our past that is understandable, but I sense that he got some good out of it as well.

    I am not condoning his viewpoints or actions in here, as you all know where I stand. I will say this – up until very recently, IMHO, he has done a better job of some restraint in here. Not making it all about him.

    I don’t agree that “more posters are better”, as I prefer quality over quantity. I also don’t agree that there is some witch hunt on Christians or conservatives in here – again, some rise above their religious faith or political convictions. Deane, with his post in here, I felt is a PERFECT example, and he has been consistent with that for many years. As has Chris. As has Broadway. As have Vitalogy, Missing, Skep, Andy, etc.

    People have come and gone over the years, yes. Each has their own reasons, and I respect the hell out of that.

    I have a party to prepare for, so I’ll step out. Will someone pass the popcorn though, please? I am going to continue to watch this unfold.


    Like Brian, I’ve been very busy and unable to do much but watch the show.

    My initial reaction is that I don’t want to see anyone banned.

    While F&B’s assessment of his posts as being “exemplary” are frankly laughable, they IMHO have not reached the level of disruption that I believe was the cause of the previous banishment.

    That said, Missing’s comments about tolerating bigotry & theocracy well taken. Is tolerating the same as enabling?

    I guess my opinion, at least for now is that it’s better to confront head on and expose Cockroaches to the sunlight.

    Fortunately it’s not my decision to make.

    RE: Christian Bashing;
    With very few exceptions no one here is wantonly bashing Christians.

    As far as I’m concerned you can worship the devil.
    Practice your beliefs and keep to yourself and we’re cool.

    It’s when you start imposing your beliefs on others that the line gets crossed.

    RE: The Gay marriage issue;
    You feel that being Gay is a choice, fine.
    Feel free to believe that the world is flat, the sun orbits the earth and that dinosaurs and people palled around together 5000 years ago.

    But don’t start telling other people that they need to play by your rules. It doesn’t work that way.

    Deane Johnson

    “But don’t start telling other people that they need to play by your rules. It doesn’t work that way.”

    That sums it up nicely. Vitalogy could benefit also by adapting that understanding.

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