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    This thread is not about “thread jacking.” Vitalogy’s panties are in a wad because of my own thread about that lady being fined and sued.

    It’s funny to see Vitalogy of all people posting about banning and hatred. I’ve never seen a more hateful poster or one who more deserves to be banned, yet far be it from me to instigate that. I’d rather he just receive a warning. Otherwise, I’m not threatened at all by his off-the-wall perspective about religion and cops. It’s an interesting study. Why seek to ban diversity?

    But the Chritian perspective here IS persecuted Edselehr. Chris is tolerated because he posts against mainstream Christian beliefs, and Broadway is tolerated because he posts infrequently and just one-liners. It’s no coincidence there is only one Catholic or “conservative” Christian on this board who posts regularly and that that is one too many for some here.

    There was no “gay bashing” by me, btw Mr. V.


    Alfredo, that is fair. Good post.

    I personally do not tolerate ongoing bigotry. Never have.

    Andy is correct too. BS is the basis for how we interact.

    I have received several messages from Dan on this point. How we do that is high value, if a bit painful at times.

    Frankly, I do not want to rebut bigotry and theocracy every fucking day.

    I don’t want to enable it by just allowing it non stop either.

    Until somebody comes up with some rational basis to justify those things, I consider them completely unacceptable.

    God hates fags, and somebody says god hates fags aren’t a rational, nor acceptable basis.

    There are gay people who read this board. No way in hell will I have my name associated with enabling harm to them.

    So figure out a way to end this, or yeah, boot those who don’t get it.

    I don’t care which.


    That’s a fair post Alfredo. Thank you. But what I said about my posting was not ego stroking. I’ve been on several other boards. The type of posting I’ve done here would have been well within the guidelines of a regular moderated board, and the bullies and verbal abusers who dominate here would have been severely reprimanded and then banned if they didn’t change.


    This board just does not work in that enabling way you have constantly pushed for here.

    Why don’t you go there and play in the kiddie room?

    Vitalogy has never put hate here. He has and regularly does put pointed commentary here that does sting when the truth or hypocrisy is in play.

    Buck up and don’t open that door and he won’t step through.


    My dogma conflicts with the dogma of the self-appointed board pope, I see. There is no room for any other dogma. The Christian perspective must be supressed. It must be defined as “hatred” or “bigotry.” Then it must be banned. Simple.

    We mustn’t speak of a poor elderly woman being financially ruined because of onerous fines and lawsuits and a law that she felt was unjust. She deserves whatever she gets. We must not hear from anyone who sympathizes with her postion or who understands what she’s going through.

    We must be careful not to offend any gay person who might read this board, but we must call Christians nasty names, and BLEEP them if they read this board and don’t like it. They have it coming.

    It would be good if this board had some guidelines. What subjects are taboo? What is not allowed to be discussed? That would be a lot better than rule by bullies, self-apponted board bosses, or some kind of mob rule.


    Me: “I believe seniority counts for a bit here unless you get caught in a war hero lie.”

    Gouge: You mean Nwokie’s back? I thought that loser jumped ship years ago.

    Me: Wes Cooley & NWokie. Both fake war heros. He flushed his own seniority away.


    Paul, I have causes that I support but I don’t hijack threads and use graphic terminology to bully my views across.


    Again, if you want to argue in support of the practice of bigotry, expect to take the maximum amount of shit for it.

    I’m really sorry your faith has you in such a bind. That has got to suck.

    You and your fellow followers are just going to have to dig deep within and figure it out. There is plenty of help for you too. Starting with me.

    Want that help? No problem. Got your back. Lots of us were there and lots of us still are. Understandable.

    You keep trying to frame me in negative ways.

    I have asked for a rational basis for racism, theocracy and bigotry every single time this has come up.

    It is not my problem doing that is hard.

    It is hard because I am totally right about it never being OK. I did the personal work to get there too.

    Either do that work, or show me I am wrong, or shut the fuck up.

    Same damn place you ended up three times before.

    Call it what you want. I do not need to take any of your shit about it.

    And I got a lot of support because I did that work, and I have shared doing it right where people can and could see it happen too. I did it because I want to be better and not do harm to my peers who do nothing to deserve it.

    What lame ass reasons have you got?

    Btw, people who are Christian got called out for being shitty, not because of their faith. When they fuck up big and try and use their faith as some badge or shield to excuse it, then their faith gets called out as shitty too.

    Don’t be shitty and you don’t get called out and your faith only has as much to do with it as you make it out to be.


    And it is not just me.

    Nice Try.

    There are laws now because a growing majority understand what you have bumped up against here.

    In the kiddie rooms they don’t tell it like it is. Here we do.

    Andy Brown

    F&B bloviated “It’s no coincidence there is only one Catholic or “conservative” Christian on this board who posts regularly”

    Therein resides the big lie. YOU do not post “regularly” much to your own chagrin. You, like Herb, have pet agendas and primarily (95%) post in threads where those agendas are central to the initial post or are mentioned. Often (and I do mean often) you will hijack the thread and try to steer it to one of your pet agendas. The proof for that is all over, so don’t deny it. You are guilty of not only hijacking threads but also making a constant demand for moderation, guide lines, etc. and making the utterly ridiculous claim that you are doing nothing wrong and it’s everyone else that is the problem. You did that right up until the minute you were banned the first and third time. You also fail to respond to questions key to the thread subject or the subject you hijacked the thread into. Plenty of examples of that to find to include in a case against your behavior. Which reminds me, tell us all why you have been banned three times. I asked earlier and you ignored the question, like you ignore many questions. The news flash for you is that if there was moderation here as you want, you would never been allowed back after your first banishment for insulting Mrs. Merkin. Face it ace, you are a bigoted white racist and nothing you post about how righteous your behavior is (not) will deflect from that reputation. You earned it, you own it. Most of us are just sick of you and your one sided presentation of an issue. You are a cry baby about being the only holy Christian and yet your positions politically are anything but ideologically pure and nothing your Jesus would endorse. You are a christian hypocrite. There are many of them and when they try and make their agendas known on this forum, as you continue to do, they are taken to task. Again and again. We don’t like self righteous hypocrites. I mean really, read the comments in the thread. Your incessant whining about being persecuted are not helping your case, either. Jerry 1949 will soon be added to the list of the banned. You have dug your own grave. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.


    I do not agree with the implied viewpoint that the flowershop owner mentioned in this thread is a martyr. This is my disagreement with a viewpoint and not anything personal against Jerry or even the florist.

    Some time ago, I made a list of different types of people and asked which could be denied service by a business. This is where I was going with that question–our society has made a distinction between personal attributes that people can change at will and those that are not changeable.

    Businesses can impose dress codes because clothing can be changed; thus businesses can get away with refusing service to barefoot people, people dressed up as rabbits, people wearing hats, etc. The only loophole around this that has much of a chance of being successful is if the dress expresses some religious belief. For example, the hat might be required by a religious tradition or the bare feet might be part of a vow of poverty taken on by a Discalced Franciscan.

    Businesses can’t discriminate against disabled people because these people cannot become “not disabled.” Therefore, businesses are not allowed to bar entry to customers with service dogs or to force the service dogs to wait outside. The Americans With Disabilities Act of the early 1990s was crucial in making this the law.

    Like it or not, American society is converging on the notion that homosexuals cannot alter their sense of attraction. They are becoming viewed in the same light as society sees disabled people, racial minorities, and immigrants. As a result, it is no longer OK to treat them differently because they are not heterosexual.


    Yes. That’s precisely where we are arriving at.

    And I’m serious about help. Plenty of us will need it. This transition is not an easy one.

    Having some stuff to work through is completely understandable.


    Gouge, are you on meth like Herb?

    Wake the fuck up!


    I don’t understand, F&B created a thread, if you don’t want him here, why don’t you ignore his posts. If you want him gone ignore him, that’s pretty simple.

    If Dan bans F&B because you guys don’t like him, I would think a lot less of Dan. And I think you guys don’t respect Dan if you ask him to ban F&B without a valid reason.


    Pete, well said.


    Pete, well said.

    Thanks, I appreciate it. What is the sense of having a discussion forum and you force out those people who don’t agree with you? Of course if their are being abusive thats a different story.

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