This is Trump’s Katrina

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    Trump has been bullet proof beyond anyone we’ve ever seen in politics. He’s survived so many scandals including impeachment and has walked scot free.

    No longer. In a couple of days the Dow will be below the level he inherited from Obama.

    Chalk this up as another Republican President inheriting a good economy and completely shitting the bed.

    I’ve warned of this for more than 2 years. Not happy at being correct.


    … Trump has had multiple Katrinas. His handling of Puerto Rico after that hurricane comes to mind. His handling of the California wildfires is another (get the forest rake!).

    He has been reactive here, which is understandable. What’s unfortunate is that he is going with his gut instead of getting experts in place and letting them do their thing. And the response, IMO, would be much better if he didn’t slash the CDC budget to pay for his dumbassed tax cuts.


    More like a hundred Katrinas in one.


    Trump’s press conference today was pretty good. He had some of the facts right for a change, was fairly focused and coherent, and he didn’t reflexively blame it on a Democrat or media hoax. And he was surrounded by actual knowledgeable experts.


    I’d like to see Trump get tested. He’s been exposed first hand. There’s a picture of him with the dickhead from Brazil. Keeping Brazil great!


    Except for the part where he takes no responsibility for the slow response in getting testing kits available. What kind of leader would say something like that. He’s the leader and he cannot even bring himself to accept responsibility for anything.

    He pussyfooted around because he feared testing would result in more cases and would affect his re-election chances. He’s only in this for himself folks.


    More to the point, he closed down the agency in 2018 that was set up to handle such things, saying earlier this month that he didn’t want to just keep a thousand people around and could get them back right away, if he needed them.


    Trump went on at length about Google having like 1100 engineers working on a coronavirus website. Apparently this came as news to Google. ?


    How to Avoid Blame for Lame Presidential Response to Coronavirus

    • Wash hands of responsibility for shutting down pandemic task force many times per day, at least 20 seconds each time

    • Create “political distancing” from your own pre-2016 tweets that criticize Ebola and SARS responses that did exactly what you are doing now.

    • Turn away and leave any room where relevant questions about lack of current planning and testing procedures are being asked.

    • Where COVID-19 is known to be present, immediately apply identifying labels such as “Chinese”, “Wuhan”, “foreign” or “Liberal” to insulate yourself from any connection or responsibility. This has the added benefit of strengthening racial prejudice in loyal followers.

    • Never Get Tested, because if you can’t be proven to have it you can’t be accused of spreading it.


    I think even a good President would have a tough time weathering something like this. Obama would have been hammered by the right just as bad regardless if everything was handled well – the conspiracy theory would be “they knew this was coming” or whatever.
    In time, even a President’s supporters would turn on him or her just because of the duration of the national turmoil. There were active groups in the US working against FDR during the Depression (The Liberty League) and I’m sure there were times in WWII when people grew frustrated as casualties mounted. Heck, even Lincoln’s reelection in ’64 wasn’t a sure thing (even without the South).
    The real question will be if the GOP stays united behind the President or decides to cut their losses before November.

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