This is just a minor blip…really…

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    I’m not sure where to put this, as the site is obviously in transition.

    There is no question Dan is having some issues moving to wordpress. I would offer that patience is a virtue here.

    I have faith that Dan will get this all straightened out, and even bring back all the previous posts.

    As a personal friend and aquaintence of Dan for 40 years, I can tell you this site is very important to him and he is working hard to make things right.

    This isn’t a money issue (straight from Dan’s mouth), but more a technical issue. And from what I understand, one of the problems is this site has grown so much that some might question the use of steroids.

    But, seriously, a good thing won’t go down easily. Hang in there PDX’ers, Dan won’t say it, but he will bring this thing back to what it was, and it probably will happen sooner than later.


    Paul Walker

    PDX’er since I had hair.

    Master of Disaster

    The site has completely crashed before the Master of Disaster was registered as such, but has always returned bigger and better than ever.
    Edit: the Master of Disaster fails again: the username wraps to a second line, with the software putting a dash in the middle of “Disaster.”


    “We’ve been good but we can’t last. Hurry website; hurry fast!” 🙂


    Even with this site in its semi-functional, transitional state, Dan already has this working 100x better than Oracle ever got the CoverOregon site to work! 🙂

    Thank you, Dan, for all of the work you are putting into this project.

    (I have also noted that my avatar is the same one that is used for my profile, from Gravatar! Not sure how the connection was made at Gravatar(probably an email addy), but it is sure pretty spiffy!)



    I’m OK with just going forward too. Ideally, Dan has more success. Hope he does.

    “PDX’er since I had hair” is hilarious! Nice one Paul.


    Indeed! Thanks for your effort, Dan!

    I noticed some avatar changes, mine is stored at Gravatar and linked to the eMail address that I used to register at this site years ago… seems to have followed perfectly.
    QPE… your avatar appears to be the same as I have seen before on the old PDX radio board.


    I was quite surprised that found that particular avatar, realizing that my avatar on PDXRadio is still the same, albeit larger.(Might be time to change it to something else, when I get a better idea for one.)


    Showing off new avatar.


    Its all good ! We will all survive , I am so sure…Thanks to Dan !!


    IDK, I’m still glued to my TV, waiting to see if we’re going to survive Snowvember 2014.


    Light Snow and 29 in the Tri Cities.


    Where the Rubber Meets the Road !!

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