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    1922 KQY of Stubbs Electric Company, increased power from 10 watts to 100 watts, from remodeled studio.

    1924 KGW 492 meters (609.3 K.C.) began broadcasting after 15 days silent, a concert by Gordon Soule.

    1925 KGW began commercials. Dan Marx Co. (jeweler), Frank Nau (pharmacy) & Tommy Luke (florist).

    1929 KOIN joined “The Don Lee-Columbia Network” as a charter affiliate. This was CBS West Coast chain.

    1932 Charles F. Berg died at age 61 in Portland. KGW “Hoot Owls” founder & head “Grand Screech” 1923-32.

    1942 KGW affiliated “NBC Red” Network officially became “NBC” separating “The Blue Network” further.

    1955 KRWC raised power from 250 watts to 1 K.W. Irving Schmidtke, Chief Engineer, General Manager & Owner.

    1958 KPAM 1410 K.C., raised power from 1 K.W. to 5 K.W. First Continental 315-B transmitter in the West.

    1959 KPAM & KPFM were returned to Broadcasters Oregon Limited (Stanley M. Goard) by order of the FCC.

    1962 Westinghouse Broadcasting Co., Inc. sold KEX to Golden West Broadcasters, Inc. for $900,000.

    1968 Sheldon F. Sackett died at age 66 in San Francisco, CA. KVAN President, 1940-59 & KOOS 1938-70.

    1969 KGW 620 kHz., switched format from Contemporary music to Adult Top 40 as “Radio 62” on Labor Day.

    1969 Point-O-Salescast, Inc. sold KQFM to David M. Myers for $59,000. He was the “Muzak” franchise owner.

    1971 KLIQ-FM 92.3 MHz., “Country Click” switched its format back to KLIQ(AM) Talk simulcast as “KLIQ-FM 92.”

    1975 KYXI 1520 kHz., Oregon City’s “Popular Adult Album” station switched to a more Contemporary sound.

    1976 Circuit Court of Appeals, rejected “Star Stations” request to keep KISN on air. Kisn prepared to shut down.

    1977 Cathryn C. Murphy died at age 65 in San Mateo, CA. KVAN 1480 kHz., Owner/General Manager, 1960-74.

    1981 Tracy Broadcasting Co. sold KUPL & KUPL-FM to Scripps-Howard Broadcasting Co. (Jack R. Howard).

    1984 KYXI 1520 kHz., changed its format to Oldies and call letters to KSGO, standing for “Solid Gold Oldies.”

    1985 KLIQ 1290 kHz., “The Talk of The Town” changed calls to KMJK (AM). Switched format to C.H.R., as “Magic.”

    1985 KMJK(FM) 106.7 MHz., changed calls to KMJK-FM. Continued CHR format as “Flame Throwin’ Hit Radio.”

    1986 KKRZ presented Z100’s “Last Chance Summer Dance” at Pioneer Courthouse Square with The Crazy 8’s.

    1986 KXL 750 kHz., affiliated with the “ABC Talk Radio Network”, dropping the “Mutual” (MBS) network.

    1989 KMJK Lake Oswego “Classic Hits 106.7” switched its format to Classic Rock as “Classic Rock 106.7.”

    1990 KFXX Oregon City, branded “The X” Rock format, switched to Sports/Talk, as “Sports Radio 1520.”

    1997 KOPB-FM 91.5 MHz., dropped all of its Classical music (except weekends) and began simulcast of KOAC.

    2003 KXL’s Lars Larson debuted his national talk show on the “Westwood One Radio Network” at 10:00 P.M.

    2003 KKAD moved studios from “The Pacific Business Center” in Vancouver to “Pioneer Tower” in Portland.

    2009 Rose City Radio Corp. (Paul Allen) sold KXL & KXTG (FM) to Alpha Broadcasting, LLC for $11 Million.



    1968 Sheldon F. Sackett died at age 66 in San Francisco, CA. KVAN President, 1940-59 & KOOS 1938-70.

    Craig, I’m a little confused with this one. If he passed away in 1968, how was he with KOOS until ’70?



    On March 1, 1970 KOOS, Inc. was purchased by Kerry Radio, Inc. for $50,000. The sellers were John W. and David S. Sackett, co executors of the estate of Sheldon S. Sackett (97.7%). Buyers were James F. and Irene L. Johnson (50% each).




    1914 Marion G. McKeown was born in Oregon. KRDR-1230 K.C., Co-owner & Secretary-Treasurer, 1963-72.

    1929 Owen “Red” Dunning joined the KOIN Orchestra as Assistant Director to Mischa Pelz, Musical Director.

    1957 Elvis took questions from KGW & KEX press at the Multnomah Club before his Multnomah Stadium concert.

    1976 KISN 91 signed off the air at 12:02 A.M. by order of the FCC. 910 kilohertz would go dark for four years.

    1991 KKSN-FM presented “Kisn Labor Day 300” countdown. Souvenir survey available at Pay Less stores.

    1996 KBNP’s Stanley Fields “Recovery Road Talk Radio” host began national syndication with Equity Radio.

    1997 Graham Archer died at age 85 in Depoe Bay. Golden Hours Executive Director, 1973-85. KOIN AM/FM 1956-59.

    2003 Duane L. “Whitey” Coker died at age 75 in Portland. KISN News Director, 1965-68. KWIL Sports Director.




    1941 KXL tested new RCA 10-DX transmitter for the first time on new 750 K.C., from their new 82nd Ave. site.

    1946 KPFM signed on the air on 94.9 megacycles with 1 K.W., with studios & transmitter on Sentinel Hill.

    1946 Mel Blanc starred in his first network radio show “Mel Blanc Show” aka “Blanc’s Fix-It Shop” CBS 7:30 P.M. KOIN.

    1962 KGON 1520 K.C., with Popular music and Mutual Network programming, switched to a Top 40 format.

    1992 Laurence R. “Larry” Kirk died at age 82 in Sacramento, CA. KXL Sales Manager, 1938-40. KAST Sales Manager, 1938.

    2001 KFIS “104.1, The Fish” Scappoose, OR., signed on the air with 2.4 K.W., and “Today’s Christian Music.”




    1883 Ashley C. Dixon was born in Chicago, IL. Radio Pioneer. KFJR Co-founder, 1923-36. KALE, KGW.

    1935 Bishop Walter Sumner died at age 62 in Portland. KGW Hoot Owls “Grand Sermon” 1924-32.

    1957 Dr. John H. Fitzgibbon, Sr. died at age 63 in Milwaukie. KGON-1230 Co-founder & President, 1947-56.

    1979 KYTE Contemporary music “97 KYTE” switched to Country as “97 Country.” Format was on KLLB 101.1

    1979 KLLB “Country Club 101” switched to a Rock 40 format as “KB101, Rock Deluxe.” Country to AM 97 KYTE.

    1983 KRDR 1230 kHz., Music Festival at “Blue Lake Park” broadcast live. Shelly Kane, Bobby Gibson Trio, etc.

    1984 KAAR 1480 kHz., moved studios from Hazel Dell to “The Tower Mall” in Vancouver at: 5411 E. Mill Plain Blvd.

    1987 KGW 620 countdown “Top 620 Tunes of The Last 25 Years” Labor Day Weekend. Began at 6:20 A.M.

    1997 Ken Finley died at age 75 in Chula Vista, CA. KEX Production Manager, 1947-51. Later to ABC Hollywood.

    1997 KUPL-FM 98.5 MHz., moved to 98.7 MHz., and transmitter site moved from Mt. Scott to Sylvan at 7:00 A.M.

    2006 Bob Hazen died at age 88 in Milwaukie. KOIN & KXL host, 1959-72. KPOK, KPAM, KGON, KEX.

    2010 KXTG moved from 0234 S.W. Bancroft studios to the 6th floor of “Pacwest Center” building at 2:31 A.M.

    2010 Harold K. “Hal” Krieger died at age 95 in Vancouver, WA. KBKO/KLIQ Vice-President & Chief Engineer, 1949-53.




    1921 Ancil Payne was born in Mitchell. KGW AM/TV Vice-President & General Manager, 1965-70 & KINK 1968-70.

    1935 KEX Special: F.V. Horton’s account, via shortwave, of the McKenzie Bridge/Blue River Forest Fire.

    1937 KWJJ began the “Radio Church of God” with Herbert W. Armstrong. In 1942 it became “The World Tomorrow.”

    1941 KWJJ 1080 K.C., raised power from 500 watts non-directional to 1 K.W., directional. Began full-time operation.

    1953 Ted Kooreman died at age 62 in Portland. KALE Station Manager, 1934 & 1937-40. Sales Manager, 1935-44.

    1980 Romito Corp. sold KPAM AM/FM to Duffy Broadcasting Corp. for $3.5 Million (Robert J. Duffy, President).

    1986 Harold Singleton died at age 82 in Portland. KRTV Founder, 1954-58. KGW AM/FM Chief Engineer, 1946-53.

    2007 KIJZ changed its call letters to KQOL, standing for “Cool 105-9.” Continued it’s Classic Hits format.

    2012 KBPS 1450 kHz., returned to the air at 11:35 A.M. after 2 months. 1st song: Elton John “I’m Still Standing.”




    1936 KGW debuted the local show “The Coffee Club.” Cast dramatization, 9:30 P.M. Broadcast on KOMO & KHQ.

    1962 KISN was fined $2,000 by the FCC for “apparent wilful and repeated improper station identification.”

    2009 Richard A. “Dick” Francis died at age 60 in Portland. KBOO Director of Special Programming.




    1925 KGW broadcast by remote Vice-President, Charles Dawes speech from Public Auditorium at 8:15 P.M.

    1936 KEX debuted “Singing Chatterbox” program which featured gossip & news about radio & film stars. 10:15 A.M.

    2002 KKSN-FM’s 6th anniversary “Kisn The Summer Goodbye” concert with Tommy James, Johnny Rivers, etc.



    Re: ‘1962 KISN was fined $2,000 by the FCC for “apparent wilful and repeated improper station identification.”’

    I wonder why one would intentionally (or seem to) improperly ID



    Posted above is the short explanation. The full statement: KISN was fined by the FCC $2,000 for apparent wilful and repeated improper I.D., not a long enough pause between Vancouver and radar in announcing “KISN Vancouver radar weather scope.”

    KISN was trying to hide their I.D. at the beginning of the weather forecast by just running the words together in one sentence instead of two. KISN was trying to identify itself with Portland where the bigger ad dollars are for advertisers. Studios & towers were in Portland. The only connection in Vancouver was where they were licensed.




    1911 Dick M. Brown was born in Portland. KALE/KPOJ AM-FM/KPOK AM-FM General Manager, 1948-73.

    1913 Mel Bailey was born in Kansas. KXL AM/FM Station Manager, 1966-74 & Program Director, 1961-66. KEX Program Director.

    1928 KEX’s transmitter site on Buckley Ave. was broken into. $200.00 worth of tubes and parts were stolen.

    1928 KGW “Hoot Owls” chain of stations added KVOS Bellingham, WA. to KFOA Seattle & KHQ Spokane.

    1936 Lance M. Mushaw was born in Oregon. KUIK President & General Manager, 1970-73 & News Director, 1960-70.

    1986 KPDQ began broadcasting into the night for first time with 500 watts, Non-directional and 24 hours.

    2001 KKSN-FM’s 5th “Kisn The Summer Goodbye” concert. Chubby Checker, Paul Revere & Raiders, Kingsmen.



    Re KISN: It has been established that the Portland studio was considered as a remote and they were required to air some amount of hours from the transmitter site. They chose overnights and weekends.




    1920 Donald H. “Don” McGannon was born in New York City, N.Y. KEX & KEX-FM President, 1955-62.

    1921 Russ Conrad was born in Thermopolis, Wyo. KEX Personality, 1955-75. KYXI News Anchor, 1978-83.

    1921 Ken Finley was born in Spokane, WA. KEX Production Manager, 1947-51. Later ABC Hollywood, Producer.

    1929 KVEP 1500 K.C., signed back on the air, formerly KWBS. George A. Dunn, the new Owner & Operator.

    1937 KOIN 940 K.C., again became the exclusive Portland CBS affiliate when sister KALE 1300 K.C. dropped chain.

    1960 KGMG 95.5 M.C., was reported testing its Gates FM10A transmitter on Healy Heights. Signed on the 25th.

    1978 Richard J. Butterfield died at age 54 in Neskowin. KOIN/KOIN-FM/KOIN-TV General Manager, 1973-77.

    1979 “The Oregonian” published Francis Murphy’s last “Behind The Mike” column. Peter Farrell took over.

    1999 Earl E. Peterson died at age 88 in Silverton. KGW Chief Engineer, 1953-56. KGW-KEX Engineer, 1938.

    2000 KKSN-FM’s 4th annual “Kisn The Summer Goodbye” concert. Grass Roots, Micky Dolenz, Peter Noone.

    2001 Robert C. “Bob” Zimmerman died at age 83 in Spokane, Wash. KGW Choral Director, 1945-47.

    2012 KQRZ-LP Hillsboro began 24 hour operation on 101.5 MHz serving Beaverton with diversified format.

    2013 KKRZ-HD2 & K272EL simulcasting KEX, began its own format at 12 Noon. Alternative “Radio 102-3.”

    2014 Harry Christensen died at age 85 in Oregon City. KYXI News Director, 1967-74. KKSN Personality, 1982-87.

    2014 Don Manning died at age 87 in Portland. KBOO host of “Bebop Spoken Here” 1979-2005. KCNR 1986.



    “Tiger” Tom Murphy wrote me and asked if I would post his additional information on the KISN transmitter site.

    Hello Craig:

    I saw Semoochie’s comment regarding the broadcasting from the xmtr.

    First. The All Night Show always broadcast from the transmitter from the very beginning. Also all the evening news was broadcast from the transmitter. This had nothing to do with the 1962 FCC “bust.”

    Burden did declare the downtown studio as a remote studio and sales offices and the transmitter as the “main” studio. However, there was an FCC rule that if you were not a network affiliate, then 51 % percent of your broadcasting had to originate from your “main studio.” That’s the rule that got KISN.

    Immediately, Tom Michaels started doing my show, while I was still on active duty with the Oregon Air National Guard from the transmitter.

    They upgraded the equipment which helped. When I returned I started doing my show from there, too. I didn’t like it but I did have a great time with Uncle Bill.

    After about 6 months, or in March of ’63, I had a meeting with DWB and told him I didn’t want to do the show out there anymore. Besides that, I said it didn’t make sense to have the window empty when that was the time when the traffic was the heaviest driving by the window.

    He agreed and so they began sending the midi-day show [s] and news out to the transmitter. Addie never went to the xmtr. I’m a bit sketchy on who and which mid-day show came from there. There was quite a bit of schedule shuffling with that. However, they were very careful to make sure we hit 51%. All of the weekend shows were from the transmitter.

    Tom Murphy

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