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    Third Eye Blind played a charity event at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Tuesday night during the RNC Convention.

    The 90’s band who’s most popular song “Jumper” is about lead singer Stephan Jenkins’ gay cousin who committed suicide by jumping off a bridge, when introducing the song said;

    “To love this song is to take into your heart the message and to actually, actually have a feeling to arrive and move forward, and not live your life in fear and imposing that fear on other people,”

    “We believe in tolerance and acceptance”

    They were booed.

    There’s your Republican Party.
    Booing tolerance and acceptance.

    Third Eye Blind: Why We Angered Cleveland Republicans




    When Ted Cruz told the audience at the convention last night that they should “vote their consciences” he was booed as well. Was it because they didn’t believe in that concept? Of course not. In that context they were expecting an endorsement.

    Likewise with that band. They were performing at a charity and some in their audience didn’t want to hear their political preaching. They were booed because they didn’t have the graciousness and class to keep their politics out of an event where they really were not appropriate.

    I think they need THIS.


    What? Wait!

    Isn’t that an infringement on their freedom of speech?


    Ah, Laura Ingram. She’s quite the deep thinker. Like calls to like, apparently. LOL.

    She, presumably inadvertently, gave the Nazi salute last night while finishing her speech at the RNC.

    Under normal circumstances this wouldn’t gain much traction.

    But when the GOP nominee’s rhetoric and antics have already been compared to Herr Hilter and a wide swath of right wing, hate group organizations including the American Nazi Party and the KKK have enthusiastically endorsed said candidate, it’s going to be noticed.

    Trump’s GOP has become a white identity organization.

    Good times!

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