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    Andy Brown

    In the end, it is the greatness of America that will stop him. Neocon Eliot Cohen lays out the short term disaster in the drumpf administration and tells Republicans “either you stand up for your principles and for what you know is decent behavior, or you go down, if not now, then years from now, as a coward or opportunist. Your reputation will never recover, nor should it.”

    “. . . because the problem is one of temperament and character, it will not get better. It will get worse, as power intoxicates Trump and those around him. It will probably end in calamity—substantial domestic protest and violence, a breakdown of international economic relationships, the collapse of major alliances, or perhaps one or more new wars (even with China) on top of the ones we already have. It will not be surprising in the slightest if his term ends not in four or in eight years, but sooner, with impeachment or removal under the 25th Amendment. The sooner Americans get used to these likelihoods, the better.

    The question is, what should Americans do about it? To friends still thinking of serving as political appointees in this administration, beware: When you sell your soul to the Devil, he prefers to collect his purchase on the installment plan. Trump’s disregard for either Secretary of Defense Mattis or Secretary-designate Tillerson in his disastrous policy salvos this week, in favor of his White House advisers, tells you all you need to know about who is really in charge. To be associated with these people is going to be, for all but the strongest characters, an exercise in moral self-destruction.”


    The single most important thing to do, right now, is understand the answer to fear is solidarity.

    Recognize the profound impact of income inequality out there, join in common cause around great ideas to address it, and that coalition is a majority share winner.

    It’s not enough to join on social lines. Economic solidarity is needed too and that must include labor and the middle class.


    What has impressed me is the way in which activists have organized so quickly upon each executive order being signed.

    The question for me is, will they have the stamina to sustain it throughout Trump’s administration, whether Trump is president or not.

    This administration, in the short-term, hadn’t figured in the mass protests and how to handle all the questions from the press and have caved in for now. They are ill-equipped to run this country.


    The French Resistance lasted for four years. Don’t think this is too much to ask of Americans.


    Chris, I feel like we are seeing something akin to the Occupy movement of a few years ago. When the liberal base wakes up, they wake up big and demonstrate what they are capable of.

    Question is, can they sustain it? And can they organize and coordinate efficiently and effectively?

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