The U.S. Economy Voted Against Trump

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    Andy Brown

    It turns out that the stupid party has been the beneficiary of the rural divide in America but the post election antics of drumpf and the statements being made by his appointees and nominees underscore how they intend to throw boobs like bacon and dorque under the bus quickly. His plans will make life in rural America harder. Meanwhile the stupid party advances its agenda of tax breaks for the wealthy, cutting social services and letting Wall Street and the big banks run free again AND drumpf keeps spewing inaccurate rhetoric, lies and bullshit about ‘jobs’ (did he really save any jobs on a percentage basis? What about the other 1,000 jobs at Carrier he didn’t save? Is every company planning on relocating going to get big tax rebates?).

    The deal with Carrier, which included a multiyear $7 million incentive package from the state and promises by Mr. Trump and Mr. Pence to work for lower corporate taxes over all, is good news for the workers in Indiana, but the jobs that will stay represent only a small boost compared with the millions of manufacturing jobs lost since 2000.

    The 1,000 Carrier jobs represent just 0.2 percent of all Indiana manufacturing jobs, which have rebounded at a higher rate under Obama since 2010 than all U.S. manufacturing jobs.

    Donald Trump, soon to be the 45th president of the United States, lost the popular vote by 2.5 million votes. He lost the vote in the nation’s largest 100 counties by 12.6 million votes. He overwhelmingly lost the vote among college graduates country-wide. He lost the black, Latino, and Asian-American votes. Ninety percent of the people in his own city voted against him. Only six publications in the entire country were willing to endorse him.

    Add this data point to those sobering statistics about just how lopsided Trump’s win was: According to research done by Mark Muro of the Brookings Institute, a nonprofit public policy organization, Trump also lost the economic vote: 65% of America’s GDP voted against the self-proclaimed billionaire.

    The truth is that this country is looking at the greatest divide between urban and non-urban America since the Dust Bowl. It’s easy to see echoes of today’s urban/rural divide in the “dirty 30s” when New Yorkers, irritated by dust clouds blown into their city from thousands of miles away, suggested that they should send all of their old automobiles to Oklahoma to help keep the dirt down.

    Like then, we need to actually reach out to help the people being left behind economically in rural America—something that will, ironically, no doubt be even more difficult with Trump in office.

    But you know, I don’t think that drumpf’s ineptness and the misdirection of his administration (based on the collection of burned out misfits dominating his hires) are necessarily what will be what brings drumpf down. I anticipate that the fact that he is a serial philanderer that will be expanding his travel itinerary in combination with foreign countries trying to jump on board or derail him will be sending in their best female operatives to bring him into their fold either by threatening to reveal his philandering with their operative if they don’t get their way or just outright exposing him to bring him down. If you thought Clinton’s blow job in the Oval Office was hot news, just wait until Melania finds out what Donald has been doing on the certain future trips overseas without her.

    It’s going to be juicy for the tabloids and disruptive to the GOP political agenda.

    So you see bacon, drumpf is not a ‘good’ Christian (in fact he doesn’t give a damn about your pro life agenda) and is not a Republican.


    As far as I’m concerned, rural ‘merica can suck it! They don’t posses the skills for the modern day workforce and manufacturing is NEVER coming back. And they aren’t willing to adjust, they just want to bitch about their plight and blame others (other than themselves).

    You see this a lot with Oregonians on the east side of the mountain. They complain about liberal Portland, yet they fail to accept that “liberal Portland” pays their meal ticket thanks to all the taxes they pay to the state that get redirected to the rural parts of OR where they can’t pay the bills on their own. If Eastern OR had to fund itself, it would be BK in one month.

    Andy Brown

    The conservative baboons are ignorant to the fact that the net equation summing Paul Ryan’s budget fantasy with drumpf’s plans for ‘growth’ are not mathematically compliant. It doesn’t balance.

    Case and point our local village idiot said in another thread that a ‘real recovery’ will ensue. This is clearly max stupid because the result of GOP+drumpf is like cutting off food and expecting people to survive. It also is stupid to not call the current recovery not real.

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