The truth behind the Texas pool party

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    The only good news about the McKinney pool party is the white kids’ response to racism.


    This incident has so many components and false information in the press…it’ll take a while for this thing to play out.


    Seems pretty obvious to me.

    The older white people had a problem with “those people” using the pool.

    Good thing those white kids spoke up!


    I’m cutting the cop some slack.
    He’s owning up to his part of this situation.

    As opposed to going on with Hannity, playing the victim and becoming another racist Conservative folk hero.

    He’d also had a pretty bad day leading up to the pool party.–blames-aggression-at-pool-party-on-emotional-stress-190534788.html

    Deane Johnson

    One thing about Vitalogy is that he is at least consistent in being full of shit.

    I never seen anyone so hell bent on twisting stories to fit his distorted view of things.


    What have I twisted?

    Did you even read the artile on why and how the ruckus got started?

    There’s actually two differnt issues here. First, the issue was started since some older white folks didn’t like the fact that black kids were using the pool.

    Second, the cop that showed up was clearly profiling only the black kids. Watch the video.

    And, anybody wanna bet the fat old white guy standing and watching the cop manhandle a female in a bikini is the HOA guy that started things?


    Of course Deane can’t respond.

    After more review, I blame the cops less on this, although they still failed the test of protecting and serving the community when called upon.

    The root cause of the entire incident was the racist actions by older whites at the pool and a younger crowd challenging their racist actions. If it wasn’t for the racist actions of the older white crowd, the cops would never have been involved because everyone would have been able to enjoy the pool.–McKinney-Pool-Fight-was-started-by-White-Neighbors-who-racially-slurred-attacked-Black-Kids#


    That’s understandable Broadway.

    But… we also need to recognize the very important dynamics between police and ordinary people.

    We used to use a deescalation protocol. That is still taught and employed in various parts of the US, and they are like little common sense islands in what is otherwise a pretty fucked sea of policing.

    For an example of that protocol in action, see the police department applying that protocol, which also abides by the idea of “to protect and serve” (there are many links for that, I just picked one)

    Things like harm reduction, education, deescalation, etc… all reinforce the relationship between police and people in ways that do not promote tensions out of hand. The product of that is more “slack” in the system, which plays out as officers having more choices, people being more trusting and deferential according to that trust, and far fewer “trapped or cornered” type scenarios, which trigger fight or flight responses.

    We just won’t have as much shooting and bad handling of people who are undeserving when we police that way.

    In contrast, many departments have gone to the escalation of force to compliance doctrine, largely abandon “protect and serve” and this all typically escalates most scenarios, which results in more bad handling of people who don’t warrant that treatment, racial tensions… all of which are playing out today. Militarization of the police and the protocols that go along with that are playing out in very disturbing ways.

    Trust is eroding.

    If we open the door to allow for this officer having difficulty, then we must also open the door for people and recognize all the dynamics and their potential impacts.

    This is not being done for the most part and we see that as an increasingly authoritarian frame associated with most incidents today.

    And until we do go down that introspective road, the harm will intensify as trust continues to erode, people act out, police respond with ever greater and frequency of applied force, and we see more bad outcomes.


    The people who own the pool, on their own property have a right to say who can be in the pool.


    >>very important dynamics between police and ordinary people
    Yes, obey the peace officer’s commands/requests and you will not go to jail…hardly no one was doing that early in this incident.

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