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    Is not being drained. Donald Trump is just adding alligators.

    The “too big too fail” banks are back, baby. Including all of the long time, big money, insiders who fueled the 2008 financial crisis and made out like bandits while the country’s economy collapsed.

    Tax cuts for corporations. Tax cuts for the super rich. The slashing or removal of all regulations that were designed to prevent this from happening again; and protect the very people Trump claimed to be looking out for during his campaign.

    Thanks Republicans. Good luck, America.


    Apparently after you drain the swamp, there are a lot of swamp things looking for jobs in the Administration.


    And a big congrats to all the Bernie Bros and #NeverHillary folks who couldn’t bother to vote for Hillary.


    Didn’t you read the memo? They’re (Trump and Clinton) *both* bad. They’re the *same*. That 9/10 of what Bernie stood for/wanted was formally adopted by the Democratic platform and Hillary isn’t enough, dude.

    We need a *real* revolution, man. Can you feel me, bro?

    Well, they got one. It’s just not going to take the form they’d hoped.


    I have been a bit skeptical about the notion that the potential electoral college votes would have come out differently if most of the die hard “Bernie Sanders or bust” voters had changed their minds and voted Clinton. I have found some information about the popular vote margins, though I am not completely satisfied:


    Trump is proving himself to be just a carnival barker with all this.

    Looks like he got the GOP sit down and is picking the very worst, just like most of us said he would too.

    This is gonna suck bigtime.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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