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    This writer sums it up well: don’t let ego distort history


    You posted an incomplete link.

    The full link to the opinion piece you intended to reference is here:

    No one is trying to distort history.
    In fact just the opposite.

    The distortion is taking place by those who claim the Confederate battle flag is anything other than a symbol of white supremacy.

    As such, it belongs in a museum along with flags from Nazi Germany and Apartheid South Africa.


    There is no real defense of this flag. It clearly stands for white power. It’s treasonous. It’s the KKK’s flag of choice. And it’s the choice of people who feel the need to murder blacks to start a race war. So much for patriotic southern idiots. Germans don’t celebrate the nazi flag (other than neo-nazis). When southern idiots try to say “it’s southern pride” well, southern pride is white power. The south fucking sucks ass.


    The article has a point in stating that it is a part of history, and history ignored is history repeated.

    That does NOT give a green light to proudly display it.

    People can do whatever the hell they want, but we also have a right to call them out for it.

    Hell, I have a Nazi flag. My grandfather brought it back from Germany, he requisitioned it during the War. Being the huge history buff (especially that era), I hold a huge piece of history in my possession.

    It sits safely, wrapped in plastic, in my bedroom closet. It goes against everything I stand for, and I refuse to fly it.

    Have the flag. Hell, go BUY the flag. It IS a part of history, and that history is one that many of us are ashamed of. But fly it at your own peril.


    Good post, Brian. I agree totally. The history should not be lost, but that doesn’t mean you have to wave it to remember it.

    Incidently, this got me thinking about U.S. State flags. Oregon and Washington are fairly benign, simply a one color background with the state seal.

    However, look at Florida, Alabama, and Mississippi. Mississippi actually has the confederate flag in the upper left. Just something to note on this subject. Florida and Alabama appear to be influenced by the confederate, which I don’t have a major problem with, but some may.


    If all the Southern States started taking down the Stars and Stripes and replaced them with the Stars and Bars (the actual flag of the Confederacy), d’ya think it might be time to pay attention to what they are flying?

    Hey try this gouge – if you don’t give a shit about the topic of the thread, don’t post. But then I guess you would have to stop posting all together.


    Gouge says “there’s a whole world aside your computer. Get out for awhile”. Coming from this particular poster, that is absolutely hilarious! BTW, good luck with those “pressing and urgent” problems…

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