The Reopening of the FBI Investigation


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    All I have is questions:

    Why would they do this 10 days before the election?

    Will this affect the polls?

    Could the investigations into Clinton affairs be terminated by a presidential pardon as a way to clear the deck, and if so, would that have a negative political impact?


    You’re (along with the entirety of wing nut world) willfully mischaracterizing the nature of the announcement.

    It has not been “re-opened”, nor will it change a thing.

    Nice conspiracy theory nuttery thrown in there at the end, too.


    Then please clarify. Some people think this is a big deal. Even in the mainstream media.




    The New York Post just about sums up how seriously I take you, Bacon.


    Have we decided that the New York Post is “mainstream media” now?

    According to a survey conducted by Pace University in 2004, Post was rated the least-credible major news outlet in New York, and the only news outlet to receive more responses calling it “not credible” than credible (44% not credible to 39% credible).


    That being said, “Dickileaks” is kinda cheeky. But the rest of this is hogwash.


    Bacon needs that brain chopped up a bit more.


    Put a fork in Hillary she is done. With more wikileak bombs coming I think this will cost her the election. Even the CLinton News network CNN has been reporting on this and even the reporters are sounding disturbed over


    NYP was posted for fun. This is a big story. The questions I asked were pertinent.

    One thing I have since learned is that a president may pardon himself or herself, so she skates on everything if she’s elected (or if not).

    Perhaps she could reassure the country in her campaigning that if elected, she will pardon herself, and put an end to investigations, and that we need not fret and worry about those distractions.


    Serious question here;

    Is there been any US politician in the past 30 plus years that has been more investigated than Hillary Clinton?

    And yet, while there have been some revelations, nothing beyond typical political antics have made it beyond accusation.

    Compared to what was given a pass for in the 2nd Bush administration for sure.

    Is there any doubt that with all the time and money spent trying to hang something on her, if anything solid had been turned up that she would have been locked up years ago, even executed if some had their way?

    Seems to me, she’s been vetted more that any before her for the job.


    Apparently Amus, to some, it’s still not enough.


    Again the Rethugs do much better with innuendo than they do with facts.


    “NYP was posted for fun”
    Classic “Limbaugh Dodge”.


    Bacon find lying fun, too.

    The FBI has not “re-opened” an investigation. Fact.

    The e-mails in question were not from Hillary, not to Hillary, and in point of fact Director Comey has not even seen them. Fact.

    According to the Attorney General, the letter itself was out of normal departmental procedures. Fact.

    It’s pure, politically motivated idiocy. Opinion; though one the facts are supportive of.

    Bacon actually knows all of this. He’s just a liar.

    Dork, being a complete moron, probably does thing there’s something nefarious going on.

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