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    Thanks to Terry Currier for the heads up on this:

    The Real Ron O’Neil died where he was also born in, Newberg. He was 63. Ron began his career in 1973 at KISN Radio. Then on to KBZY Salem 1974, KIKX Tucson 1975, KANC Anchorage 1978, KENI Anchorage 1978, KKUA Honolulu 1979, KQMQ Honolulu 1979, KPOI/KDUK Honolulu 1980 to 1981, KGMZ-FM “Oldies 107.9” Honolulu 1997 to 2008. In Hawaii, he expanded his career as a disc jockey with his own radio talk show, and as the sound production manager for radio and television.

    Wife, Donna McGarrity, said that although Ron had died of lung cancer, he was not a smoker. He had quit smoking shortly after he met her more than 20 years ago. “I told him I wouldn’t date a smoker.”

    Read more from his Portland Tribune obit:

    Boss Haas

    I had the pleasure of working with Ron as his production assistant back in the 80’s at KKUA in Honolulu. He tought me a great deal about production voice-over work and was so easy to get along with and his humor kept me laughing. Years later, I got to work with him again at Oldies 107.9 in Kailua, Hawaii. Such good memories! We had planned to get together when he relocated back to Oregon. Unfortunately, that never happend. Will miss you my old radio friend. Thanks for the good times in the production studio and your laughter. Aloha brah!

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