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    Trump is going to make America great again! Which implies it’s not great today. But, when you look at the broad economic measurements at the end of Obama and beginning of Trump, it’s going to be very hard to measurably make things better.

    Dow: 19,827
    NASDAQ: 5555
    S&P 500: 2271
    10 Yr Treasury: 2.47%
    30 yr fixed mortgage: 4.25%
    Oil: $53
    Gallon of gas: $2.32
    Unemployment: 4.7%
    Consumer Confidence: 113.7
    Inflation: 1.3%
    GDP: $18.6 trillion
    GDP growth: 2.9% annualized
    Percentage of uninsured: 8.6%
    National Debt: $19 trillion
    FY 2016 deficit: $587 billion

    Over the next few years we can refer back to this post to make comparisons.


    Indeed. I will definitely save this.


    Those numbers don’t tell the entire story.

    How much spending power do individuals have? With a national debt that doubled under Obama, more will be going towards interest and less will be available to consumers.

    The unemployment rate doesn’t reflect the quality of jobs and doesn’t take into consideration the millions who left the workforce and gave up looking for jobs. How many overpaid and underworked government bureaucrats were added under Obama that caused unemployment figures to go down?

    The Dow is high because of Trump.

    Trump won because of hurting people that these numbers don’t address.


    Please tell us what base indicators we should be using. We need more than tRump’s word to measure how we are to be made great again.

    Andy Brown

    He can’t find the answer to cut and paste here, don’t you know.

    Bacon, as usual, is full of it. He has no clue what he’s talking about. He clearly doesn’t comprehend his own post. “Spending power” is the Congress’s ability to tax and spend. Individuals and families don’t have “spending power,” rather they have Purchasing power and that number continued to improve from the 2008 set of numbers Dubya handed off to Obama.

    This website looks at and analyzes the last 49 years of inflation adjusted income in different brackets and the curves from 2008 to 2015 in the second graph are the most relevant to the point although all the other calculations/graphs present evidence to the contrary of bacon’s assertion.

    Just more flagrant ignorance from bacon. His stupidity knows no bounds.

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