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    Hello radio maniacs (no offense). I am reaching out to you all for help! We are going thru another translator application objection and need a few more listener statements. I am sure you all know what this is and I don’t have to explain it. The east side of the proposed 60 dbu contour has a FANTASTIC coverage so does the inner-center. And I know for a fact that some of you are into Russian pop music! If you would come forward and help some brothers, we would highly appreciate the help and keep the radio local! Here is our e-mail: and my cell (503) 310-5396.

    Here is a picture of the map that we need statements from:

    Andy Brown

    The best chance of finding XRU listeners inside that 60 dBu proposed coverage will be those that live at the higher elevations where it is more likely the signal can be received because they are south of Healey Heights which would otherwise block propagation. Multnomah Village and Garden Home come to mind.


    Sorry, at 10:15pm in Garden Home area all I get on 105.5 from an inside antenna is static.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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