The legacy of Bernie Bros will be…

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    Allowing Trump to place two of the most conservative judges in generations to the court. Every decision moving forward that has political implications will be 5-4 conservatives.

    This includes:

    Roe v Wade. Gone.
    Gun control. Gone.
    Gay marriage, rights, protections. Gone.
    Environmental protections. Gone.
    Voting rights/Gerrymandering. Gone.
    Union/workers rights. Gone.
    Protections against corporations. Gone.
    Consumer protections. Gone.
    Limiting money in politics. Gone.
    Obamacare. Gone.
    Separation of church and state. Gone.

    Seriously though, congrats on pissing away a chance to cement a liberal majority on the court (and allowing 85 year old RBG to retire and be replaced by a liberal as well). Now we are stuck with a solidly conservative activist packed high court.

    Bernie Bros were warned many times the damage they would do, but they couldn’t bother to vote for “her” because “both are just as bad”.

    I don’t think liberals understand the gravity of what has happened to the court. Feel free to march and yell, but it’s too late. Bernie Bros handed over the SCOTUS to ultra right wing conservatives on a platter, and they couldn’t be happier. Any platform liberals (and Bernie Bros) stand for will be squashed in the courts, 100% guaranteed.

    Less than 18 months until Roe v Wade is overturned. Count on it.



    And it will get even more dire if RBG is not able to outlive the Liar in Chief.



    Selfish cry Baby. Yeah, you. ๐Ÿ˜€

    When you can quit your whining and demonstrate even a passing regard for the 140 million at or below poverty level, and sell them on it being genuine, maybe, just maybe you are worth giving a shit about, and your concerns given weight.

    This is the cost of not being there for your fellow Americans economically.

    Now it is ugly. Party numbers down. Seats down. Socialists flat out winning elections.

    Progressives are done asking. Nobody cares how butthurt you are over SCOTUS.

    Basics like seeing a doctor, feeding kids, paying rent continue to be growing problems for a clear, hurting majority of Americans while Dems talk out their ass about being the party of not Trump, as if!

    Get a clue.

    We did this once, being the party of not Bush. Fail. Now way too many people do not believe.

    Just what does it take, how much must be lost, what cost is enough to do right by your struggling, downtrodden, over exploited, well under paid countrymen?

    This isn’t going to go away. Not this time. Either we win together, and that means progress for all Americans, or we lose together, selfish Americans. There are a lot, a growing number of people, who are gonna make sure of it too.

    The cost for your continued civil liberty is a better economic future for your fellow Americans. These dire things can be fixed. There are options. But it will take most of us, really focused and working on common cause, to mutual benefit to make happen.

    Think that all the way through. It is super important.

    It appears you have a growing problem:

    Things you really value are directly connected to a better economic future for everyone, not just a small, loud minority.

    Best reconsider all that finger wagging blame and shame. Look right in the mirror. It was going badly for most people, but you, yourself were all good, so fuck ’em.

    I did it too. My bad. We talked about it all right here too. Sadly.

    Now I am gonna help fix it. I am gonna help because it is the right, more just thing to do. Our current economic policy is completely unacceptable to a majority of us. And the root of that is a priority problem we best fix STAT.


    (Respect you, and my friends here too much to sugar coat it.)



    You’re a blooming idiot. Your hot air is worth zero. SCOTUS votes on the other hand will deal a defeat to any litigation you Bernie Bros fuckers support.

    Everything you stand for will be squashed by the Trump courts. Everything. It’s now such a given I’ll bet on ay outcome that comes forth to the court on how they will judge (hint, it won’t be in your interest or mine).

    And, you can’t fix it. It’s done. 5-4 majority for 20+ years, AT A MINIMUM, moving forward. Bernie Bros will lose on every single decision and any idea they have will be set back for decades by the court.

    The GOP played the long game and they have won.

    Herb is right. The GOP is winning at their game and liberals are losing their asses. Big time, and it will be big time for decades. All courtesy to the fucktards like KSKD who poisoned the Clinton campaign.

    You, KSKD, are a laughing stock. 2 SCOTUS nominations in 18 months. More to come unfortunately.

    And you don’t advance anything by joyfully digging your own grave. KSKD, you are such a fool. Sad!



    You can say whatever you want.

    I just put the cold, hard reality out there unabashedly.

    No matter how angry you get, no matter how you try to blame and shame, know the way out is together, and for that to actually happen, it has to be about all of us, not just a small, shrinking actually, butthurt minority.

    I will leave you to your thoughts. Got organizing to do.

    Happy to have your help. Just say the word.

    Don’t need your judgement. Your basis for it is shallow, self serving and uninformed. Same as mine was.

    Dems did not play a long game. That is the reason the GOP is more effective right now.

    We can’t win on social only, fuck the poor, policy. Our answer is to just quit fucking the poor, and given how that is a majority of us now, no brainer, right?



    Missing: “When you can quit your whining and demonstrate even a passing regard for the 140 million at or below poverty level,”

    And appointing all of these anti-corporate anti-choice justices helps them HOW exactly? Seriously, these court picks are going to make things a whole lot worse for those people struggling financially.



    Hey, that’s damage already done. Clinton lost her ass to a rabid clown.

    Still won’t own it, and still flirting with a run too. Unreal!

    Thank her. She is the one who simply did not sell it to the people. I suppose Obama talking pro TPP, while she talked against, yet was one of the movers behind the thing, is one of the easiest examples to understand. The other one was telling progressives they need to get i line, and that Romney voters were there to give her the win, meaning she didn’t really need tose votes, is the other example.

    Talking down to people doesn’t boil down to big wins at the polls.

    Finally, to keep up with Bernie on money, she pilled hard from over 30 State parties, then pulled even harder to go at it with Trump.

    Took a billion to lose. You all shpild be super pissed! Terrible candidate, not really POTUS material, and nothkng to be done about it too.

    Expecting a struggling majority to prop her losing ass up? She could have won that election and did not, instead expecting it.

    Big mistake. Never again.

    A toothless Dem party isn’t in much of a position on all this, is it?

    The sooner we get more of Congress the sooner the bleeding stops.

    To do that, we need votes.

    Getting those means speaking right to those people who could be voters.

    Talking at them, blame, shame?

    Not a good look. Could get as much of a fuck you vote as anything else.

    Go strong on the top issues = momentum, votes, seats and a stop to the ugly.

    Simple as that.



    As for worse and these people, you need to understand:

    We win together, or lose together.

    Voting for more struggle, while a loud minority continues to do OK isn’t together. It is extortion, abuse, not good politics.

    We fix that, or we get more ugly. There are way too many people invested in that to ignore.

    I do not have control over it. Neither do any of you

    All we can do is work together, and that is a two way, mutual gain street, or nothing.

    So which is it?

    Frankly, besides my own words here, I have not seen a damn thing other than blame, shame, and how horrible Trump is.

    Yeah, he sucks. How bad does it actually have to get before actually doing labor a solid makes sense?

    Not yet bad enough apparently.

    Carry on. I will check in later.



    Face it, Missing: *I* cared more about the fate of the millions of financially struggling Americans by voting for and supporting Clinton than the “Never Hillary!” idiots worked to defeat her. That’s because *I* knew that struggling Americans would be better off under Clinton (and for years after her thanks to her court picks) than under Trump.



    Actually, you didn’t.

    What you did do is care that the harm was advanced more slowly than the GOP is doing.

    That is not the same thing as positive advocacy and policy intended to actually improve things. Hurting less with good cop is still hurting.

    And improving on that proposition lies at the root of our struggle and friction on the left.

    “The left” does not currently mean much economically to most people, and that is why we have lost a ton of seats.

    Clinton really does present as the lesser evil to a great many Americans and here is the subtle thing about that:

    Many, myself included cast that vote thinking better opportunities will come. Was a net good for me, for sure. Easy vote. But for way too many, they do not see it that way.

    Fair calls all around.

    Too many refused to cast that vote, and they did that for lack of somethung to vote for, lack of positive politics that includes them economically.

    Now we can say what we want about that, blame and shame away, but if they have had enough, it will not serve us to continue, because they will just do it again, and I can tell you enough plan to as to make all this just not go away like it did last time.

    The majority thinking that way are incoming younger voters who totally have the time to play that game.

    I am siding with them, because I do not see a winning alternative.

    And they are not wrong to demand they too see progress. Not one lick.

    Now, I am in a place where I am likeky to do OK, as are many of us, which typically puts the focus on social issues.

    But now those are at grave risk!

    It is time we decide what and who the left is gonna be. Is that a social progress only thing, or a social and economic progress thing?

    New Deal type Dens or Third Way, New Dem?

    Our hand is being forced here. I am not entirely sure any of you get that just yet.

    The party, media does not. For sure.

    Could be a lot more ugly before it gets better.

    And Third Way, New Democrat type policy vision and strategy has not actually grown, or even preserved the middle class.

    140 million at or below poverty level.

    Thats a clear fail. No fucking wonder we are un this mess! And the galling thing about blame and shame is that means technically blaming and shaming more people than are actually in the fucking party.

    That it worked at all, getting Clinton close would be amazing, but for the billion ans heavy change spent only to lose to a raw clown.

    Sorry man. Not one lick of that garbage goes anywhere with me. Have seen enough. It is long past time the left steps up and actually is a left party.

    We need it.

    Worse, too many people will not sign on for more non progress, which is precisely what the party leaders are all about. They will instead push to either take the party or start one. And they will do those things for a shot at real progress too.

    Hell of a mess.

    Sucking less than the GOP is not a way out or forward at this point.



    Technical point of order:

    They are pro-corporate, anti-choice justices.

    Just saying.



    Missing: “140 million at or below poverty level.”

    Again…people who will now be A LOT WORSE OFF thanks to the Bernie Bros who helped sink Clinton.



    Yes, same thing said at 40 million. Said again at 80 million…

    Now, it is being said, and it does not work.

    Your move.

    Clinton sunk Clinton. You, at some point, will understand that, even as she continues to deny it, wagging her finger at the people she told were not needed. I think you will because I do not believe you have the hubris she does. ๐Ÿ˜€

    Vitalogy just might though! ๐Ÿ˜€

    Anyway, turns out she was very wrong about that.

    Thank her for Trump. She did not even really try. Had she done that, she would have won.

    Again, we are here now. Your move.

    The future is in flux. The past is fixed.



    Missing; “Yes, same thing said at 40 million. Said again at 80 millionโ€ฆ”

    Now probably 200 million. Oh, yes, that’s the Democrats’ fault, LOL!



    Hey, at some level, people will act out. We are at that level.

    That is what is different now.

    Was an establishment referendum election.

    We either improve, or see an escalation of it all.

    And those people have cause, standing to act. Open democracy.

    Flat out, they get to do what they are doing.

    I will back all that 100 percent. The very last thing needed is people like us trying to hush, hush it all lest our scene get disturbed.

    Well, it is, will be, and will likely get worse.

    Easy, fuck those other people, times are over.

    Too many of them are gonna say, “fuck us too” for things to run well.

    Just had a chat with a Trump supporter this morning:

    Anyone but the establishment. They never did nothing for us our whole lives. He is 40 something, perfectly willing to give T a long rope.

    That is what we face.

    And, unless the left can get along, T and the GOP are gonna have a field day.

    So, what is your price?

    That is what it all boils down to.

    Mine is low. Majority of us in trouble. No brainer, pro labor, done.

    I will watch with great interest to see what all yours is, if you have one.

    Kind of hope you do. Gonna get super ugly.

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