The Left's Fake Narrative Unravels

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    Andy Brown

    Herb, there’s nothing fake about the fact that drumpf is incompetent, a narcissist, a racist and homophobe.

    drumpf is worse then Nixon who was at least competent to be president until he self destructed.


    Note no one here but maybe two actually watched the interview with the FORMER JUSTICE DEPARTMENT INSPECTOR GENERAL.
    Note no one here but maybe two ATTACK the MESSENGER rather than CHALLENGE the MESSAGE because they can’t. Typical Trotsky / Chomsky tactics. Heck, they can’t acknowledge Trump is more popular than the vaunted Saint O’Blarney at this same point in both presidential terms.
    Note Andy Brown: bist du auch? While Herb’s writing style is similar to yours, I will believe you when I see him.
    Note Anus: You don’t know what you did because you are a natural born bigot. THE HOLOCAUST AIN’T NO JOKE, smeg scheist.
    Note Alfredo T: Because statute of limitations has not expired. “Unintentional” “errors in judgement” is nothing compared to what the Clinton Foundation did to the peoples of Africa and Haiti which are crimes against humanity.
    Note Herb: Yer wastin’ yer time here unless ya like taking baseball bats to hornet nests. I do it because I enjoy helping the handic-apable. Besides, they’re fun to watch.

    Spectator link? I didn’t bother.
    That’s what is for.


    For the record, Breh was the other moniker. And Andy, it’s not about a politician being a narcissist, like the previous POTUS.

    Our friends on the other side of the aisle used to ask about Mr. Nixon, “What did the President know and when did he know it?” This now applies squarely to Mr. Obama:

    For those who insist Mr. Trump is such a bad guy, are you fine with wiretaps so fraudulently procured, or are civil rights passe’ now to the left?

    With police state tactics that would make J. Edgar Hoover blush, is the Democrat goosestep now a thing to support? And to any who may be intellectually honest, how would you feel if Mr. Trump had spied on Hillary? Or would that be different?

    I also notice no rebuttal to the facts in the initial video. But be assured, more facts WILL come out. A private citizen was spied on. Then, as is so often the case, it was the attempted cover up that opened eyes to the real crime and it wasn’t Mr. Trump’s crime to begin with. A so-called ‘crime’ first had to be created out of whole cloth, then reverse-engineered, in an attempt to justify illegal spying. The so-called ‘russia collusion’ narrative is now weaving crookeder by the day and involves both a once-respected federal bureau and the Clinton machine, each at their ugliest.

    Mrs. Clinton had a 92% chance of winning the 2016 election. No lipstick will dress that one up. Americans are getting used to higher employment, safer immigration and a stronger defense. Good luck running against those. And Mr. Trump’s numbers are as good as his predecessor:

    All this portends better than expected for the GOP showing in the mid-term elections. Right now with investigations into Federal Bureau malfeasance, now apparent POTUS spying and Hillary’s multiple issues, i.e., 33,000 now found emails, Uranium One, et. al, the left’s poker hand is a deuce and not much else.


    “Note Anus:”

    LOL!! You’re the first one to ever come up with that one!!
    That’s hilarious and shows original thinking right there!

    You cannot say I portrayed Herb as a Nazi, because I did not.

    I may have suggested he “likes” the “alt-right” because I think it’s a pretty safe bet he identifies with at least some of their agenda.

    After all, some of them are “very fine people” are they not?

    As to the rest of your slights, allow me to respond by using one of your favorite vehicles to convey your sentiments;

    Lyrics from the immortal Harry Nilsson;

    You’re breaking my heart
    You’re tearing it apart
    So ….


    “You cannot say I portrayed Herb as a Nazi, because I did not.”
    I do ’cause you did.
    Insinuating Herb likes Schutzstaffel frogs standing before a smoking chimney at Sobibor is a bigot’s attempt at humor.
    Please stop. You are only proving the point.

    Me and my arrow
    Straighter than narrow
    Wherever we go, everyone knows
    It’s me and my arrow


    Saying someone “likes” a symbol appropriated by white supremacists is not the same as portraying them as a white supremacist.

    I may hypothetically claim you “like” carrots, but that is not the same a portraying you as a carrot.
    Even if you do exhibit some vegetative traits.

    I’d rather be dead, I’d rather be dead
    I’d rather be dead than to wet Trump’s bed.

    Andy Brown

    Amus +1


    “I may hypothetically claim you “like” carrots, but that is not the same a portraying you as a carrot.
    Even if you do exhibit some vegetative traits.”

    Even when that carrot is wearing SS collar badges and is standing before a gate which reads “Work and Be Free”.
    Stop spinning. I’m getting dizzy.


    Hey Herb, big update for you buddy. Obama is not under FBI investigation for obstruction of justice and colluding with the Russians. Trump and his team are. And we already have indictments with more coming.

    Like you, I can’t wait for the midterms. The vote will be a referendum on Trump and it won’t be pretty for the Nazi sympathizers.


    Time is clearly on the side of Republicans.

    Only more details are going to come out. More Page/Strzok texts. More biased, unsubstantiated ‘collusion’ theories.

    Add that to Comey’s recommendation to let Hillary off, months before the investigation wrapped. If any normal citizen were under such investigation, they’d be looking at hard time. But the federal bureau doesn’t question her or her minions under oath, while evidence is destroyed.

    But those ‘lost’ 33,000 emails have been found. As have the ‘lost’ texts between Strzok and Page.

    The wheels of justice turn slowly. But they turn.

    Again, if the shoe were on the other foot, the left would be shrieking. Next time complaints come from the left about suspected Republican malfeasance, they’ll get no sympathy for such hypocrisy.

    And it’s hardly any surprise that a politically-motivated bureau, mainly comprised of Democrat investigators, is now being exposed for their corruption, especially at the top.

    “You can climb a mountain
    You can swim the sea
    You can jump into the fire
    But you’ll never be free”

    Until she’s released after wearing an orange jumpsuit, that is.

    Andy Brown

    As Steven Tyler wrote, dream on.

    “Time is clearly on the side of Republicans.”

    No, it’s not. Now that they have embraced huge deficits as an operating mantra, they are headed towards the cliff at full speed. All of this he said she said crap you keep amplifying is going to be left in the dust. Why? Because John and Judy Sixpack don’t give a crap about it. They are placated for the moment since they are getting a $1.50 more a week in their paychecks, but the malfeasance of the Republican led Congress is going to cost the country. We are headed towards inflation and recession and the drumpf administration is going to own it. No matter what comes out about whomever, it’s going to be on the back page because the headlines that matter will be the increases in cost of food, durable goods and energy.

    The race to the midterms isn’t between the Dems and Repubs, it’s between the economy and the Repubs. They have put so many leaks into the good ship American that it’s not a question of how much water the ship can take on and still float, it’s a matter of how soon the leaks become so bad the ship starts to list (see DJIA).

    Get ready Herb, because what really matters isn’t what you wrote about.


    I’m surprised that such a Commie Hawk like Herb would look the other way with the obvious collusion with Russia and the cover up that’s still trying to cover up.


    You know of course that Trump isn’t really a conservative? He just plays one on television! How can you continue to stand up for a man who among other things, has ripped people off for over 40 years?


    Stop spinning. I’m getting dizzy.

    That’s the lack of oxygen to your brain cells.

    Where have you gone Dietrich Bonhoeffer?
    A desperate nation turns it’s eyes to you
    Woo woo woo

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