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    I think it’s chickenshit of Sony to pull this movie.

    Sony just admitted that terrorists can and will influence free speech here in the US.


    I think it’s pretty bogus as well. Word is also getting out today that Steve Carrell’s new movie called “Pyongyang” is being spiked. I do like what one theater in Texas doing…they’re going to show “Team America” instead of “The Interview.” If there’s ever a movie that insulted North Korea, that would be it. “America…Fuck Yeah!


    Totally agreed.

    SONY is fucking things up big.

    There are two aspects to this:

    1. SONY got hacked. Well, actually SONY got completely owned. It’s huge. Epic. The nefarious hackers drilled down to the core of SONY, and got out with it all. We’ve not even touched what they can now say about “the SONY”, as they put it.

    Brutal. And some of that is on SONY. It’s not like they have been model citizens, having regularly done things to offend most computer literate people.

    Other studios really do need to reconsider their approach to piracy and profit.

    This isn’t terror so much as it is an act of aggression.

    2. Terror. The threats to “911” venues that show the movie.

    SONY not releasing validates the terror.

    Why do terror? To effect change. Period. That is the reward for the action of terror. We in the US should understand this, because we enabled it too! Remember the state of civil liberties pre 911? Most of us do, and it’s getting harder and harder to keep hold of that state of things in light of the very authoritarian response to terror we’ve seen as people.

    Thank Bush for that, and Obama too, and every other President who doesn’t step back and reset. I don’t expect that to happen, and on that basis, Bin Laden won. Validated terror. Our fault for being chicken shit, lame ass people who forgot who they really are.

    Now SONY is in line to do the same for big corporations. Asses.

    Worse, by doing this, SONY doesn’t remove the ugly punishment coming their way via the hacks. SONY will have validated terror, while at the same time getting owned big, and it will have precisely no standing to push back against the information dumps to come.

    I don’t condone cyber warfare like this. I do understand why though.

    The clash between people, culture, information, law, isn’t going away anytime soon, and the big players are taking steps to break things for everybody, and that is what is driving these ugly, inexcusable actions.

    None of it has to go down the way it currently is, and that’s the hacker message, though it will be lost, due to the fact that they gutted SONY and are displaying the entrails for all to see. Asses. Bigger asses than SONY actually.

    But they have balls. SONY does not, and they just neutered the theaters too. Nice move guys. Enjoy the rash of hacks to come, and they will come, because you didn’t have the balls to respond to this one.


    And I don’t feel too sorry for SONY. They really have been evil since the rise of the Internet.

    The root kit deal, plans with other studios, like Disney, Warner, et al. to break DNS as revealed by the hacks, lobbying for painful, brutal laws, seeking to own and manage culture for profit, etc…

    Fuck them. Seriously.

    But, that all could be set aside, because as ugly as those things are, terror is more ugly and it should be completely unacceptable.

    SONY would have found, as the US would have also found, a unified majority power of the globe there to support them in a proper, deny terror it’s reward type response.

    Just to be clear on the above.


    Finally, this does not align with what we know about North Korea:

    Follow the links in that one for some great detail. Notably, SONY didn’t practice basic information security. Big lesson there, if anything.

    They are in “do over” mode. Seriously. Every digital cert, trust relationship, etc… is tainted. The only realistic way back to a trusted information state is to completely rebuild the organization and it’s infrastructure, keeping only data from the past, and only that data which has been properly vetted to be free of nefarious, active code.

    Like I wrote above. Owned. Completely, totally owned.

    Frankly, I do not believe North Korea has that capability, and if they do, they do not have the savvy to manage the outcome as we’ve seen so far.

    Which means, not only is the response enabling terror, it’s downplaying information best practices as the important thing they are, SONY gets a pass on this in the popular press, due to the evil North Korea being a ready scapegoat.

    We will see, “feel sorry for SONY” framing, which really makes no sense, and tagging North Korea with this, if untrue, means making a bad international relations scene all that much worse. North Korea doesn’t need more bad ass street cred than it has already tried to realize for itself.


    From the link above:

    2. The fact that the code was written on a PC with Korean locale & language actually makes it less likely to be North Korea. Not least because they don’t speak traditional “Korean” in North Korea, they speak their own dialect and traditional Korean is forbidden.

    Yesterday, I heard a report on KOMO that said that the North Korean government was suspected of the attacks. I thought that this sounded a bit fishy. If that assessment came from intelligence experts, I am surprised that they would miss something as relatively basic as the attributes of the computer system used to commit the attacks.

    I suspect that the lawyers at Sony played a significant part in the decision to cancel the release of this movie over fears of liability should anybody launch an attack against a theater showing the film for any reason. Of course, Sony is flushing a lot of money down the toilet by canceling the release. I am a bit ambivalent because I remember that in the late 1980s, it took a lot less to keep The Last Temptation of Christ out of theaters in smaller communities and The Garbage Pail Kids off CBS and out of most theaters.


    Alfredo is correct. This isn’t really about Sony. It is about movie theaters. Multiple lawsuits against the Denver theater that had the shootings. The movie theaters are driving this, pure and simple. If the theaters won’t show it, Sony is f-ck’ed.


    I’m not sure that is true.

    SONY has the decision to release or not. At this point, the costs are sunk.

    There is also the decision to release now, or later on.

    If SONY does not release, this form of comedy takes a big hit, and that’s negative in my book. Taking some risks and expanding on free expression is a good thing, and I would argue a necessary thing.

    SONY could release to physical media, could do streaming, or even be radical and give it away via torrent, or maybe tip-jar type of transaction.

    Some of those may well pay off very well too.

    The theaters also have their own choice, dependent on SONY. Truth is, no release from SONY renders the theaters moot. Doesn’t matter what their choice is because there is no movie to discuss.

    Assuming a release, they can choose to show it now, later, once, whatever.

    Some of them are going to show it no matter what and they would do that for the free expression concerns, if nothing else.

    Right now, there is a window where this movie will get significant attention. The movie was made to be seen, and ideally people seeing it generates profit too.

    Profit can be realized directly, or indirectly, and it’s here that SONY has more choices than are being framed right now.

    Wrapped up in all of that is the basic response to terror problem too. If the expression is suppressed, terrorists win. When it’s not suppressed, and particularly when SONY gets creative, terror loses, and people may well bond over it, increasing unity against the idea and tactic of terror.

    Frankly, that warrants releasing the movie on basic terms:

    Here it is. We made this. Watch it.

    From there a dialog will happen, and it’s an important dialog that needs to happen.

    And that’s really the choice SONY has, and how they respond will impact others, potentially changing the movie landscape for the worse, or expanding it some for the better.

    Up to them, not the theaters, who have their own choices to make.

    Linking these two so closely to one another and profit is a big mistake, because that marginalizes the terror discussion and we all lose on that basis, and we all will pay hard on that basis too.

    There are costs associated with avoiding, coddling, capitulating just as there are costs for pushing back on terror.

    This is about the returns on those costs. SONY could make an investment in culture and society, or SONY could simply focus on profit and dollars.

    A pure financial argument favors terrorists, who can simply exploit those cost dynamics to get what they want consistently.

    This is why SONY should release. Fuck terror.


    North Korea’s Internet is going suspiciously haywire.

    Also, check out the satellite photo of North Korea compared to it’s neighbors.

    Deane Johnson

    Maybe the U.S. is showing the NK that we can play that game also. We should also show them how our cruise missiles work.


    Maybe the US is starting some shit they don’t need to.

    People don’t like North Korea, and they’ve got very good reasons for that.

    But, people also don’t have any real material proof they drove this effort, or even have the skill needed to do it as well as it was done.

    To me, this looks a hell of a lot like, “Those WMD’s are there somewhere, trust us…” and we all know how that went. Badly.

    There currently is not a consensus tagging North Korea with this among people who know their shit.

    If the US is making a move, we very seriously need to show both standing and cause.

    Right now, standing is at issue. SONY has been a corporate dick multiple times. We didn’t see any meaningful push back from our government on that, and we really should have. Hurting many millions of people with nefarious and self-serving code isn’t trivial, and SONY got a pass.

    So now SONY gets owned, and mind you they got owned due to their own lame failure to operate competently as they did people taking advantage of that, and we are now the muscle for them?

    Please. That’s bull shit. Complete load.

    Cause is impacted, because we’ve not really presented any material, peer reviewed support for the idea that North Korea did this.

    I sincerely hope this is another force at work. We don’t need this shit.

    Fuck warhawks.


    Here’s another bit to think about.

    We really don’t KNOW who owned SONY.

    Given that, the same entity could be playing both sides.

    “show how cruise missiles work” has grave implications, don’t you agree?

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