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    After having been rebuked (correctly) for being a no nothing bigot with a fractured at best understanding of the U.S. Constitution by the father of a Muslim U.S. army Captain slain in Iraq in 2004, Trump cannot seemingly help himself from offering insults and disrespect.

    From suggesting Khan’s wife was “not allowed to speak” when appearing beside her husband at The DNC last week, (racial dog whistle speech much, Donald?), to going on the attack via social media, Trump’s antics have brought a fresh wave of widespread disapproval from both sides of the aisle. Senator McCain issued a scathing rebuttal of Donald, and both Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan were forced, yet again, to find a way of addressing the complete train wreck they’re stuck with as the GOP nominee.

    The honest among us, which demonstrably does not include Pope Bacon and The Dork (coming this fall to CMT!) are fully aware of the fact the GOP nominee by-his-own-words knows very little about either domestic or foreign policy. He often sounds like a buffoon. The Donald stuck both of his tiny hands into his mouth yet again this weekend by offering yet more completely incoherent mumblings on foreign policy culminating in an interview herein he assured that Vladimir Putin would not enter Ukraine and that he’d consider recognizing Russia’s annexation of Crimea.

    Of course, Putin is already in Ukraine. Russia invaded and occupied Crimea. And the recognition of that annexation is completely at odds with U.S. foreign policy and is furthermore at odds with our NATO allies. Suggesting otherwise, as Trump has already done on a number of occasions though not this blatantly before, directly benefits Russia. National security experts on both sides of the aisle were quick to note Trump’s words and stated proposals are both ignorant and dangerous to U.S. national security.

    Oh, and Trump decided THAT wasn’t enough to stay busy this weekend. He also:

    • Lied about the debate schedule. It’s been set for more than a year and has nothing at all to do with either the DNC or The Clinton campaign.
    • Lied about the NFL having sent him a letter protesting the scheduling. The NFL explicitly said they have never sent such a letter or reached out in any fashion to The Trump campaign.
    • Lied about The Koch Brothers having asked him to meet with them. They, too, offered a statement that claimed exactly the opposite. I.e. The Trump campaign has been desperate for their financial support and had been rebuffed.

    And in the latest polling Clinton’s post DNC bounce looks anywhere from +5 to +9 dependent on where you look.

    As President Obama said last week, whatever the hell you call went on in Cleveland with the Trump coronation, it as most certainly not Republican or Conservative. It’s been nice to see some data trends suggesting a number of Republicans are either staying home this November or actively putting country before party. By any reasonable measure, from his temperament to his experience to his ignorance to his bombast to his bigotry, Trump is completely unsuited for national office.

    The amount of hate and misinformation you have to absorb and belief to suggest with a straight face this man is suited for the presidency is almost beyond my ability to comprehend.


    John McCain’s full statement:

    One problem, Senator McCain. How can he (Trump) not represent the GOP when he’s your nominee for the presidency?

    Tough pickle, that.


    Interesting tweet on Ann Coulter’s website:

    Do YOU have a personal tragedy Trump had nothing to do with that could nonetheless be cynically leveraged to attack him? Please contact us!


    The same Anne Coulter he mocked the father on Twitter in a racist and derogatory manner last week.

    The company you keep.


    This has been blown way out of proportion by the Clinton campaign. They are attempting to smear trump and bring him down for political gain and it won’t work. I would bet the Clinton campaign is paying this father of the dead us army Captain to go on all these morning talk shows and make a much bigger deal of this than it really is. Trump was being attacked by this father relentlessly in the media and he was simply defending himself. When Trump gets attacked by someone he will defend himself. He has already come out numerous times and called the veteran a hero but the media likes to leave this part out. Another attempt from the biased liberal media and the corrupt Clinton campaign trying to take trump down but it won’t work, it never does. And by the way Lurk, calling Trump a liar is pretty damn funny coming from your candidate Clinton who helped rig the system with her GAl pal Wasserman. Hillary Clinton is a liar and a fraud not to mention completely incompetent with her e mails and server. She has been putting our national security at risk and somehow seems to get away with it.


    Keep digging, Skippy.


    No one needs to attempt to smear Trump when he is doing such a good job himself. He is certainly taking the focus off of Hillary and putting it on his black heart. Not sure if his Seppuku in slow motion can last until election day.


    Radiodick: Get a new line.


    Dork, to be clear, you sound like a total nut. You prove it time and again via your inarticulate postings, rampant conspiracy theorizing nonsense dredged from the darkest depths of the right wing internet, and your continuing inability to correctly comprehend even the most basic of facts in a cogent manner. Let’s take a quick look at your last wall of text/word salad:

    “This has been blown way out of proportion by the Clinton campaign. They are attempting to smear Trump and bring him down for political gain and it won’t work”.

    • You may be under the opinion that Trump’s attacks on the Khan family are being blown out of proportion, but there’s little evidence to suggest that’s true. The Clinton campaign has been the least of Donald’s problems over the past several days. He’s been widely condemned across the political spectrum, across the media, (save the very lunatic, wing nut media) due entirely to his own actions. There’s no proof of any kind this has been orchestrated. And keep in mind, Donald set the entire thing in motion himself. Had he not decided to attack/engage with the family this would already be three news cycles in the past.
    • A “smear” is something that’s not true utilized to elicit (oftentimes) political advantage. Per the usual, you have no idea what you’re talking about. This is not a “smear”. Donald Trump *did* attack the father and mother of the slain, Muslim U.S. Army Captain who gave his life for our country. And he’s continued to do so. Donald’s own word and actions are the very reason this is a continuing news story. The Clinton campaign didn’t make him do anything of this.
    • Yes indeed, The Clinton campaign is perfectly happy to take advantage of Donald Trump being a black hearted moron for political gain. It’s what’s called an unforced error by the opposition. That’s politics. And actually, if you’ll check out the most recent polling it appears to be working quite well.

    “I would bet the Clinton campaign is paying the father of the dead U.S. Army Captain to go an all of these morning shows and make a much bigger deal of this than it really is”.

    • You are a serious, tin foil hat wearing, piece of shit. Where to even start? You think the Clinton campaign is paying the father? Really? What do you base that upon, exactly? The father/family has already given their reasons for their statements on this matter and directly rebuffed the idea they were told to say anything specific or paid to say anything specific. The father felt compelled to speak out because Donald Trump is a hateful bigot who slurs Muslims with a wide brush. And, if his proposed “policies” were implemented, people like their son would never have had the opportunity to become a U.S. citizen and then give his life defending our nation. That’s why the father came out against Donald Trump to begin with. Just like Donald Trump, you are now slurring the honor of this man and his family. Trump is a bigot and you support him without question.
    • I’ll let the fact you think all of this is “a bigger deal than it really is” kind of stand on its own. There’s a long line of Republicans who don’t agree with you, either.

    “Trump was being attacked by this father relentlessly in the media and was simply defending himself. When Trump gets attacked by someone he will defend himself”.

    • Way to adopt the Trump campaign’s official interpretation of the exchange, word for word. An original thinker, you are not.
    • Why exactly would a presidential candidate need to “defend” himself against a Gold Star family? What, is Donald Trump a child? (Editorial answers: Yes.) Note from reality: He did not “defend” himself. He attacked the father and the mother. Defending would entail offering a measured statement that while he has deep respect for the loss suffered by this family and offers unconditional support to both them and those like them, he politely disagrees with their assessment, etc. Expressions like that are often carefully written and vetted by a campaign and then released to the media. Trump just went on an extended social media tirade. Because, he’s an ignorant and blustering bully and is running an inept and hateful campaign. Only now that it’s blown up in his face is he attempting to backtrack and take a more measured response. (Or at least his surrogates are.) That the majority of the GOP leadership is deriding him for his antics plays no small role in this rush to backtrack.
    • For intelligent politics 101 that includes basic human empathy, look to how the Clinton campaign dealt with the mother who blames Hillary Clinton for the death of her son at the embassy in Benghazi who spoke at the RNC. It was kind, understanding, supportive of her grief, and they did not attack her or her right to believe as she does. I.e. She’s a grieving mother, (and fair or not) grieving parents are looking to lay blame. The Trump campaign could have taken a similar tact. That is, if Donald had any.

    “He has already come out numerous times and called the veteran a hero but the media likes to leave this part out.

    • Actually, the amended statements by Trump wherein he called Captain Khan a hero only occurred *after* all of this had blown up in The Trump campaigns face. And it *has* been widely reported. I.e. You’re lying. The reason the story continues to propagate is that Trump, even now, continues to parse out the details, switch statements, and cannot seem to help himself from questioning the motives of the family. That’s why a raft of Republicans have come out against Trump and this story over the past forty eight hours. It’s Trump, being Trump. You know, being an asshole lacking in all decent human empathy.

    As for your other lunatic allegations, why bother attempting to respond? You don’t care one whit about the objective truth of anything, seemingly misunderstand the most basic of fact points (either deliberately or simply by virtue of being an idiot) and are quick to ascribe the most sinister, conspiratorial, and insane motives to everything and anything.

    Emails! Benghazi! Conspiracy! Election rigging! Wall Street speeches! (+ insert random misogyny)

    Seek help.

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