The Final Insult


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    Dems’ final insult: Landrieu crushed

    Cassidy trounces incumbent with Republicans set to control 54 Senate seats in the next Congress.

    “In the final insult of a devastating 2014 election for Democrats, Sen. Mary Landrieu, the party‚Äôs last remaining statewide officeholder from the Deep South, was trounced Saturday in the head-to-head Louisiana Senate runoff election.”

    And it couldn’t have happened to a nicer pro-abortionist candidate.


    Well good. Now the South has fully committed to the same brand of fuckery that saw it all getting it’s ass kicked the first time.

    Democrats are going to figure out that when they run as Democrats, they win seats.

    Whether or not this actually works in the fuckery that is the South isn’t material. It will work in most of the nation, and most importantly, enough of the nation to drag the clowns, dullards and asses along to a better state of things whether or not they understand it’s needed.

    Andy Brown

    She was 15 points behind on Election Day, Herb. What the hell is your point?

    Two years and out for the stupid party. They’re not going to get a single important problem taken care of. The Latinos hate Republicans with a passion, as do most African Americans. The fat white racist misogynist party of the wealthy has scored a minor power grab in an election that no one voted in. Better start working on keeping your crow eating in shape, Herb. When the GOP has 24 Senate seats to defend in 2016, 8 of which are in States Obama won in ’12, the outcome will undo this momentary lapse in reason. How many tissues has it taken to wipe up your ejaculation, BTW?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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