The Donald and The Russians

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    Recent GOP refugee George Will claims that TD won’t reelase his taxes, because they’ll show his ties to thr Russians:


    I do believe that Trump’s association with Putin & the Russian mob is what will be the nail in the coffin for him.

    Perhaps I’m being too generous, but I believe that there are still enough Republicans who love their country more than to surrender it to the Russians.


    I’m not sure you’re correct.

    Trump is a serial lying, bigoted, fear mongering, thin skinned, bullying and blustering nincompoop and the R’s are all in. The fact Russia is actively pulling for him, as they view him a tractable tool who would weaken NATO and further their own national interests, is apparently of no real concern either. (Dork thinks that’s all made up…because of course he does.)

    This is a candidate that mocked someone with a disability who dared question him critically. That alone would generally disqualify someone from higher office by anyone with a shred of moral conviction.

    To say nothing of the dozens upon dozens of lawsuits about his business practices and failure to pay contractors what they were owed. Oh yes, Trump’s a real man of the people.

    Funny now the bible thumping loons have no problem with any of it. Oh yes, Donald…truly a paragon of Christian restraint and virtue.


    Yes this whole Russia/Trump thing needs further explanation. I doubt it is because they are “buds”, I believe it is because Putin knows he can advance his agenda with a weak Trump in office. If Trump can’t recognize that, it is yet another reason why he is not qualified to be President of the United States.


    “Funny now the bible thumping loons have no problem with any of it. Oh yes, Donald…truly a paragon of Christian restraint and virtue.”

    Funny that you continually forget that The Donald has an opponent who is corrupt to the bone. When he stands next to her a halo appears over his head.


    No halo.
    I have no delusions about Hillary.

    But she is less corrupt by orders of magnitude.

    And will appoint Supreme Court justices that will keep the Government free from religious corruption.


    “Hillary is corrupt “is by and large a GOP meme. It’s been propagated for decades and it’s ebb and flow are entirely dictated by when she’s viewed by the GOP has a political threat. As a U.S. Senator she was highly regarded by her GOP colleagues and had a reputation for genuine bi-partisanship. Similarly, she largely received solid marks from both sides of the aisle during her tenure as Secretary of State.

    It’s only when it became clear she intended to run for the Presidency in 2016 (approximately four years ago) that all of the Republican and conservative media fuckwittery ramped back up to eleven.

    When you take away the utterly hysterical and factually unsupportable nonsense and conspiracy theories you’re not left with a whole hell of a lot.

    She was (and is) far and away the most truthful of all of the 2016 presidential candidates. Look it up. It’s incontestable.

    She’s offered specific policy proposals with great detail and can speak intelligently and informed upon a wide array of issues. Look that up, too.

    And Hillary’s attack ads? They’re 99% just composed of Trump being Trump. There’s no need for name calling or deception. He’s a ready made attack ad.

    Then we have The Donald.

    A serial liar with (by far) the greatest number of abject falsehoods spoken by any presidential candidate this or any cycle. A man who makes bigoted statements. A man who has mocked the disabled. A man with a history of misogynistic language. A candidate who by his own words has little to no grasp of either domestic or foreign policy and offers insults and demagoguery in place of policy. A man of huge, comical, ego. A man with a history of litigious tendencies and a long trail of jilted business partners and unpaid vendors. A man who, clearly, has no religious predilections of any kind and behaves in a manner that any honest person would characterize as completely unchristian. He’s mean spirited. He’s petty. He’s vindictive. He engaged in name calling and childish language. He’s single handled drug our political discourse down to a middle school level. Oh, and he has no real “conservative” policies to offer much less credentials. He’s a self involved charlatan.

    Every single accusation I’ve just made can be factually supported. Not that facts apparently matter in the least to the “conservatives” hereabouts.

    If you’re a one issue voter like Pope Bacon, then I guess *anything* can be countenanced by the GOP nominee. I mean, who cares if he’s an utter disaster for the country, ruins the economy, and endangers our national security as long as he can nominate Supreme Court Justices who may be willing to look at Roe V Wade?

    Trump is a dangerous idiot.

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