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    I’ve referred to the McCain thing time and time again — he takes the mike out of a hands of an ignorant, bigoted woman and corrects her. McCain had a sense of decency to right a wrong. Eight years later, the Republicans have spiraled down to where ignorance and bigotry is modus operandi.

    Only 1 minute and a world of difference (scroll down and watch the first video. (a direct link to the video is dead)


    Well, we now know that Skeptical has a huge hard-on for John McCain.


    Not that hard, Dork. McCain is forever attached to Sarah Palin at the hip in the history books.

    Did you watch the video, Dork?


    I disagree with John McCain on a wide variety of topics. Most notably, his crazily bellicose foreign policy leanings.

    That stated, he’s one of the last of a (literally) dying breed of Republican. To wit, conservatives yes, but those whom still possessed some modicum of honesty, integrity, and critical thinking skills coupled with a genuine desire for actual governance. Which of course means working with members of the other political party as bipartisanship (and give and take) is how things actually get accomplished. I often disagreed with him, however I never disparaged his personal character or doubted his fundamental regard for the well-being of all Americans regardless of their political ideology.

    John McCain was often visibly troubled, (and it was widely reported from an array of sources during the 2008 campaign) by the nutty rightward tilt evidenced by an alarming number of GOP voters. The racism, the xenophobia, the gleeful anti-intellectualism, the overt religiosity, the overt and thoughtless nationalism, and the like. I.e. The former half term governor of Alaska and current hillbilly grifter, Sarah Palin.

    Ignorant, old, white grandma there in the video clip stating without doubt that Barak Obama is not really American and is in fact (gasp!) a Muslim perfectly encapsulates The Tea Party; which of course is just another name for the GOP.

    John McCain evidenced honesty, integrity, and decency in politely rebutting her during that debate. Not to mention the political courage it takes to inform your own supporters they’re fundamentally wrong.

    Compare and contrast that with the collection of lying, fear mongering, circus clowns running for the GOP nomination today.


    Trump’s campaign is just a lava lamp for his ego. Any serious politician would instantly distance his or her campaign from the tin foil hat wearers at these townhall events, just as McCain does in the first video.

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