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    Formats & Branding

    In Ithaca, “A progressive talk station is going off the air. No, it’s not a conspiracy.” explains the decision around Saga’s WNYY/1470 and its translator at 97.7. Saga does business in the college town as Cayuga Radio Group, and its president Chet Osadchey tells the site “For various reasons, many of the shows we carry from the syndicators have gone away from syndication: Rachel Maddow, Randi Rhodes, ‘Ring of Fire,’ Ed Schultz, and now Bill Press and Jon Grayson (and Leslie Marshall going from three hours daily to one).” So it’s simple – Chet says a local station like WNYY has “no product to put on the airwaves. Without product to air, you don’t have a station.” On February 1, the progressive-talk format that’s lasted over 12 years will give way to oldies.


    To the few people who do believe that the death of this format is some type of conspiracy, I would like to ask, is the death of the hot talk format a conspiracy?


    If he wants to play oldies, or feels it makes more sense to do so from a buiness perspective, he should just say so. His own company (Saga) operates a full time sydicated progressive talk schedule no problem, in “upstate Washington” on 930 KBAI, Bellingham. Actually, Bellingham and Ithaca are quite similar, demographically.

    Really, the guy now has another FM stereo station now due to “AM revitalization” and he wants to play oldies. He didn’t mind prog talk when it was just a semi-useless 1470 AM that few would ever utilize to listen to music. His story is just spin to fend off the few but vocal listeners to the talk station. But he is full of crap. Then again, he is an executive with a radio group, so of course he is full of crap.

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