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    Belief without facts.

    For Trump supporters, it’s what’s for dinner.


    This whole “post-truth” crap drives me nuts. When the hell did truth become subjective? When did facts become debatable?

    Interesting that the rise of a completely authoritarian figure like Trump coincides with an attitude that information in fungible. Remember “The Big Lie” of the Third Reich’s propaganda machine?

    I apologize to everyone, particularly those on the right, for the Godwin-style Hitler references. But damn, if the person elected keeps exhibiting fascist behavior, what else can one do?

    Andy Brown

    Don’t apologize. Certainly not to bacon and others that find themselves having elected a monster that will soon turn on them, although they are so stupid that they just don’t get it now nor will they see it when it begins to happen.


    Fascist/Hitler comparisons are getting harder and harder to avoid. I don’t go there easily.

    But apparently, the go-to comparison for Trump lately is Berlusconi.


    Last night at a rally the Supreme Liar claimed he won the election in a landslide. Undoubtedly there are those who believe it and nothing will convince them otherwise.

    Andy Brown

    The drumpf recession will get their attention. Of course, the spin will try and blame it on Obama but the facts about the economy and jobs up to today are all good. drumpf will let the GOP destroy that and there is not a whole lot the Democrats can do to block it. It’s Dubya all over again.


    The Hitler comparisons will continue. The left is totally unhinged. It’s fun to watch because they were so smug and arrogant, but it’s time for them to accept reality or rent some padded cells.

    But I think they’ll have a more difficult time accepting a real recovery that is coming.


    The recovery already happened under Obama’s watch. And let us remember it was rescued after the GOP ruined it.

    And let us learn a new phrase: Trumpflation. Get to know it. It’s already in place and it will raise your cost of living.

    Andy Brown

    Bacon continues to show all readers that he is not only an ignorant Neanderthal but also has no grasp of fundamental principles of economics. His thought processes are right out of the 19th century.


    “The Hitler comparisons will continue.”

    Not because people are trying. Trump is exhibiting multiple fascist tendencies. If you don’t see the parallels, they you don’t know history.

    “The left is totally unhinged.”

    And the right wouldn’t have been “totally unhinged” if Hillary had won? Each side feels its fear and anger toward the other is justified.

    “It’s fun to watch because they were so smug and arrogant”

    Know what? I don’t disagree with this. I think the biggest mistake of the left was to call Trump supporters “ignorant”, “idiots” Nothing burns bridges, and ignites the passions of your opponent, than these kind of tactics. But this is not a ‘both sides do it” thing either. There is no such thing as two sets of facts; either one side is right and one side is wrong, or they each have some facts correct. I don’t think that the left corners the market on facts. But they have the lion’s share of them.

    “but it’s time for them to accept reality or rent some padded cells.”

    Gee, wonder why the Tea Party didn’t react the same way when Obama was first elected? IOKIYAR

    “But I think they’ll have a more difficult time accepting a real recovery that is coming.”

    We’ve been in a recovery for most of the last eight years. Granted, that recovery has not been equitably distributed across all groups in America (as evidenced by Trump’s win) but I don’t know of anyone cheering for a poor recovery. Oh, yes I do – the Republicans who opposed everything from the day Obama was elected.

    If the Republicans are looking to keep a president at one term, this is the guy they need to do it for.

    Andy Brown

    drumpf may not even make one full term. Here’s why:

    Actions have consequences.

    Having said that I do not agree that the smugness of the Clinton campaign and the pollsters and to a large degree the media was at all related to the high turnout of disaffected voters. That faction was poised and everyone knew it. What was underestimated was turnout. I do not agree that calling out the right wing morons as such was damaging either. The narrow victory (how drumpf can call this a landslide or say he ‘won easily’ shows how drumpf only wishes to appeal to the Neanderthals sense of success and their illiteracy, i.e. anyone that can read knows it wasn’t a landslide) underscores that more of the right showed up and not enough of the left. There are more registered Democrats then any other party in the swing states that flipped.

    No, edsel, there is no room for normalizing drumpf’s victory. That is bad for freedom and justice and thusly bad for America. The drumpf presidency is set to unravel starting day 1, amplified by those that see drumpf for what he is and know well the deviousness, greed and racism of the Republican Party.

    bacon is hardly an accurate reflection of the entire drumpf voting public and he clearly does not understand analytical thinking nor does he exhibit any real penchant for the issues the drumpf-GOP dichotomy presents.

    Andy Brown

    As a follow up with some data, this dichotomy between drumpf’s plans for the economy and the GOP budget plan has a fiscal difference of 12 trillion dollars (yes, trillion) over ten years.

    Last week Fed vice chair Fischer issued a clear warning to the new administration:


    adding that there is “enormous uncertainty around new US fiscal policies.”

    Republican lawmakers are now aware that there could be a major obstacle to enacting President-elect Donald Trump’s agenda: the national debt.

    “Trump called during the campaign for a $1 trillion infrastructure package, $5 trillion in tax cuts, increases in military spending and the repeal ObamaCare, which could cost more than $350 billion over 10 years. At the same time, the president-elect has promised “not to touch” Social Security or make cuts to Medicare. The cost of Trump’s plans and the lack of concrete details on how to pay for them could become a problem for congressional Republicans next year, especially when they are faced with raising the nation’s $20 trillion borrowing limit sometime after March.”

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