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    Go ahead. Laugh. You can rest assured I am.


    If that’s the best you got to trash Biden with, then he’ll do fine in November.


    Oh there is way better than that! The only reason Biden is a topic is the fact that it is his pooperpowers on display. Could have been anyone. Really!

    Truth is, this was just hilarious. See the other guy? Managed it fairly well. He let a little out. Not bad!

    Now, if you insist… trust me, I can shit on Joe, mind if I smell your daughter, Biden all day long, easy sleazy.

    That is if he even runs. No fun if he does not. Truth is, I am just gonna watch. Thought hard about actually doing work against him, if you want to know. Not worth it, but was close! Damn close.

    Remember, I care exactly as much about the Dem party, nominee and critics as they do about me and mine. (And let’s say I definitely am not feeling the love, but I am feeling how hard up for cash they are! 10 requests in a week!)

    Trump getting more bat shit is orthogonal to how big of an asshole Joe, I have no empathy, Biden is. All part of why “Because Trump” is very high risk!

    The kind of candidate that shrinks the party type risk.

    I mean why not go for it when I am apparently going to get all the negatives anyway? (No worries on that)

    It isn’t like he is actually for anything that matters during a pandemic no less, except definitely not being Trump. (He checked)

    But maybe you could reconsider that insist and we can rewind to the, “hey that is funny” part and call it good?


    It’s pretty sad how far KSKD has been radicalized. He used to have good things to say. Now he’s just a lost soul. At least 15 years here watching the transgression.


    What’s good is that dipshits like him don’t have any sway this time around. As with every election cycle the KSKD’s will end up with zero.


    If you go back and read “those good things” the current mess and my position on it makes a ton of sense.

    It is the little things, like not being about sane healthcare policy during a global pandemic that tell the story.

    Number of people in the modern world losing health insurance during a pandemic = 0.

    USA = 30 plus million now.

    Fact is, the party continues to move right during a time when that economic direction is not well aligned with the massive and growing problems we face.

    The only real difference, snark aside, is the party leaving people behind.


    LMAO, hardly.

    The other thing you will read is being about those problems, policy, things improving.

    For two decades they have simply not improved.

    Don’t expect me to be on board with incremental failure.

    We do not need more austerity.

    Did you see the latest? Job skills program, as if!

    Skills are not why so many lost jobs. Skills do nothing but place blame on people who do not deserve it.

    Blame and shame… like that’s going to GOTV.

    Frankly, you guys on what appears to be a hair trigger tells all.

    I am not on one of those because I have zero need to defend Biden.

    Now that could change! Say he decides to get on board with some policy people can get behind.

    New game! Let’s play that one. I am game.

    The orange man bad game isn’t any fun and that is mostly because how bad the orange man gets has zero to do with how bad the feeble man is.

    Notice how he got squat from Sanders donors? Couple, few percent?

    Good policy = people going to the mat.

    No empathy = good luck with all that.

    I hear he really needs the donations and activism. Well, those donors really need to see some policy.

    Funny how that money in politics actually works, isn’t it?

    Sure glad it isn’t me shitting bricks over this one, trying like hell to pretend we aren’t stuck with another shitty nominee.

    We are.


    Which is it?

    If people like me have no sway, what is the worry?

    Biden has got this, right?

    Or, if he does not got this, then people like me DEFINITELY HAVE SOME SWAY.

    Pick one. Both together does not compute.

    So, which is it?


    Missing: “The only real difference, snark aside, is the party leaving people behind.”

    The Democratic Party is leaving no one behind. By definition, they represent their voters. You and your Bernie Bros are not Democrats.


    Yes, and losing over 1000 seats during Obama expresses “the voters” perfectly.

    Failure to win against a carnival Barker, in a national election where 46 percent of voters did not vote is leaving people behind.

    There is no economic left in American politics, and the impact of that is getting severe.

    Biden is not economic left AT ALL. And some clowns were trying to invoke FDR? That’s gonna fall ultra flat.

    As an economic lefty, I have no reason to vote Biden, nor be a member of the party.

    That is not what they do. And that is toxic to me and mine, simple as that.

    And the way I see it?

    All those people who went and picked Joe can go bring him home. They know best right? Go get after it.

    Let’s see that happen, assuming he is nominated and actually does face Trump.

    Lol, the guy who suspended has 40 percent of the delegates. Does not speak well of Biden and his ability to garner votes, does it?

    I have got one for him. Millions do.

    Policy, policy, policy.

    If all those Biden voters believe in him that much, surely that’s worth actually doing some work to make it happen?

    Oh yeah, that’s not what they do either. You know, if they did, I would be inclined to give that consideration.

    Because Trump.

    Got it.

    I’m totally willing to rewind back to the funny part.

    Or, happy to deliver this too. Understanding just how high risk Biden is should also come with a replace him chat. Won’t be Bernie. We all know that.

    Making sure it was not Bernie took priority over beating Trump.


    Either way is fine with me.

    Policy, policy, policy.


    Missing, If you don’t think a Biden presidency would be better than a Trump presidency, then there’s just no reasoning with you. Because that’s what it comes down to at this point: Biden or Trump. It’s not complicated. That’s where Bernie Sanders and many of his supporters are now – they know a Biden presidency would be light years better than another four years of Trump. But, maybe you think you are smarter than Sanders.

    Deane Johnson

    This is a pitiful election, one of the worst ever.

    Trump is repeatedly shooting himself in the foot and generally demonstrating repeated disrespect for the Office of President.

    Biden is a never-was that Obama rescued off the trash pile and in addition is losing his touch with reality due to age.

    Can you vote NO for President, or is that not an option?


    What I don’t get is this: Why continue to actively trash Biden with the intent to harm his campaign? I can understand if you don’t like him as the nominee, fine. Don’t vote for him if he’s that bad. But to actively and continually trash Biden with Trump like accusations and assumptions, one can only conclude that you’re a bitter Bernie Bros who wants Biden to lose. Which means you want Trump to win.


    Deane, you certainly don’t have to vote. You can also write in a candidate’s name instead of one of the two party nominees.

    Deane Johnson

    Gee, why didn’t I think of that. Just don’t vote and the election will turn out just fine. No chance for the next 4 years to go further down the tube.


    You asked if there was a way to vote “NO” for president. Abstention is effectively that. But then you’re also not voting, which means one less vote against the incumbent.

    Deane Johnson

    Actually, I’ll probably end up voting for the incumbent simply because the opposition is so weak. We still need to get things done, and we still need to shake up the system.

    That’s all dependent on the conduct between now and November.

    The GOP stands a very good chance of losing the Senate, and a Democratic Congress and Biden in the White House would be a total disaster. Imagine a country with Polosi, Schumer and Biden in charge. Not a fully functioning brain in the whole group. Barf.

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