The Clinton News Network and Buzzfeed

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    Did CNN ever have any credibility to start out with???
    CNN is a fake news propaganda and its amazing that people actually listen to that network and think they are a credible source of news.

    Here is Anderson Cooper getting his ass chewed out and looking like a damn fool.


    How long do the Trumpions think that they’re going to be able to get away with calling CNN “fake news”? All CNN did is report that there’s a dossier. They didn’t report on the contents. This is a FACT. The dossier had been floating around Congress for several weeks before Buzzfeed rolled it out. This is a FACT. Just because the Cheeto points at someone and says “Fake News!” doesn’t make it so, though all of those members of the Human Trumpipede seem to be quite content in swallowing that offal.

    Andy Brown

    Dux, don’t try and reason with dork. That’s not something he is capable of doing.


    World class dolt.


    Think I might make a Dork-only thread where he can go and spout his inanity, and I stop by every once awhile to throw the troll some self-confirming scraps: “Yes! CNN is so biased! Trump is demonstrably the greatest president ever! Hillary and the left are addled idiot losers!! Dork, Can you post some more of those great right memes here? I LOVE reading them, right here on this thread and only on this thread! Thanks Buddy!”

    …and the rest of the board can get on with rational conversation.


    I’m looking forward to the golden shower tape getting released.


    I suppose that would be “yellow” journalism.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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