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    From Facebook:

    I’m terrified of Muslims. I don’t want Sharia Law in America.

    OK. Let’s avoid that by separating church and state.

    Nope. I believe in Jesus and want this country to be more Christian.

    OK. Here are some refugees who need help.

    Nope. Not helping refugees while we still have homeless kids and Veterans here.

    OK. Here’s a bill to help Vets.

    Nope. I don’t want to raise taxes.

    OK. What about homeless kids? Surely they deserve somoe help.

    Nope. Their parents are just lazy and want handouts. They shouldn’t have had kids if they can’t afford kids.

    OK. Let’s fund Planned Parenthood to help people plan their parenthood.

    Nope. Some of that money might go for an abortion, and I’m pro-life.

    OK. Let’s give everyone easier access to healthcare to improve and extend their lives.

    Nope. That’s socialism. I believe in the Constitution, not dirty, dirty socialism.

    OK. At least we can agree on that. I especially like the way the Constitution gives everyone freedom of (and from) religion.

    Yes! Freedom of religion. Except Muslims. I’m terrified of Muslims…


    And they wonder why I call them pieces of shit after the first hypocrisy. Life is too short. ESPECIALLY when you factor in the absence of a Heaven.


    Ideocracy: Watched it tonite. It’s pretty good! Laughable, and it has distinct parallels to our politics today. The play on culture is pretty awesome. Loved all the silly references and inane things we see today brought to light.

    “Brought to you by Carl’s Jr.”

    Can’t remember who recommended it, or mentioned it, but thanks! Was worth my time.

    Back on topic, this kind of dialog is kind of amazing. Really. I have genuine wonder as to how these people walk this world in such a state of rigid misalignment with basic reality. Is their whole life this way, or just parts?

    Speaking of dumb people… You know, we don’t often talk about dumb people in favorable terms. After the movie, and this funny thread, I was thinking about a couple of low IQ people I know. They are ordinary people, and they do their work, have their hobbies, like to party, etc…

    They aren’t like this. Dumb means having to work harder to understand, or it means being slow of thought, and similar things. But it doesn’t mean bat shit.

    What we see above is largely self-inflicted batshittery, not on the same axis as merely being not smart.

    Honestly, I’ve written a lot about compartmentalization due to lies and dogma being elevated to authority or truth status. That is what we see above. No doubt about it.

    In my life, I’ve always given help to others. If they are not smart people, that help might take a bit more work or something, but it’s still help, and it still works out and they are still just people, like all of us are.

    I don’t know how to help someone who has done this. I’m not sure there is help. They need life experiences that can impact them to the point of surrendering the ugly wad of garbage they call “values.” That’s OK, but for one little problem… we have to suffer their batshittery with them, or at the least, the cost of it.

    Case in point as to why it’s just not about them. It’s all about the rest of us, who aren’t bat shit. We need to prioritize making it better over being right, or best. When we do this, we outnumber these bat shit people, and we make progress, which benefits even the bat shit people, though it might not seem that way to them.

    Dangerous lines of thought, I know.

    But what the fuck else do we do? It’s not like even a very lengthy and potent conversation would do any real good. We’ve tried that here actually, and I know what my life experiences are. Unfavorable. It’s rare to see someone make progress when they are in this state.

    What is worth what people?

    Make sure you vote, nag your friends, and let’s all try to get some younger people excited about things next year.

    These people can come around. I’ve seen it in my own family, but it takes something very serious for it to happen. Serious as in, their own kid is gay, or they are gonna die but the ACA saves them, kind of serious. Serious like not stuff you can plan, or that anyone would generally want to see happen kind of serious.

    Given that, it’s on us. If we don’t step up and manage to get along and sort out basic priorities, the tribe who rubs shit in their hair is going to call the shots.

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