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    Andy Brown

    Below are the most egregious falsehoods from the donald’s recent post Orlando remarks:

    “When I am president,” he said. “America will be a tolerant and open society.”
    He then said that, in fact, America will be neither tolerant or open.
    “When I am elected, I will suspend immigration from areas of the world when there is a proven history of terrorism against the United States, Europe, or our allies, until we understand how to end these threats.
    “I want every American to succeed, including Muslims,” Trump said, riffing off his script. “But the Muslims have to work with us. They have to work with us. They know what’s going on. They know that he was bad. They knew the people in San Bernardino were bad. But you know what, they didn’t turn ‘em in. And we had death and destruction.”
    Even in the prepared remarks, Trump suggested Muslims knowingly avoid reporting other, “bad” Muslims to authorities. “Muslim communities must cooperate with law enforcement and turn in the people who they know are bad—and they do know where they are,” the script read.
    No evidence has emerged to support the insinuation that any Muslims were aware of the plot to murder members of the LGBT community in Orlando on Sunday.
    Trump managed to contradict himself at different points in his own speech.

    Trump referred to “the tremendous flow of Syrian refugees into the United States.”
    In fact, according to NBC, America is lagging behind its goal to admit 10,000 Syrian refugees—halfway through the fiscal year, only 1,285 have been resettled. There are 4 million Syrians fleeing violence in the Middle East. The United Kingdom is working to take in 20,000 Syrian refugees by 2020.
    Of Syrian refugees, Trump also said, “we don’t know who they are, they have no documentation, and we don’t know what they’re planning.”

    In his prepared remarks, Trump correctly says that the terrorist responsible for Sunday’s bloodshed was born to Afghan parents who immigrated to America.
    In the speech Trump gave, however, he said something different, and wrong. The shooter, he claimed, “was born Afghan, of Afghan parents, who immigrated to the United States.”
    But Trump doesn’t seem to recognize the difference, anyway.
    “The bottom line is that the only reason the killer was in America in the first place was because we allowed his family to come here,” he said.
    By that logic, protecting America–or Making America Safe Again!–would require banning all people of Middle Eastern descent on the off chance that they could one day spawn an American-grown terrorist.

    Very sad indeed but what is sadder are voters like dork and F&Bacon who refuse to see the truth about trump, his lies, his total bamboozling of the conservative electorate (most of them anyway) and the absolute impossibility of his winning election. See the polls thread.

    Andy Brown

    Wow. donald’s Lies and Pants On Fire add up to 94%.

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