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    Trump said on Twitter in October: “Sheldon Adelson is looking to give big dollars to [Sen. Marco Rubio] because he feels he can mold him into his perfect little puppet.”

    At the time, the Florida senator was receiving quite a bit of support from GOP mega-donors, and Adelson appeared to be on board with Team Rubio – a dynamic Trump was eager to mock. Indeed, the idea that the senator was part of a corrupt system in which wealthy interests buy candidates in order to make them “puppets” was at the heart of Trump’s message.

    The key word in that sentence, however, is “was.”

    As we discussed last week, Trump assured voters for months that he’s “self-funding” his campaign, and it was a powerful selling point. He insisted campaign contributions have a corrupting effect on public officials – Trump said he knew it because he was among the wealthy donors doing the buying – but he’s above all of this ugliness because he relies solely on his own checkbook. Americans wouldn’t have to worry about fat-cat donors telling Trump what to do because he doesn’t want – and doesn’t take – their money.

    And yet, there was Trump telling Sheldon Adelson what he wanted to hear during a private discussion last week, which was followed soon after by the donor’s decision to be quite generous towards the presumptive Republican nominee.

    Months of rhetoric about the corrupting influence of campaign contributions has been wiped away with amazing efficiency, and in the process, arguably the most compelling pillar of Trump’s entire candidacy has been removed.

    Looks like all the redneck dipshits that supported Trump because he’s not “bought and paid for” are the true puppets. As usual.


    Trump Chumps


    Things are getting uglier for Trump, but so far none of these trends have stuck.

    However, I am seriously concerned about two things the past week…first this so-called alter-ego talking to the press in the 90’s, pretending to be someone else…that alone is not the damage, but lying about it today is.

    Secondly, his finances are much less than he stated a year ago, and he still fails to release his financials. At the same time, he is taking donations now, something he said he would not do.

    I will not vote for Trump. Pure and simple. I don’t care who he is up against, he will NOT get my vote.


    I’m quite sure you don’t need or would have sought out my approval, but good for you, sir.

    Donald Trump is a serial liar with a well-documented history of making bigoted, racist, misogynist, and spectacularly ignorant statements. To say nothing of being a thin skinned bully who lacks the self-restraint to refrain from engaging in social media feuds with everyone from sitting heads of state, to critical journalists, to average citizens, like a spastically insecure teenager. I know children with more refined speech patterns and higher levels of decorum.

    That posing as his own publicist story is utterly disqualifying in of itself. Why? Because he lied about it? Because he did it in the first place? No. It’s because it’s just lunatic. I mean, really, who the hell even thinks about doing something so idiotic? What kind of insecure dip would even consider engaging in such stupidity? It’s deeply frightening on that level alone.

    Trump enjoys the unwavering support from bigots, racists, nihilists, and the undereducated. Along with the basically decent, yet entirely gullible, the credulous and the so consumed with irrational and ideologically and politically partisan derived hatred they’re incapable of admitting a basic truth: He’s wildly unqualified, grossly inappropriate, and wholly unsuited in knowledge, intellect, experience, and temperament for the office he seeks. It would be a joke if it weren’t all so deadly serious.

    There’s no data point that can undo any of that. It doesn’t matter who endorses him, what polls he may or may not be topping on any given week, or whatever inane position he assumes in the coming weeks and months. He’s an utter cretin.

    This rises far above and beyond an idiotic partisan divide. I would happily vote for Jeb Bush or John Kasich over Trump. Or Mitt Romney. Or John McCain. Or any Republican nominee for the Presidency over the past several decades up to and including George W. Bush. Any responsible and reasonably informed adult would take the same stance regardless of their preferred political identification.

    Yet, The Republican Party would clearly rather risk metaphorical if not literal apocalypse rather than admit the process has swallowed them whole and then rudely coughed up an orange hairball that’s undeserving of their support and is actively dangerous to the wellbeing of our union.

    Even the staunchest of Sarah Palins Republican supporters now admit she was a dangerous idiot and demagogue that should have never been allowed anywhere near the ticket. And yet here we are again. Many of the same people on The Republican side that were just days or weeks or months ago saying the exact same things that I’m saying are now clambering over themselves to pledge support to the presumptive Republican nominee. Ick.

    Seriously conservatives. Show you really are about “country first”. If you can’t bring yourself to vote for another candidate, for the good of the country and all of your fellow citizens it would be a good idea to sit this one out.


    Ah, George W Bush, WPE. Who knew pdxradio history would be so kind to him? Yep, I, too, would rather see him President again than Trump. It’s safe to say that W is done with people like Cheney and troops on the ground anywhere. I suggest Republicans support the country by staying home on election day and try again in 2020.


    No, let Republicans take the medicine! They can vote for the Dem. We all will be better for it.

    @Paul: Sentiments shared by a ton of people. The most common response I have gotten this year from everyone is, “NO TRUMP”, and then some opinion or other, if they have one at all, related to the Dem contest.


    Yet another in a long line of nauseatingly profit over substance based decisions currently being perpetrated by the corporate media is continuing to fail to hold Donald Trump accountable for his myriad of alternating distrusting or horrifying statements.

    He, literally, has no idea what he’s talking about the majority of the time and yet a plurality of the corporate media continues to treat him as if he’s just a random (not unlike any other in a different political year) Republican candidate for the Presidency.

    He’s not. He’s really, really, not.

    Be afraid.


    I would like to thank Donald Trump for holding up a mirror and showing that this is today’s soccer mom:

    Grace Tilly, volunteer for Trump campaign

    There are many bigots, theocrats, bullies, bozos, tin foil hat wearers, and people with chips on their shoulders out there. If there weren’t the Trump rhetoric wouldn’t work.


    Speaking of flip flopping, look what I found.


    You can’t make this stuff up. We have video proof that Crooked Hillary is all over the map with her opinions on issues, she is a true flip flopper. It’s hard to tell what she believes in because it changes so often. She will say ANYTHING to get votes.

    Another great video of how Hillary “deals with men”. Poor wittle Hillary is getting bullied by men all the time. The way she always plays the “victim card” makes me want to vomit.


    “Trump enjoys the unwavering support from bigots, racists, nihilists, and the undereducated”.

    Ah, Dork, we were just talking about you.


    Sorry Lurk, your gal pal Hillary will get destroyed by Trump. She is a WEAK candidate period!

    Do me a favor Lurk, will ya?

    Repeat after me, “President Donald J.Trump”.


    I’m sorry. I don’t fluently speak idjit.

    I’ll have to seek out a translator and get back to you. Feel free to continue your white grievance masturbatory fantasies while I round one up.


    Wow, a shit tone of projection there, Dork.

    Except for you confusing Hillary for Donald, your description above is spot on perfect. Seriously, it’s amazing how you have targeted every Trump weakness and somehow attributed them to Hillary (of course, substituting “men” for “women”, etc).

    It’s classic Swift Boat tactics – preemptively attribute your own candidate’s weaknesses to your opponent, regardless of evidence or logic.

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