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    I guess by now Judy and Jimmy have found the Silver Star, so here’s a last look at The Cinnamon Bear:


    Didn’t Cinnamon Bear also play on KBPS when I was there 73-77? I remember having the reel to reel tapes. Thought we played them in the daytime for the PPS students. Anybody else remember this? It has been a long time since then.



    Bob: “The Cinnamon Bear” was a syndicated program, costing stations $3,000 to run each year. It was only after “Frederick & Nelson” couldn’t find a commercial Portland station to run the program, that it turned to KBPS. That’s how the station acquired the rights in 1979. Add to that, there is not one mention of KBPS carrying the program in “The Oregonian” between 1973-77. Read the entire 1979 Oregonian article, which is within The Cinnamon Bear history.


    wow! i do remember the cinnamon bear bear program, i listened for many years but always seemed to miss an episode or two.


    As a huge fan in the UK, can I recommend which I believe is the only “Specialist” Cinnamon Bear website in the world!

    There is a wealth of information from The Cinnamon Bear Brigade with “Bear Facts” Newsletters 1987-1991. Plus many free downloads.

    The website also includes the complete series of Jonathan Thomas’ Christmas on the Moon which was broadcast originally the year after The Cinnamon Bear.

    Kind Regards to all



    I have 3 Lipman Wolfe Cinnamon Bears…one is a hand puppet and the other two are different sized plush bears, and I just gave the fourth one I had to a friend for her birthday, and she just about fainted when I gave it to her…great memories of visiting the Cinnamon Bear at Christmas for those awesome cookies and listening to the show each night with my parents, who did the same with their parents.

    Scott Young

    I also remember running Cinnamon Bear on KBPS the years I was there. Class of ’75. I don’t think we had exclusivity though.


    And welcome to Tony, our new friend from the UK! Thanks for the tip, and if anything happens on the Brit broadcasting scene that you think might be of interest here in the Northwestern USA, let us know! Best, M. 8)

Viewing 8 posts - 16 through 23 (of 23 total)
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