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    Steve Naganuma

    Here are more to add to the list. Very sad to hear about Joe’s Crab Shack in Vancouver.

    These Portland-area businesses have closed as virus impacts economy


    Joe’s shut down almost a month ago. The company itself had been circling the drain for a couple years.

    I went there a couple times (actually, was taken along) and was not impressed. Place was loud (BLOODY LOUD!!!!!!!!!11!1!!11!one!!!), portion size was below average and very expensive. I’d rather give my money to McGrath’s or Ivar’s then them. No big loss.

    I also don’t find extremely noisy restaurants pleasant. Busy noisy is one thing, noisy just to be noisy is another. That’s part of why I don’t go to Killer Burger unless it’s to use the driveup.


    24 Hour Fitness has filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. It will close 100 locations in 14 states. One of the gyms to close will be the one in Beaverton. See:


    “24 Hour Fungus”!


    Any establishment based on children being in close contact is going to have great difficulty in the next year or more. Too bad, they just opened up a huge new store here in Kennewick.


    I get the impression that companies are using the pan(dem)ic as a convenient reason to close up shop, do mass layoffs/sackings, cut employee hours (meaning: staff pay cuts) and play other financial games.

    There were companies that finally shut down because they had been in sketchy financial condition to begin with for years (Sweet Tomatoes, J.C. Penney’s, AMCommietopia) but there were a few around here that should have been able to stay open, at least judging by outside appearance. It just makes me think that businesses are using it as an easy excuse to justify cashing out.

    I know it’s not a PC enough opinion for you guys; deal with it.

    Any establishment based on children being in close contact is going to have great difficulty in the next year or more. Too bad, they just opened up a huge new store here in Kennewick.

    I find it amazing that businesses based on children being in close contact with anybody are even still a thing, what with paranoia being what it is these days, disease pan(dem)ic notwithstanding. Parents are unhealthily overprotective of their precious little snowflakes. You know, you look in the direction of a kid, or you politely say “hello” as you’re casually passing a mom and baby on the street, you’re suddenly a stalker/child rapist/pervert/trendy-adjective-of-the-week-this-week. If “Discovery Zone” had opened in 2015 instead of the early 90s, they probably would have become a footnote after only a couple years.

    I mean, last week I was driving through an area with a buddy and we were on one of the FRS low-band frequencies the entire time, we got into range of some kids playing with HTs on the same frequency and were suddenly being balled out by their father (?) calling us “stalkers” and to “get off of their line”, etc. Yeah, okay; whatever, dude. We stayed on frequency (would have done regardless), and we were through there and out of range in about 3 minutes anyways.



    It’s not so much non-PC as it is astonishingly ignorant.

    If you think what all businesses from the smallest to the largest are going through right now is an easy excuse to cash out, then you’ve got no clue about where the cash is and what fiscal reality is.

    Most small businesses were getting by with about two months float of cash. So, when the shit hit the fan in April, without a cash bailout doors close and done by right about now. That’s what my company finance was.

    With the current payroll programs, unemployment keeping my employees fed, this day of reckoning is postponed till about November. By January I’ll know if I still can operate into 2021 or start liquidating.

    If a company dies, there is no cash in it to pull back. The workers loose, the suppliers loose, the property owners loose. No on wins when the economy grinds to a halt.

    This is even true with Boeing, whose stock is approaching Junk status due to the double whammy of the 737MAX and COVID stopping air travel.

    I drove yesterday in parts of town I don’t usually drive through and noticed quite a few empty stores both small and large that were occupied only last month. It looks like a lot of leases ended June 30th which is a good time to exit.

    The economy was fragile, it sucked more under the insane stupidity of Trump, and now it’s on the verge of collapse unless we get people to behave in a way that keeps the virus at a constant dull roar.

    It’s easy and convenient to try to find others to blame, and assume someone is getting rich. The only folks to get a windfall in the last four years are people invested in very large real estate as Trump gave himself a tax cut while raising my taxes significantly with the limitation on SALT.

    Pay attention.



    Oky doke.


    Now comes news that Fry’s Electronics is shuttered for good.

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