The 2nd Coming of Mitt

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    Not sure what to make of this, but it headlined the news today. Mitt Romney attacks Trump, Trump attacks Romney. So far, nothing unexpected.

    The 2nd lap of this is more entertaining. That being Romney trying to come in as some sort of savior of the GOP. I don’t buy it, but will add to the drama, if indeed comes to this. In any result, doesn’t look good for the Elephants.


    When Mitt Romney was running for President I did not agree with him on a wide array of issues and did not support his candidacy over that of President Obama.

    That stated, I never considered him a bad man in any way (I seem to recall saying as much on this very forum more than once) and certainly never questioned his basic fitness or competency for the office he sought. I didn’t fear for my personal safety, nor the safety and well-being of our National Security, at the thought of his winning office.

    The same cannot be said for Donald Trump. He’s a complete (dangerous) fucking joke in every regard. If you support this obnoxious, ignorant, blustering, fool/reality television side-show and for one minute believe that *anything* he says is remotely serious or actionable you are without doubt a credulous doofus worthy of little other than scorn and derision.

    Mitt Romney actually did put “country first” in pointing out the very same, in very direct language, relying upon incontestable fact. I.e. Trump is a liar. He is a fraud. He does say bigoted, racist, and misogynic things. He does not have any real plans. The “plans” he does espouse are utterly ridiculous and unhinged from objective reality. He does rely upon insults and emotions over discourse and reason. He is a petulant, thin skinned child with the vocabulary of the same. It’s not really open for debate. Those are the facts, Jack.

    Oh, you can ignore those facts. You can say, “yeah, but what about Hillary or whomever” all you want in a desperate bit of false equivalence and intellectual shallowness. You can continue to be angry about being (correctly) labeled as an ignorant bigot and ineffectually rail at the skies like Grandpa Simpson yelling at a cloud.

    None of that changes the fact you support a carnival huckster.

    Good for Governor Romney in directly pointing it out. It doesn’t matter what becomes of it, the fact he had the courage to stand up and state the obvious to what’s left of the (few) adults in the room on the GOP side is worthy of applause.


    Agreed. Wow, did I just say that?. But Lurking makes total sense here.

    And doesn’t Romney look absolutely “stately” compared to the current GOP roster?


    Lurking should be blogging if he’s not already doing so.


    We’ve ripped George W Bush, John McCain and Mitt Romney in this space, but all three of these guys are preferable to the current GOP delegate leader. The self-inflicted destruction of the Republican party is almost complete, is it not?


    I watched the Romney speech in full, and though he recited the requisite litany of Hillary sins, I wasn’t sure which he feared most: a Trump win, or a Clinton win.

    If I had to, I’d guess the first.


    Mitt Romney was a fucking douche shit. I voted for Obama gladly. Actually, Trump is correct. Romney was a stupid milk toast that maybe should have won, but didn’t! Glad he didn’t. I’d be homeless now if that prick would have won. Shut the fuck up, Romney! Who are you to talk, and so late. Like before, asshole. A dollar short and always behind. No wonder u lost, asshole!


    Oh Shit! If there is anyone. And I mean Anyone. Who I can’t stand. It is Romney and GW Bush! Those jerks have no right to decide elections at all. Bush? Give him credit for 1 thing. He lays low and keeps quiet.


    Dxer, ever wonder why nobody posts after one of your rants?

    We get it. You don’t like Romney, and you certainly have the right to post whatever you want. But your tirade is over the top, IMO.

    Anger is good if it is communicated clearly. All you have done is rant.

    Perhaps offer some other solutions, or alternative ways to express your displeasure with Romney. Just my 2 bits.


    All one has to do is say Romney is a Mormon. No cuss words needed.


    There will be no second coming of Mitt. He is a washed up has been. Just a light hearted fool, who maybe could have won, but didn’t. Glad he didn’t!


    Let’s keep things in perspective, shall we?

    Mitt Romney looks positively Aristotelian in comparison to any of the unhinged circus clowns currently running for the GOP nomination. Governor Romney, had he become President Romney, would have no doubt attempted to embark upon any number of truly ill-conceived policy actions, (More tax cuts for the super-rich! More deregulation!) but I sincerely doubt he would have ever endangered the national security of The United States. He’s a responsible adult whom I happen to have a number of policy disagreements with. That’s it. Life would have gone on.

    By comparison, Donald Trump is a dangerous idiot. I have no problem imagining a scenario where a President Trump stupidly blusters and bullies The United States into a war; perhaps even one where nuclear weapons begin to fly. This is a man who thinks ordering the United States military to commit war crimes is both a great idea and something they would be happy to do because, and I quote, “They’re not going to refuse me. If I say do it, they’re going to do it”. He has a grade schoolers grasp of both domestic and foreign policy, with the vocabulary to match. He’s a liar and a con artist who believes in utterly nothing other than his own self-aggrandizement. Narcissus himself would proclaim, “Wow, you kind of seem self-involved”.

    I’m literally scared by the thought of that fucking moron being within 100 miles of The Oval Office. And you should be, too.

    Supporting Donald Trump is quickly becoming something you only do in the company of the like-minded. (Using the word “minded” very loosely in this case, of course.) Doing otherwise simply engenders, incredibly well earned and entirely warranted, scorn and derision.

    And who are the liked minded? They are almost exclusively older, white, men who agree with his demagogic cocktail of bluster and bullying with a flashy patina of arrogance, ignorance, stupidity, racism, and nativism. You’ll find them at Trump rally’s (which more and more are looking and sounding like a witches cocktail of a Klan rally or something from an ancient newsreel featuring Mussolini rallying the faithful) where they enjoy safety in numbers and can both verbally and physically attack anyone who dares to point out this is horrifying, or safely ensconced in the blanket of anonymity provided by a conservative news site’s comments section. He’s a candidate for the stupid and the racially aggrieved. Period.

    And at least a portion of those who still call themselves “Republican” without wincing in embarrassment are pointing out the same.

    Governor Romney’s speech attacking Donald Trump, and attacking him with facts as opposed to personal insults for that matter, is entirely without precedent in American politics. Whatever his ulterior motives may be, (And we know advocating for a brokered convention is one of them) at its core he’s simply attempting to wrest control of The Republican Party away from the mob of undereducated, misinformed, willfully ignorant, angry loons that make up the base.

    Did the GOP create them? You bet they did. This is the culmination of multipole decades of adhering to The Southern Strategy. Regardless, it’s in every American’s best interest regardless of political party identification to do everything in his or her power to denounce Donald Trump and stop this dangerous moron from getting anywhere near Washington D.C.

    If there weren’t a Democrat option, say I was forced to choose between Governor Romney and any of the crazy/stupid fuckers he faced during the 2012 primaries much less the current collection of mental reprobates, sleaze balls, and carnival hucksters running in the 2016 primaries, I’d vote for Mitt in a heartbeat.

    For the non insane, the inverse of that proposition should be carefully deliberated upon as well. Or, do your country a favor and simply stay home this November.



    Today it is Cruz winning big in Kansas and Maine, with Louisiana still to come. Could the Trump carnival train be losing speed?


    Mitt Romney is an irrelevant turd who lost not once but TWICE. Newsflash to Mitt Romney, nobody wants to be told who they should or shouldn’t vote for. An opinion is like an asshole, it stinks. So pack your bags mittens..oh and don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out.


    Guess you forgot that I am not a Republican or a conservative, so all publicans suck. On this stage, it is the 4th dude, that rarely gets mentioned that doesn’t make my skin crawl

    Romney: Back when he ran, ever though he was a stiff and intelligent, he made my skin crawl anyway!

    I have read your postings and consider them constructive criticism. Thanks all for taking the time.


    @ Paul. True. I always wondered about that. Me? Thought it would create a firestorm. Guess I was wrong. Justed wanted a bunch of action. Now, I understand. Thanx for pointing this out. No harm! No foul!

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