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    Now that the Cohen is hitting the fan, trump is in full meltdown mode. He even admitted to discussing a real estate deal in Russia in early 2016, and even earlier than that, something that he repeatedly denied, denied, denied having done. Add today’s news with the raid on the Deutsche bank for potential money laundering activity, and we have ourselves a pretty active news day today.

    More popcorn please.


    The walls are closing in on Trump. Everyone around him is lying to cover up something.


    It’s hard to keep everything straight anymore – every day is a new twist, someone else pleads guilty or is caught lying – so confusing!!! Jesus, I don’t know how this will all ultimately play out, but I wonder if it may make us forget about Watergate the way people no longer talked about Warren Harding after Watergate. Nixon apologists will be thrilled…


    Rachel Maddow presented a litany of what should be enough evidence for obstruction of justice indictments against trump, if this were a normal universe and if the republicans in congress weren’t spineless weasels.

    I’m now hoping that Mueller investigates McConnell and other members of the senate that likely knew of Russia’s efforts to interfere with the election but stood idly by and did nothing.

    From a column on DailyKos today, regarding McConnell’s unwillingness to investigate the Russian allegations, which makes him and others I’m sure complicit in all this:

    “The CIA told McConnell that Putin is overseeing an operation to disrupt the election and to help Trump, and here is what McConnell basically said, in the words of Washington Post reporter Greg Miller, who initially broke this story: “‘McConnell is basically telling [the CIA], ‘you’re telling us that Russia is trying to help elect Trump. If you try to come forward with this, I’m not going to sign onto any sort of public statement that would condemn Russian interference. But I will condemn you and the Obama administration for trying to mess up this election.'”


    Another interesting thing that came out is that Rosenstein is still in charge of the Mueller investigation!


    Fourteen of Trump’s Associates Talked to Russians During the Campaign or Transition.

    While Robert Mueller is keeping his cards close to his vest, from his court filings and newspaper reports it is already clear that at least 14 of Donald Trump’s associates had contact with Russians during the campaign or transition. Michael McFaul, the former U.S. ambassador to Russia, called that “extraordinary.”

    Here is the list of the 14 Trump associates who had contact with various Russians:

    Michael Caputo: A former campaign adviser
    Michael Cohen: Trump’s fixer
    Michael Flynn: A former campaign adviser and later NSA
    Rick Gates: A former campaign adviser and Paul Manafort’s sidekick
    J.D. Gordon: A former campaign adviser
    Jared Kushner: The First Son-in-law
    Paul Manafort: Former chairman of the Trump campaign
    Carter Page: A former campaign adviser and adviser to the Russians on energy policy
    George Papadopoulos: A former foreign policy adviser and “coffee boy”
    Felix Sater: A business associate of Cohen and Trump and a convicted felon
    Jeff Sessions: A former campaign adviser, the first senator to endorse Trump, and later AG
    Roger Stone: A long-time Trump friend
    Donald Trump Jr.: The First Son
    Ivanka Trump: The First Daughter

    Here is the list of Russians with whom they have had contact:

    Aras Agalarov: A billionaire real estate developer
    Emin Agalarov: Aras’ son and a real estate developer and pop star
    Maria Butina: A Russian gun-rights activist and spy
    Arkady Dvorkovich: A former deputy prime minister
    Sergei Gordeev: A real estate mogul and former Russian legislator
    Sergey Gorkov: The chairman of VEB, a major state-owned Russian bank
    Henry Greenberg: A Russian businessman
    Konstantin Kilimnik: Manafort’s business associate in Ukraine
    Sergey Kislyak: The former Russian ambassador to the United States
    Dmitry Klokov: A weightlifter
    Joseph Mifsud: The director of the London Academy of Diplomacy
    Dmitry Peskov: Vladimir Putin’s personal spokesman
    Dmitry Peskov’s assistant: An aide to Putin’s spokesman
    Andrei Rozov: A Russian property developer
    Ivan Timofeev: A think tank program director with Russian foreign ministry connections
    Alexander Torshin: The deputy governor of the Central Bank of Russia
    Natalia Veselnitskaya: The lawyer who was at the infamous Trump Tower meeting in July 2016

    Some Russians offered dirt on Hillary Clinton, others offered potential real estate deals, and still others offered to have Trump meet Vladimir Putin. All in all, the amount of contact between the Trump campaign and Russia is unprecedented. Furthermore, it wasn’t just low-level people testing the waters or spies offering dangles. The 2016 Republican platform was changed somewhere along the line to make it more pro-Russia (or, at very least, less anti-Russia). No one has taken credit for the change in language, but somehow it got changed. So not only were there more than a dozen people in the campaign talking to Russians, the talk had effects starting very early in the general election campaign. At the very least, it is unusual in the extreme that a campaign from a party that has hated godless Commies for a century would suddenly have so much contact with aforementioned Commies (even if they’re not technically Commies any more).

    And not all the outreach was from Russia to the campaign. Some of it went the other way. In particular, Jared Kushner’s ill-fated attempt in Dec. 2016 to set up a hot line between Trump and the Kremlin to bypass the official hot line that has existed for decades was initiated from the Trump end, not the Russian end. It is likely that we don’t yet know how all the pieces fit together, but some day we might. Trump is not known for his interest in prayer, but this might be a good time to start and pray that Robert Mueller doesn’t know how the pieces fit together.


    Other outlets count 16. Added to the list are:

    Erik Prince – Trump associate, met with Russian state banker Kirill Dmitriev during a controversial January 2017 trip to the Seychelles. Prince told Congress that they discussed business.

    Avi Berkowitz, White House official, who has served as Kushner’s personal assistant, met with Kislyak during the Trump transition.

    Add to all that the Russian infiltration of the NRA, and we end up with a Republican party that is virtually and inexplicably beholden to Putin and Russia.

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