Thank You, Donald Trump

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    Some time ago, I made the comment that through his campaign, Trump has held up a mirror to the American electorate. Despite the air of incompetence that his gaffes and business failures might give him, I seem him as a shrewd guy. First of all, he has managed to create a lifestyle of opulence far beyond what any participant of this forum will ever experience. Much like Michael Jackson, who died with about $400 million of debt, Trump will never have to go without.


    • He has very successfully capitalized on post-9/11 xenophobia
    • He diverts attention from the real forces behind job outsourcing *
    • He promotes reckless behavior and suggests that he would engage in it, as well. You don’t like the outcome of the election? Exercise your second amendment rights. President Trump has unrestricted access to nuclear weapons? He uses them.
    • He has very successfully inflated his own ego (imagine the rush of having people pay $50,000 to come to one of your speaking engagements)

    * I think that many political candidates are guilty of doing this. Internationally accepted quality standards, such as ISO and advanced telecommunications infrastructure have made it possible to put manufacturing facilities, call centers, design centers, and administration almost anywhere in the world. Regardless of party affiliations, politicians will find it hard to put these business and technological genies back in their respective bottles.


    This is a two-dimensional and not particularly nuanced evaluation of Trump supporters, while also failing to take into account that they have to consider the alternative. Does he realize that Trump has an OPPONENT and that Trump supporters take that into consideration? Does he not realize that some people take the threat of terrorism seriously and that the idea of vetting immigrants to ascertain whether they want to blow us up or assimilate into our culture just MIGHT be rooted in COMMON SENSE and not in “bigotry”? For a person who rejects organized religion he comes across as dogmatic and very “holier-than-thou.”


    The only demographic Trump is polling well with are white men without a college degree. It’s a constituency I suspect you’re well acquainted with. Dork for damn sure, is.

    Trump is getting crushed everywhere else with pretty much every demographic. He’s not even polling as strongly with Republican voters as either Mitt Romney or John McCain was at this point during the last two national elections.

    If the election were held today Trump would have no path to 270 electoral votes. Hillary is +13 in PA, (note: Trump, literally, cannot win the White House w/out PA.) she’s +12 in WI, she’s +4 in OH, etc. and without exception she’s leading by margins ranging from small to huge in every battleground state. As a point of fact, a number of red states are beginning to tilt towards the blue. By the numbers, both Georgia and Arizona are now in play. There’s even new polling out of Utah. Yes, Utah, that suggests even that deep red state is trending to the purple entirely due to Donald Trump.

    A Republican who was not a utter lunatic and religious bigot would win Utah easily. That’s not opinion; that’s polling. The Mormon Church in Utah, correctly, views Trump for what he is and are understandably not thrilled with the tiny handed, Oompa-Loompa. These trends lines don’t even take into account the fallout from his latest self-inflicted political catastrophe. How’s that for nuanced?

    As for your other babbling, it’s a fine example of why I think you’re a complete fucking tool.

    Yes, only Trump and Republicans take the threat of terrorism seriously. Never mind the actual facts of the matter. Everyone else is, of course, pro terrorism!

    As for the “common sense” solutions? One, banning members of an entire religion out of your own ignorance and fear is the actual definition of bigotry. Two, Donald Trump has no plans of any kind to address any of the things you claim to care about. It’s fear mongering, demagoguery, and sloganeering. That’s really it. The few tenuous specifics he’s ever uttered aloud are actually already in place/already Federal law.

    You better start sewing that sackcloth robe, pal. Maybe after Trump loses spectacularly you can don that outfit and go wander the desert for a few weeks. Pro-tip: Water is for liberals.


    Uh…What Lurking said.


    Great job of missing the point.

    My response had nothing to do with polling or pathways to victory. That’s totally irrelevant to the topic of the OP, which is basically that Trump supporters are bigots, and now that they’ve been outed the author of the article can be confirmed in his suspicions that he and his followers are better than those other Christians.

    Even if Trump were trailing by 30 points, that’s irrelevant to this topic. People have a right to support him and are motivated by other reasons than “bigotry,” but that’s a quick and easy way to invalidate them and feel superior to them. And for the sake of argument, if they were supporting Trump because they were misinformed, that doesn’t preclude a good motivation or intention and doesn’t mean “bigotry.”

    You don’t take into account whatsoever that they might be people with genuine concerns, and believe that Trump can do a better job than the Clintons. Just because you’ve disqualified him, it doesn’t mean that everyone else has to, and it doesn’t mean that they just want to keep brown people out of the country. That’s a very shallow way of looking at a situation which is indeed very “nuanced.”

    It would be like me saying that everybody who votes Democrat does so because they love dead fetuses. While it’s sad that there is no compassion for the unborn among Democrats, I realize that there are reasons for that and other reasons for voting Democrat, so I can’t just dismiss them all as bad people with bad motives.

    The bottom line for me and other Trump supporters is that we think he’s better than Hillary. Sorry you can’t understand that, but that doesn’t mean you have to check the “bigot” or “loon” boxes next to our names. We want safety, a good economy, and clean water too.

    And we don’t want liberal judges appointed.


    You are the Emperor of (deliberately) missing the point and the undisputed Overlord of shallow.

    The evidence that underscores Trump’s support is largely made up of bigots, racists, misogynists, the ignorant, the abjectly stupid, the irrationally fearful, and the like is inarguable. It’s not opinion.

    You can be so incredibly stupid, or ideologically zealous, so as to not understand or accept those facts. Or, you can be just be a willfully lying, mendacious, hypocritical, douche-tool be not bothered by it in the least. Neither option changes anything.

    So, it actually does mean exactly that. I.e. there’s a number of unpleasant boxes to check. (So many to choose from!) As I’ve advised a number of people, if you don’t like being called stupid, or ignorant, or a bigot, or a racist and the like, a good first step would be in ceasing to say stupid, ignorant, bigoted, or racist things as well as credulously and mindlessly following others who do.

    We understand you and your ilk quite well, actually.

    As for your other offensive check-list:

    • Everyone wants “safety”. Democrats simply prefer intelligent actions over fear mongering and hyperbole to make (stupid) people “feel” safe. But what do we know? President Obama is a secret Muslim and terrorist sympathizer and founded ISIS. Trump said so.
    • While (always) imperfect, we do have a good economy. The facts are indisputable. Any claims to the country are politically motivated lies.
    • If you like “clean water”, then you’re backing the wrong horse yet again. Republicans and their big business proxies would happily deregulate the entire country in the pursuit of grotesque profits over public safety and the common good. Again, the facts are not remotely in your corner.

    As to the last, we get it, Pope Bacon. You’re a religious zealot and a one issue voter. If there’s even the smallest chance that President Donald Trump will nominate a Supreme Court justice that would consider overturning Roe V Wade you’re willing to overlook, literally, anything:

    The unending serial lying. The bigotry. The racism. The misogyny. The petulance. The thin skinned demeanor. The unbalanced temperament. The bullying. The insults. The incitements of violence. The disdain of knowledge. The lack of familiarity with domestic or foreign affairs and the unwillingness to learn. The peddling of conspiracy theories. The bellicose fear mongering. The utter and complete lack of anything resembling actionable policies to deal with anything he’d encounter should he be elected. The lack of community’s service. The lack of government service. The lack of charity, empathy, compassion, or understanding. The unending greed. The lunatic narcissism. The inability to admit error. The fact he’s not really a Republican and is no way a “conservative”. The fact a long line of intelligent, experienced, knowledgably men and women who are members of The Republican Party have disavowed the man and stated they believe he’s, literally, a danger to National Security of the country. The fact his words and cations put him completely at odds with the teachings of Jesus Christ and that Donald’s own religiosity is completely, cynically, recently manufactured and as the depth of a thimble.

    All good. Because, abortion. Got it. That’s quite reasonable.

    Here, look into my crystal ball:

    • Hillary Clinton will be elected President of the United States.
    • You can keep your guns and oppose any and all measures designed to keep military grade weaponry out of the hands of lunatics. But by all means, please continue that stupid narrative as well. It’s not at all as if you’re a part of the reason mass shootings regularly occur in this country.
    • You can still be a moron, bigot, racist, or religious zealot. It won’t become illegal. Oh, you’ll continue to be mocked and roundly dismissed, but you’ll not actually be facing anything more terrible than that.
    • You can continue to make up fake scandals and faux outrages. The war on Christianity, the war on Christmas, etc. It’s all nonsense, but have at it. How else can Rush and Hannity wind you simpletons up?
    • The economy will be fine
    • Our national security will be fine.
    • If anything, President Clinton is likely to become somewhat to very unpopular with the base of her own party as she’s even more hawkish than President Obama and is likely to continue to (intelligently) pressure, hunt down, and destroy terrorists at a clip The Donald is incapable of imaginings in his worst fever dream.
    • Roe V Wade will remain legal. Meaning, in fact, nothing at all will actually be any different under President Clinton than it has been under President Obama, President Clinton, either President Bush’s, President Reagan, and so on.

    You’re such a fucking wad it has to be some kind of perverse performance art. I find it hard to believe anyone can be such a sanctimonious and unreasonable prick 24/7.

    Andy Brown

    I found it hard to believe back in the days of Bacon’s first and second incarnations on this board, but not anymore.

    Self sanctimony is Pope’s specialty. He’s also so hypocritical in that he is willing to denigrate his own religious beliefs for political partisanship. That only solidifies his cretinous underpinnings as a right wing religious moron that never really does any serious reading or research into the topics he relays from other whackos to us.

    Oh, while I have your popeness’s attention, donalds numbers do seem to be falling falling falling.


    Believe it or not, Trump supporters, there are people out there who believe that President Clinton II is too conservative. They believe that her policies will be much like those of her husband, which according to them, had elements designed to appease Republicans. See

    By the way, how do you know that Trump would at all be qualified or competent in appointing qualified “non-liberal” judges?

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