Texas: Where Children Are Killing Themselves

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    Andy Brown

    A five-year-old Harris, Texas boy shot and critically wounded his six-year-old brother on Monday, March 2, 2015. Unbelievably, this was the third child shooting in Harris, Texas since Friday.

    Just four days earlier a three-year-old boy died after shooting himself in the head with a loaded gun, which was being kept in a purse.

    Then, on Sunday, four-year-old Codrick Beal shot himself with a gun he found in the home of his babysitter.

    And now again, less than 24 hours after the last child died because of a gun left unsecured in a home, another child is shot.

    Clearly something is wrong about the way licensed gun owners in Texas are managing their gun security. If this story was about three Powerball winners in a month from the same county, that would probably catch more attention and the right wingers would launch an investigation. Three kids get shot and short of some police paperwork, nothing will be done. Sad. All because of the distortion of what the Second Amendment is really for, that is, it’s not about the right to have arms. It’s not the job of the Constitution to spell out what the inalienable rights are. That’s why we had a separate Bill Of Rights.




    The NRA doesn’t care about kids killing themselves as long as their backers can continue to flood the US with guns while making insane profits.


    Please provide a breakdown of accidental shooting deaths by state. There’s no point in singling out Texas unless there are stats to prove the accidental firearm rate there deserves it.

    If one is going to depart this world via an accident, it is very unlikely to occur by firearm. To put it into perspective, the following are yearly annual deaths (including all ages) according to accident type:

    Traffic: 33,800
    Poisoning: 38,800
    Falls: 36,200
    Drowning: 4,000
    Firearms: 760

    Of course parents should not leave guns where children can access them. Likewise parents should not leave children unsupervised near swimming pools and bodies of water where they can drown, or by driving unsafely which can cause a traffic death.

    We don’t attack the right to own a swimming pool because some children drown in them and neither should we attack the 2nd Amendment because a few gun owners are irresponsible.


    You’re not really pro-life.

    Andy Brown

    “Please provide a breakdown of accidental shooting deaths by state.”

    Clearly (and some of us know this from previous displays of your lack of higher math skills) you don’t compare total deaths by accidental shooting by state. That is statistically meaningless unless all states had the same population. You compare deaths per 100,000 population (that number chosen only because that’s what is most popularly used). In this case the desired statistic is child deaths by accidental gun violence. I have a link to those statistics, but you can find it on your own. Texas is in the middle of the pack. However your statement that Texas shouldn’t be singled out is irrelevant. The O.P. stated that something must be wrong in Texas with gun owners practices because of three incidents in the same town in the same week. That’s where this happened, ace, in Texas. It’s not a condemnation of Texas gun owners any more than it is a condemnation of all gun owners. Too high a percentage of them are careless. Isn’t just like you to try and alter the gist of the thread. I could have left the word “Texas” out of the O.P. but THAT’S WHERE THIS HAPPENED. Stop acting like a total asshole, please. You need to apologize to me for being a jerk and promise to do better going forward.

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