Terrorist attack in Quebec

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    Alexandre Bissonnette, described as a loner with anti-immigrant views, was expected to appear in court to face six counts of murder and five counts of attempted murder.

    A former classmate of Bissonnette told NBC News that he was shocked by the arrest but noted that the suspect was known to troll Facebook pages dealing with immigration issues and he he had seen him comment on pages linked to a far-right, nationalist, anti-immigration movement. A local refugee group said in a Facebook post that Bissonnette was known to them for anti-immigrant and anti-feminist stances.

    “His online life was full of hate, but in real life he was calm and his chess game was on point,” Cabanac said.

    Bissonnette’s Facebook page said he had studied political science and anthropology at Laval University. There were photos of him at a party, with family, in a Halloween costume, and posing in front of a chessboard. He had liked pages for heavy metal bands, video games and public figures ranging from far-right French politician Marine Le Pen and U.S. President Donald Trump to chess grandmaster Anatoly Karpov and Pope John Paul II.

    Among the posts he had liked in recent months: a June posting on another person’s page that read: “We live in a world where Christianity is demonized over cake and Islam is defended despite 50 dead at a gay club. Amazing.”


    First blood for Trump?


    It’s related. The rhetoric sure as fuck sounds familiar.


    The religious world war is on, and the shit’s hitting the fan.


    Fanned by idiots.

    The kind of words and actions being undertaken by Trump and the similar minded are 100% exactly what Islamic extremists want/have been hoping for. They *want* the perception that the west is at war with Islam. It does nothing but gain them support in both money, material, and men.

    That’s the main objection from those 100+ State Department officials who have sent the memo of dissent. I.e. You are not making us safer…you are making American less safe by playing directly into the hands of those whom would do us harm.

    The State Department knows that. So does President Obama. So did President George W Bush for that matter. His care with language and wording when discussing these matters was out of recognition of this dynamic.

    It wasn’t a partisan issue until The GOP made it one; entirely for reasons of domestic political gain.

    People are going to die because of this. A lot of people. Many, if not most of them, will be innocent and many of them will be American.

    Good work, GOP. If this isn’t the definition of both stupid and evil, I don’t know what is.


    And here is the new Stars and Bars:

    Look for it soon, waving from the back of a redneck’s 4×4 truck near you.


    It’s remarkable how synonymous they already are.

    You certainly don’t see that ridiculous slogan outside of the very white, very rural, parts of the land.

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