Tensions rising in Pasco

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    Local news reporting that the police shooting in Pasco a couple of nights ago is creating mass protesting, and also reporting that most of the protesters are from Seattle and Portland.

    If you don’t know the story, it basically involves a hispanic male throwing rocks at cars. The Pasco police fatally shot him.

    So far, no violence, but hopefully this does not turn into another Ferguson, MO. However, I sense this is escalating and there is more to come.

    So far the national coverage has been slim, NBC did a report on it, and the video has gone viral.

    Two questions…first does the national media ignore the west most of the time (cnn has absolutely nothing on their website about this) , and second, does White vs. Black garner more interest than White vs. Hispanic? These are not easy questions, but they do need to be asked of our media. Or perhaps the media needs to answer before that question is asked?

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