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    Let the bashing begin!


    I get it. Glad Clark Howard was way up there. Talk about 100 terrible headshots, though, wow.


    This list surprises me in a few ways:

    1. George Noory is #14. I would have expected him to rate in the top 10, if not the top 5.
    2. There are some highly rated hosts on the list that I had never heard of before, such as Joe Madison, Todd Schnitt, Howie Carr, and Dana Loesch.
    3. I did not realize that Geraldo Rivera has a radio talk show.

    NOTE: I had originally assumed that this list was based on listenership numbers, but that is not correct. This top 100 list was created by the editors of Talkers magazine based partly on their opinions of which hosts they feel are the most influential and most memorable.


    Rush continues to win based on the fact that almost every market still carries him. Personally, I find him more irritating every year, and he can turn ANY subject to anti-Obama, whether it is merited or not. Plus, his one-way conversations to an off-air associate are totally annoying, like listening to one end of a phone call. Whoever said this was a good idea was a moron.

    Clark Howard is on in my market for a couple of hours in the Tri-Cities, and he is informative, yet boring. Fine Young Cannibals need to be replaced! 1990’s was a long time ago.

    Dave Ramsey is also quite good, (perhaps better than Clark as he is more entertaining and speaks more directly). He also quotes the bible on his show, good or bad depending on your viewpoint.

    Handel on the Law is one of the funniest, most outrageous talk shows on the air, and his KFI shows are syndicated as a weekend package. If your market is lucky enough to carry him, check it out. He is funny, sarcastic, but also has decent legal information, but best of all, when he doesn’t he tells you he doesn’t. No fooling around with this guy.

    Last night George Noory did a whole first hour on the body with three heads. Brilliant radio as it was presented as truth but a few hints that this was just an April Fools joke. Loved it.

    Bottom line, talkradio is not a total wasteland. There is some decent stuff out there, but you have to search for it.


    I’ve never heard of half these guys, and the ones I have are way past their prime.


    In Portland, Clark Howard and Dave Ramsey are on the same station (KPAM). I tune in occasionally to both. One of the take-aways I have found from listening to both programs is that personal finance is not an exact science, as these two hosts have slightly different philosophies.

    The main difference is the two hosts’ views on paying off home mortgages. Dave Ramsey encourages listeners to pay them off if possible. Clark Howard advises that the extra money that might be used to pay off a home mortgage early might better put into savings or invested. My conclusion is that neither host is absolutely right on this subject. There are pros and cons (which is outlined by both hosts), and one’s unique circumstances and goals determine whether the pros outweigh the cons.


    It’s interesting that they said they wanted to reflect the medium’s diversity. Well, I guess. I’d say at least half the list are white males over 50.


    I’ll listen (actually watch) to Dana Loesch anytime. She is best looking of them all. Seems to have brains too and isn’t irritating to watch.


    Actually from the same site, this is the better gauge of who’s what.

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