Suspend The Election?


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    Nothing has been found having to do with Hillary Clinton. But the announcement of the FBI investigation has caused her pole numbers to drop dramatically over the weekend. Hillary is now one point ahead of Donald Trump according to an ABC News pole Sunday, after a 12 point lead.

    How low will her pole numbers go in eight days?

    Has this been fair to Hillary?

    Should the government step in and suspend the election if this continues?


    I see these polls primarily as entertainment. The election forecast published by The New York Times still shows Clinton having a 90% chance of winning the election. I wonder which, if any, polls the campaigns trust. We will probably never know.

    Nonetheless, this morning on KOMO, I heard a report that Trump’s chances of winning Michigan have improved dramatically in the last few days.


    Craig, what are you talking about suspending the election. WHY???

    This is a new Low in american politics, we have a woman running for president who is now back under a CRIMINAL FBI investigation. How could anyone be dumb enough to vote for this criminal??

    She is done, its over. People are getting sick and tired of the corrupt old hack. Time to drain the swamp!


    Has it been fair? Of course not. The latest e-mail “scandal” amounts to, literally, nothing. It’s been, predictably, totally mischaracterized by the GOP for entirely political purposes.

    The so called “liberal” mainstream media did little better in the first twenty four hours.

    Having said that, it kind of is what it is at this point. We shall see.

    Every time I think we’ve hit completle rock bottom there’s a new level of the under ‘verse this stupid election somehow manages to find.


    And Dork is, again, lying. Surprise.


    Sorry Lurk, Its over. You can try and pretend that this lying old crook (who is back under a Criminal investigation) has a chance, but come Nov 8 she will be destroyed. Nobody wants a corrupt, lying, incompetent granny in the whitehouse.

    What Im wondering is will Anthony Weiner be going to Jail for pedophilia?


    What evidence is there that Weiner is a pedophile? Do you know what pedophilia is?

    Sexual deviant, yes. But as far as I know all his Instagram buddies are young adult women.


    Hillary has just been shlonged by a weiner!


    Fair? It’s poetic justice.

    DONALD TRUMP: This is the biggest scandal since Watergate. Hillary wants to blame everyone else for her mounting legal troubles. But she has brought all of this on herself.

    Hillary is the one who set up an illegal private e-mail server in a closet to shield herself from her illegal activities. Hillary is the one who engaged in a pay-for-play scheme at the State Department. Now there are five FBI probes into the Clinton Foundation and their pay-for-play activities. Very, very deep investigations.

    Hillary is the one who sent and received classified information on an unsecure server, putting the safety of the American people under threat. That’s what she did…

    650,000 emails. You know what I call that? That’s the motherlode.

    I think you will find the 33,000 that are missing, the 15,000 that are missing, the facts that are missing.

    You know they had boxes of e-mails missing two weeks ago? I think we hit the motherlode, as they say in the good old mining industry.

    Hillary is the one who lied to Congress under oath. Hillary is the one who lied on so many different occasions to the FBI. And they know, they know. They know Hillary is the one who made 13 phones disappear. Some with a hammer.

    Hillary is the one who destroyed 33,000 e-mails, after she got the subpoena. After. Before, no good. But after? No, that’s why something should have happened then.

    Hillary is the one that broke the law over and over and over again. We can be sure that what is in those e-mails is absolutely devastating. And I think we are going to find out, by the way, for the first time.

    Thank you, Huma. Good job, Huma. Thank you, Anthony Weiner.

    And you all saw the statements I made about him a year ago?

    You know, in New York we knew Weiner. And I made statements that were rough. Like — how can she be allowed to live with this guy? How can she have access to this important information? And I was badly criticized, right? Now they are saying — wow, Trump has good judgment. Wow. Got good instincts. Got good instincts.

    Hillary is not the victim. The American people are the victims.


    It’s not even a scandal unless you live in the bubble.


    Out of those supposed 33,000 emails I bet over 25,000 of them are one word long, or at most a short sentence. It’s government’s version of texting. I remember when my son first got texting, he had to keep it to less than 200 texts in a month to avoid overage fees. By the end of the month he had racked up over 2,000 texts and owed a shitload of money to Voicestream (remember them?).

    Point is, the right keeps fixating on the number of emails, rather than the content of them. The number is meaningless.


    Just a point of clarification;

    (who is back under a Criminal investigation)


    It was enough to lead FBI Director James Comey to conclude the emails would need to be reviewed to see if he’d need to reopen the investigation he’d closed in July on whether Clinton kept classified information on the private email server she used during her tenure as secretary of state.

    Andy Brown

    It’s amazing, truly amazing how fucking stupid dork is and how ignorant bacon is.

    Clearly real facts don’t seem to matter to either one of these buffoons. Not to mention their lack of penchant for analyzing data.

    Both you guys are a disgrace to anyone with even an average intellect.

    Clinton has enough electoral votes to squash drumpf. All this last minute GOP driven fake scandals play good in the media but nothing has really changed.


    “She is done, its over. People are getting sick and tired of the corrupt old hack.”

    I hear the Tokyo Rose chorus droning on and on and on!


    It must be an interesting experience living in a hermetically sealed bubble of ignorance.

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