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    Results are still coming in, but a few things are coming to light.

    For the Dems, as I said earlier, today is the end of the Bernie campaign. He would do himself and his cause a favor by dropping out now and getting in line with Hillary.

    On the crazy side, Trump is in the driver’s seat. I don’t see how he loses the delegate count at this point. The big loser tonight? MarcoBot. I think he’s done.

    So, as a Hillary supporter, who do I want to face? Trump or Cruz? I gotta go Cruz. Trump has scary support and he has a lot better chance than Cruz of peeling off votes from Dems.


    Some think that Bernie would be make a great VP for Hillary.



    Some think Christie would make a great VP for Donald.



    Hate to say it, but Christie is washed up as any kind of viable candidate.VP, or anything else substantial!


    Now on the other hand, Bernie? He’d be cool as VP! Wish he was Prez though. But as Vit always sez, the numbers don’t lie!


    Oh no way. Not yet.

    Bernie did very well on key indicator States. Everybody knows Clinton would sweep the South. She has started this with name recognition, is the establishment and media favorite, and she’s taken a ton of money too.

    Her position right now is totally expected.

    Bernie started with zero, and has done well and is not the party establishment favorite, is not the media favorite, and did not have any meaningful name recognition outside of Progressive Democrats.

    Senator Elizabeth Warren just endorsed Bernie today. She sees it, same as a lot of us do.

    If we end up running with Clinton, great! She’s not going to be a bad President. I expect Obama 2.0 from her.

    But that’s absolutely not a lock.

    Bernie has outperformed all expectations, and he’s people powered and that matters.

    I just tossed in some more $$$ and I do that on each success.

    Remember, Obama took time to mature in this. And it turned out just fine. Bernie now has a very favorable and well distributed set of States to compete in. It’s a lot harder for Clinton now as many of the slam dunks are behind both of them.

    Bernie has time and money to compete, and that competition is just great for Democrats. We need good messages out there, and we need some excitement too. Bernie is delivering both, and he’s a great influence on Clinton, who is reaching beyond her normally tepid messaging. Good on Bernie for that.

    I’ve noticed the media slamming it home for Clinton, and not always running through the numbers, nor presenting what they mean, and framing the race as “over” when it’s just not.

    Feel the Bern!

    There is absolutely nothing lost by supporting Bernie right now. He’s not going to bloody others up and risk the loss of party unity. Clinton has a record of doing just that, by the way!

    If anyone puts us as risk of that, it’s Clinton. Her position is good, messaging improving. That’s all Bernie, and keeping her engaged, honest, and reaching for it is exactly what we need. And, we also need to really understand who might do what and who is electable.

    National polls do not place Clinton as a lock nationally. Her margins against various GOP potentials are dubious. Bernie has solid numbers on this across the board.

    “Not electable” is media and establishment framing. It’s not aligned with the numbers and progress made so far.

    I’ve decided I’m voting for whoever Bernie ends up voting for, and there isn’t anything on the table that I can see making it worth changing that position.


    Barring a catastrophic event, there’s just no viable path for Bernie moving forward. And I like Bernie! But I’m forward looking on the data and the reality. It’s over.


    Vit, your are right that Clinton is the presumptive candidate. But that doesn’t mean that Bernie should call it just yet, because there is a lot of energy coming out of the Sanders campaign, and Bernie dropping out right now would leave those supporters feeling left out in the cold. Many are not ready to support Clinton just yet, and Clinton absolutely needs those voters so:

    a) she can enter the presidency with a consensus win. She has to court the die-hard Bernie supporters very carefully. If Bernie were to pull out now, it would appear that he were “forced out” by the establishment, and that wouldn’t sit well with Bernie supporters. They have to come to Clinton on their own terms.

    b) she can not just beat Trump, but destroy Trump. The heart and soul of America is dependent on Trump losing completely, thoroughly, unequivocally. And that meant Clinton needs to pull Bernie support from the left *and* centerist/establishment Republicans from the right. I think the odds are clearly in favor of a Clinton win, but if it’s only by a small electoral and popular margin, the Tea Party whackos are going to feel energized, yet pissed that they lost. And that’s another 4 (8?) years of gridlock.


    I’m not too worried about the Bernie supporters. Most of them are young and are questionable to show up on election day. Second, once Bernie bows out he will endorse and most likely campaign for Hillary. Lastly, I think there’s a pretty small minority of Bernie supporters that would vote for the GOP nominiee, if they bother to show up that is.

    My main concern is to minimize the damage during the primary.


    Though Rubio says “it isn’t going to happen”, I believe the eventual outcome will be Rubio and Cruz teaming (in some order) to take on Trump. It would be good for both of them, and certainly the “establishment” would like it. If the GOP was smart, (and I’m not convinced of that), this would be encouraged. The problem would be who would head the ticket. That could kill it, and probably would take many more primaries to decide. Further, contentiousness of all this could make the path smoother for Clinton in the general.


    I think this cake has baked.

    Unbelievably, serial liar-ignorant buffoon-faux Christian-xenophobe, demagogue, and lest we forget-preferred candidate of David Duke, The KKK, and a whole collection of hate organizations, Donald J Trump is going to end up the GOP nominee for President.

    I clearly credited the base of the Republican party with more intelligence than they actually possess. It seems a forgivable mistake as the bar was incredibly low to begin with. Yet The Republicans have found a way to scuttle beneath it. I’d always thought, at least until about two months ago, that reason (or at least what passed for reason in GOP circles) would prevail and someone like Rubio would end up surviving this circus scrum. No longer.

    It’s like dumb has become some new form of performance art. It would be hilarious if it weren’t all so tragically serious.

    Trump’s liabilities are well documented, irrefutably true and entirely fact based, and mean not a thing to his thoughtless supporters. He’s entirely unqualified in every way for the office he seeks. And they love him for it.

    “He’s not PC”! they squawk. Which of course only means that Donald is often fearlessly expressing the same kind of stupid, racist, bigoted or misogynistic views as his supporters; whom are one and all tired of (correctly) being labeled as stupid, racist, bigoted, or misogynistic.

    Remember when we had respectful policy disagreements with supporters of opposing political candidates? (One example: I didn’t always agree with George H.W. Bush, but I never doubted his IQ or basic decency.) Those days are done, my friends. How can you have a policy discussion with people who wear their ignorance like a merit badge and throw their support behind a candidate that actually has no serious or detailed policy proposals of any kind? Trump’s a carnival barker selling slogans to marks. Period.

    The (few) remaining thoughtful Republicans are in an uproar and a few still possessing basic ethics are stating the obvious: He’s a dangerous idiot who deserves nothing but our scorn and are opposition.

    To Paul’s question, “if the GOP were smart”, the answer is demonstrably a resounding no. The Republican party has become a haven of dopes, racists, bigots, anti-intellectuals, and conspiracy theorizing nitwits.

    I’m somewhere well beyond disgusted.


    It’s pretty simple, really, if the republicans want to destroy trump more of them should drop out of the race. There are still too many republicans in the race which is helping Donald trump win.CNN was talking about it earlier.


    The only thing that’ll unsurp Trump’s popularity is a Palin-Bachmann indie ticket.

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